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Various Artists / Alan Moore - Unearthing Box Set (2010)

Various Artists / Alan Moore - Unearthing Box Set

Unearthing is an audio and visual project uniting legendary comic book writer Alan Moore, award-winning photographer Mitch Jenkins and a cast of high calibre musicians. This unique creation consists of an epic, bewitching story written and narrated by Moore set against a mesmerizing score from Crook&Flail, Stuart Braithwaite, Zach Hill, Justin Broadrick, Mike Patton and others. Alan Moore is best known for his groundbreaking graphic novels The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, V For Vendetta and The Watchmen. These, along with work for 2000 AD and DC Comics, have established him as one of the most influential and important writers in the history of comics. His output has sold in the millions, lead to numerous awards and been adapted for feature films – Moore has even made a cameo appearance in The Simpsons. The musical score for Unearthing is produced by Crook&Flail, a partnership between Andrew Broder and Adam Drucker. Broder is the multi-instrumentalist behind the band Fog whilst Drucker’s adventures under his Doseone solo guise – and within cLOUDDEAD, Themselves and Subtle – have seen him explore spoken word and the outer reaches of rap. Together the pair have enlisted an impressive array of talented collaborators, including; Stuart Braithwaite of Scottish post-rockers Mogwai, drummer Zach Hill from acclaimed experimental band Hella, the trailblazing and prolific Justin Broadrick of Napalm Death, Godflesh and Jesu and pioneering alternative rock hero and Faith No More frontman Mike Patton. 

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Coma - In Technicolor Remixes (2013)

Coma - In Technicolor Remixes


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The KVB - Run Away (2013)

The KVB - Run Away


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Various Artists / Mahiane - Oxycanta III (2013)

Various Artists / Mahiane - Oxycanta III

A new chapter in the Oxycanta series of compilations by French Dj and arranger Mahiane featuring tracks by artists who are emerging at the forefront of the ambient scene as well as pathfinders in the genre.

Throughout Oxycanta III the sound spectrum reaches wide arrays of deep bass all the way to the high-pitched resonances to display many of the DJ’s musical influences while, with a keen sense of float, she blends IDM, downtempo and neo-classical with a hint of atmospheric electronica, and a dash of dub. Driven by her passion for music and nature, Mahiane titled her collection Oxycanta as a tribute to Crataegus Oxyacantha, a species of Northern European Hawthorn dear to old time herbalists.

Mind-bending story; an invitation to slow the pace and wonder…

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Moin (Raime) - EP (2013)

Moin (Raime) - EP

So, the cat's out the bag; Raime are Moin, who dropped an amazing side on that Confessions split with Pete Swanson last year. Here they return to that captivating sound on BEB proper with three tracks of lean guitar, muscular bass and cracking drums optimised and arranged with effects and sequencer. The project is evidently in tribute to that whole other side of their combined tastes, the one that looks to Steve Albini's Rapeman, Bill Laswell, This Heat or Dylan Carlson for inspiration, rather than Photek or Shackleton. Yet, just like Raime, everything is perfectly measured and economical, mixed with cutting precision and spatial dynamics, and most of all, built to last with a craftsman's appreciation of tone, texture and shape. A-side features the taut exorcism of 'Murphy', with its spare but shocking exhortations and collar-straining drums, plus the wrenched guitar strikes and post-punk bass prods of 'Stacie', laced with cryptic, ritual Japanese vocal stabs. Flipside, 'Clancy' is the one; snares slice thru the mix like skinny knuckles to the temple and guitars are hacked with metal-tipped fingers into clouds of aching black feedback harmonics.

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DJ Sprinkles vs K-S.H.E - A Short Introduction To The House Sounds Of Terre Thaemlitz (2010)

DJ Sprinkles vs K-S.H.E - A Short Introduction To The House Sounds Of Terre Thaemlitz


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DJ Sprinkles presents Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion - House Explosion II (2010)

DJ Sprinkles presents Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion - House Explosion II

Terre Thaemlitz raises the roof with two party-primed Deep House workouts on Skylax. We'd recommend diving straight for the outstanding 'Infected', sounding like a Moodymann killer augmented with bottomless subbass and drowned in Sprinkles' signature trippy mixing trickery. And just in case we didn't emphasise it enough, that subbass is truly deadly!!! Meanwhile, 'Crosstown' shakes it out good 'n proper on the flip, dispensing with straight kicks in order to get real frisky with the drums and deeply layered samples. ace.


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Oh No - Oh No Vs. Now-Again 2 (2013)

Oh No - Oh No Vs. Now-Again 2

Hip hop producer Oh No’s follow up to our first library offering: 4 years in the making and worth the wait! Out NOW on ltd. ed. CD/Now-Again Deluxe.

Oh No’s debut album for Now-Again was also the first in our music library series – and was one of our most successful exercises in creating modern “library music” for easy synchronization. For this entry, Oh No spent nearly four years combing through an infinitely-more-vast array of the ever-growing Now-Again’s catalog – from American soul, funk and jazz to Iranian folk to Zambian hard rock – to create a series of beats that range in mood and style and all contain Oh No’s trademark swagger. Fans of the variety of projects that Oh No is a part – from his Gangrene project with Alchemist to his production for the likes of Talib Kweli and Danny Brown – will be pleased with the variety of beats contained within.

This limited edition is CD is packaged in a “mini-LP” thick cardboard “tip-on” sleeve and is available in limited quantities. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


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Sebastian Plano - Impetus (2013)

Sebastian Plano - Impetus

"Sebastian Plano is a young multi-instrumentalist hailing from Argentina, and currently residing in Berlin. His main instrument is the cello, but he incorporates a plethora of instruments in his sound, such as vocals, piano and bandoneon – a traditional Latin American instrument resembling a concertina. His first album, “Arrhythmical Part of Hearts” will be re-released by Denovali this September along with “Impetus”, thus giving the artist an opportunity to gain a wider audience for both his works. A recognition he most certainly deserves, as an appreciative listener can conclude from just the first listen of “Impetus”.

Sebastian Plano’s compositions are characterized by a tasteful minimalism and an urban, post-rock feel, yet at the same time do not relinquish anything of their fervent romanticism and poetic bravery. It takes a lot of courage to replenish your creative pool by drawing from your own emotions, and to do it with just the simplicity of an artistic need for expression is even more admirable. This sort of immediacy is in my opinion the most attractive characteristic of “Impetus”, not counting the lovely compositions themselves, utterly captivating at all times. There is nothing pretentious or superfluous about this album, everything is derived directly from the artist’s soul and is completely honest.

When giving the record a second or third listen, its modernity classifies it as decidedly contemporary despite its orchestrations that are very similar to chamber music – this isn’t a Victorian couple taking a stroll in a spring garden, but rather a modern young man grown up in an industrialized environment, staring outside his window at the concrete walls, the grey, cloudless sky and large, ugly buildings, while dreaming about being in that garden. There is an escapist quality in this music, a sort of nostalgia that craves for a return to earlier times, when the concepts of beauty, love, suffering, were aggrandized.


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offthesky & Ryonkt - Breathing (2013)

offthesky & Ryonkt - Breathing


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Various Artists - Various (2013)

Various Artists - Various

Ostgut Ton represent their expanded vision of electronic dance music beyond house and techno with a diverse set of non-standard productions by Fiedel, Virginia, Rolando, Function, Barker & Baumecker, and more. Simply put, there's not a banger in sight, but there are some really sweet moments from all involved. It's maybe best considered as Ostgut's answer to Warp's legendary AI volumes, stretching out from Barker & Baumecker's gyroscopic slow-fast IDM on 'Meiose' to Stingray-style steppers' electro from Fiedel, and thru to sci-fi Detroit-style visions from Rolando and Function. Tobias. impresses with the enigmatic, diffuse sound design of 'Dark & Troubling Things', and there's a more abstract, etheric 4/4 excursion from DIN, plus two lovely Drexciyan electro moments from Virginia and Crushed Soul.

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Deadbeat - The Infinity Dubs, Vol. 3 (2013)

Deadbeat - The Infinity Dubs, Vol. 3

Stripped-down, hypnotic dub techno swing-step from Berlin-based Deadbeat. Two pacey pieces of swirling but locked-on groove compatible with garage techno groovers and Chain Reaction styles alike.


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Laura Groves - Thinking About Thinking (2013)

Laura Groves - Thinking About Thinking

Exquisite dream pop perfection from Nautic's lead singer, Laura Groves. Originally hailing from Shipley near Bradford and arriving with co-production by Deek's revered label boss, Bullion, Laura gets all the bonus points before we've even started, then she goes and gives her debut solo record an amazing title like 'Thinking About Thinking', and, well, put a fork in us 'cause we're bloody done. Laura's in possession of a folk-wise R&B croon that'd make marines weep, and employs it with captivating beauty on four mirage-like songs written shortly after she moved from God's own county to London, capturing a beguiling blend of wistful nostalgia and romantic wonder in equal measures. Two A-side songs are gently coaxed by dappled drums and her bandmate, Tic's satin bass play, whilst the two B-side songs shed the drums and float in lavish, dreamy jazz space. It's simply transcendent soul music, and if you aren't smitten with the samples we're not sure you can be helped. A must.

320 / FLAC

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Various Artists - Music For Personality Disorder (2010)

Various Artists - Music For Personality Disorder

An assortment of the best from one of the best labels in the world, Beta-Lactam Ring’s stable of acts on “Music For Personality Disorder” offer a dizzying array of improvisation, psych noise, industrial shamanism and minimal experimentation and reverie. This is, so far, the comp of the year.

Some familiar names out to jump out at you, like Earthmonkey, Nadja, Sand Snowman and guitarist Aidan Baker, all of whom live up to expectations with memorable tracks. Less well know, but the unsung heroes of the set are Pepe Wismeer, whose “ A Lie in Hecklness” and “Devilame “ are dreamy pop mixed with darker ambience. Expo ’70 and Else Teicher deserve mention for the surprising things they do with noise. Being a Nadja freak, I am also partial to their “Skywriting,” the only band aside from Mono that creates new worlds with every song.

“Music For Personality Disorder” is brilliant from start to finish, providing sixteen examples of what is possible in experimental music. Tired rock critic hyperbole is all I have left; you need this, go get it.

320 / FLAC

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Okkvlt Katt - Elixir (2013)

Okkvlt Katt - Elixir


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Segal - The Fens (2013)

Segal - The Fens

Segal is Matt Simpson, a 27 year old producer living in suburban London. He grew up in rural Lincolnshire, which is where he made his first steps towards making music. The Fens is his debut album. Some of the tracks that made the record are more than 6 years old, and some are very recent. The album was written on a laptop, mainly in London, but the tracks all evoke some aspect of its setting...the big skies, the empty roads, the panorama. The sound of distant church bells and fighter jets. You could say The Fens is the sound of someone somewhere unfamiliar dreaming of the place they belong. Segal is writing about the myth and mystery of that environment, and the power that myth holds over him.

320 / FLAC

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Final - Infinite Guitar 4 (2013)

Final - Infinite Guitar 4


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Sean McCann - Music for Private Ensemble (2013)

Sean McCann - Music for Private Ensemble

Music For Private Ensemble is Sean McCann’s first new solo album since 2011′s The Capital. Demonstrating a more serious study of orchestration and timbre than his previous work; it is a big step forward. The four arrangements presented here shy away from the use of synthesizers and effects processing – instead relying on voicing and movement to actuate the album’s sentiments. Inspired by the grandiosity of John Adams, the concerned somberness of Gavin Bryars, and the guttural tape work of Fluxus artists.

Private Ensemble was written, recorded, and laboriously edited over the course of 17 months, composed both traditionally as well as through the clustering and organization of improvisations. McCann played violin, viola, cello, flute, piano, glockenspiel, and percussion. He was forced to notate samples of bassoon, french horn, and timpani, as those were not available resources at the time.

Taking multi-tracking to extremes, many of the pieces surpass 100 layers of instruments. However this structural depth does not lead to chaos; no sound on Private Ensemble is unintentional. The objective with the ambitious multi-tracking and precision editing was to achieve the sound of a full orchestra. The only other person appearing on the album is vocalist Kayla Cohen (Itasca), her layered singing is formed into a small choir to help conclude the record.

This album reveals McCann’s most refined work to date, indicating the beginning of his transformation into a modern composer.

320 / FLAC

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Unicorn Hard-On - Weird Universe (2013)

Unicorn Hard-On - Weird Universe

"Valerie Martino's Unicorn Hard-On project has been a long running staple in the American underground since it's inception in 2003. Through her own Tangled Hares imprint, as well as many others, she's built a strong, constantly evolving catalog of singular works that serves to many as a prototype of the current beat-oriented phenomena currently sweeping the nation. Martino's vision, however, remains unphased and flourishes accordingly to her own unique vision; standing outside of any trends and remaining loyal to the Unicorn Hard-On sound. Despite having been constantly touring, releasing music, booking shows and occupying various cities throughout the U.S. over the last 10 years, there has been no full length Unicorn Hard-On LP until now. The album pounds with Martino's signature drum thud and percussive clatter, filing in the crevices with her signature electronic static and keen melodic phrasing. The album's opening track, "Rock Salt", kicks in the door and unwinds itself into spiraling mania of ramping bass tones with only a steady rhythm keeping it from going off the rails completely. Many of Unicorn Hard-On's classic elements remain intact, with a wide array of bizarre modulations and deeply layered subconscious structures. Versatility and evolution are exhibited in tracks like "Houndstooth" or "Wet Pet", which play out like an extraterrestrial Rachmad cut, or perhaps like a classic Psyche styled Craig track with hypnotic, time altering melodic patterns and impeccably calculated rhythm programming. All comparisons aside, this record thrives in it's own "Weird Universe", making this a thrilling debut album 10 years in the works."


??? às 08:45

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Three (2013)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Three


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Low Jack - Flashes (2013)

Low Jack - Flashes

In Paradisum’s 11th offering comes from Low Jack, who returns to the label after his collaboration with Qoso. It’s a heavy EP of dense, apocalyptic sounds from the fast rising French DJ and producer that often churns along at a very predatory sub-100bpm.

Grainy, dusty, dirty and psychedelic, title track 'Flashes' is a prickly concoction for sure. The kicks drag below, white noise patterns emerge above and way off in the distance massive industrial machines seem to be working in a heavy storm. 'Your Soul' has more light in it thanks to the mellow melodies, but stormy winds still percolate in the background and the spread-apart kicks still trudge with a dark and heavy heart.

'Don’t U Know' is another monster full of coarse analogue sounds, whirring and broken machines and stomping kicks. It’s terrifyingly industrial stuff that will blow your mind ion the right darkened dancefloor. 'Sweet Cheater' sounds like a fruit machine gone bad, with layers of grim and dirt and cowbells and kicks all piled on top of each other into a patchwork of sound so tightly packed its impossible to ignore. Frankly, nasty noise never sounded so good!


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Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones - Quatorze Pièces de Menace (2013)

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones - Quatorze Pièces de Menace

This new full-length of the cult French Dark Jazz collective is the follow up of the highly acclaimed 2011 output "Métamanoir" - the second release for the German experimental music label Denovali. Halfway from their debut "Parole de Navarre"'s ambient and drone driven soundscapes and the more orchestrated "Métamanoir", this new collection of tracks is following their quest for dreamy but mysterious places.

A hint of 50s cool jazz, a truckload of noise and melodies, again tiny references to Twin Peaks' series soundtrack and some ghostly and deep tone voices: the Dale Cooper Quartet pushes the genre Dark Jazz towards other spaces. The album is further enriched by appearences of guest musicians such as Alicia Merz (BIRDS OF PASSAGE), Zalie Bellacicco, Ronan Mac Erlaine and Gaëlle Kerrien (YANN TIERSEN) on vocals.

Recorded in Brest, Britanny, France, this album always conveys an atmosphere of strangeness and beauty, the trademark of each of the Quartet's records. Based upon the live experiences of the band and their everlasting love for the local landscapes, "Quatorze Pièces de Menace" is as striking, deep, fascinating and beautiful as a storm in the middle of the Atlantic.


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Nosaj Thing - Home Remixes (2013)

Nosaj Thing - Home Remixes


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Cosmin TRG - New Structures For Loving (Marcel Dettmann Remix) / Noise Code (Lee Gamble Remix) (2013)

Cosmin TRG - New Structures For Loving (Marcel Dettmann Remix) / Noise Code (Lee Gamble Remix)

Lee Gamble and Marcel Dettmann rewire highlights of Cosmin TRG's 'Gordian' album with excellent results. Clipping the heels of his Special Request inversion, Lee Gamble reprograms 'Noise Code' to a ghosted warehouse sound, banging dry kicks and hi-hats through hissing dust clouds whilst steppin' bass and bursts of bruk drums trick the torque for shadow ravers. If you've ever fantasised about dancing by yourself in an empty warehouse with 12 foot stacks, this would be a perfect soundtrack. Similarly, Marcel Dettmann hears the meta-physical potential in 'New Structures For Loving', reducing the groove to zombied acid bassline and layers of spectral interference perfused with mystic, 6am melodies.


??? às 06:23

Distal - The Shadow Egg EP (2013)

Distal - The Shadow Egg EP

Distal does it like no other on his best drop yet for Tectonic. Four constructions tessellate techno, trap, footwork, ballroom house and 'ardcore with nimble flair and unique vision. A-side fires off the unhinged snare rolls, swirling strings and quaking subs of 'Ridge City' beside the cooled-out fusion of New York electro bass jab and cowbells synched with gabber kicks and gloomcore pads on 'Drone Circle'; B-side blends EBM-ish bass jut, UK acid techno signatures and a razing, metal-styled lead riff, and '.25 Automatic' takes bucking, sho-nuff Ballroom house to somewhere darker, miltant and technofied.


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These Hidden Hands - These Hidden Hands (2013)

These Hidden Hands - These Hidden Hands

"Tommy Four Seven and his buddy Alain present striking gothic techno architecture as These Hidden Hands on their excellent debut album. Converging a brutalist aesthetic with studio dynamism, their eponymous debut cycles eleven crushing blends of wrecking ball bass hits and pulverised noise rent with super wide and spacious production. It's a sound that's steadily attracted a lot of listeners and producers alike in the last few years, yet THH hold their own with a steadfast style absorbing influence from classic mid-period Surgeon/British Murder Boys or Autechre, recent actions from Raime, Regis and BEB, and darker, later strains of UK D&B. Previous single 'Ivy' is a highlight, as is the very canny fusion of pallid, Vindicatrix-like vocals and 'Second Bad Vilbel'-like techno-step in 'When Told' - an out-n-out Killer, whilst the aggressive force and momentum of 'Severed', and the keening organ chords and tumbling structures of closer, 'Hidden', perfectly represent the projects dichotomy, split between sore, romantic IDM yearn, and driving violent futurism." 

320 / FLAC

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Knxwledge. - Hexual.Sealings.Prt5.5_ (2013)

Knxwledge. - Hexual.Sealings.Prt5.5

320 / FLAC

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Phoebe Kiddo - Artefacts Of Broken Dreams (2013)

Phoebe Kiddo - Artefacts Of Broken Dreams

**Delciate, fizzing electronica with shades of Actress, DJ Stingray, Julia Holter and Raster Noton** "Recorded during a period of constant motion (from Melbourne to San Francisco, Madrid, at RBMA, Los Angeles, and finally Berlin), Phoebe Kiddo’s ‘Artefacts Of Broken Dreams’ finds a striking balance beween movement and stasis. An album written across borrowed studios, by whatever means were at hand, ‘Artefacts’ is an extremely visceral annotation of the psyche shattering, heart breaks and breathtaking experiences brought on by her travels. Employing synthesizers and drum machines to capture the inherent isolation of Phoebe’s inner world and continually changing outer world, ‘Artefacts’ hits from all levels. From the brutal meditation on minimalism of “Initiation,” to the deep symmetry and sonic pools of “Into Solitude” and the confident dancefloor stride of “When The Soul Lies Down.” The songs herein act as aural postcards of an artist both consciously and unconsciously in flux, tracing her every move in sound."


??? às 18:38

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works (Digitally Remastered Edition) (2008)

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works (Digitally Remastered Edition)

My oh my...this doesn't really need any introduction at all now does it???? Well, what we have here is a brand new REMASTERED edition of one of the most influential electronic albums of all time, and surely STILL the most instantly recognisable and affecting album from Richard D James. Truly marvelous, put a smile on your face and give this album another whirl...

FLAC 2008 CD re-master

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Ludovico Einaudi - In A Time Lapse: The Remixes (2013)

Ludovico Einaudi - In A Time Lapse: The Remixes

1. Greta Svabo Bech – “Circles (Based on Ludovico Einaudi “Experience”)”

2. Ludovico Einaudi – “Time Lapse (Dot Major Remix)”

3. Ludovico Einaudi & I Virtuosi Italiani – “Experience (Starkey Remix)”

4. Ludovico Einaudi – “Walk (Starkey Remix)”

5. Ludovico Einaudi – “Time Lapse (Steven Siegel Remix)”

6. Ludovico Einaudi – “Discovery At Night (Lippok Remix)”

7. Ludovico Einaudi – “Walk (Phaeleh Remix)”


??? às 11:35

Andrew Chalk & Tom James Scott - Wild Flowers (2013)

Andrew Chalk & Tom James Scott - Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers is the first collaborative release from Andrew Chalk and Tom James Scott and features source piano initially recorded in the development stages of Trace, a performance piece produced for 2013's F.O.N. festival.

The delicate surface of Scott's hushed piano playing is occasionally blurred by Chalk's sensitive and unique approach to production, unearthing a depth of feeling usually heard as an undercurrent to the muted, almost half-sounded surface notes. Evoking distant childhood summers, strings swell and vanish like flashes of light across a weather-beaten lens, enveloping the dampened rush of piano in a haze of elation and loss.

Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering and recorded during 2012, Wild Flowers has been cut direct to metal (DMM) and comes in a full-colour offset printed sleeve in an edition of 300 copies.

320 / FLAC

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Machinedrum - Vapor City (Japanese Edition) (2013)

Machinedrum - Vapor City (Japanese Edition)

Machinedrum wanders dazzling electronic architectures in 'Vapor City', his follow-up to the unanimously appreciated 'Room(s)'. Operating at the vanguard of the jungle/juke/electronica nexus, 'Vapor City' is a hyperstitious soundtrack to a metropolis which the Berlin-based producer regularly visits in a recurring dream, imagining a romantic, chimeric panorama of hyper complex rhythm structures and super sleek synth contours rendered with breathtaking sound design. Building on the American/European fusions of 'Room(s)', he laces elements of jungle and juke into something insolubly syncretic, best heard on recent single 'Eyesdontlie' and explored to dreamy extent with the multi-tiered slow/fast flex of 'Gunshotta' or the cybersoul sweep of and swoon of 'Center Your Love'. The immersive lucid dream effect percolates across the album, largely thanks to his incredible, illusive mixing trickery and feel for a hook that seems to suspend time and space, as with the cloud-cushioned rollige of 'Rise N Fall' or the hypersoul lushness of 'U Still Lie', and with stunning effect in the aerated mesh of field recordings, acephalic soul samples and pensile bass prod in closer, 'Baby It's U'. No doubt it's an impressive work, finding that rare balance between pop appeal and headlong futurism.

320 / FLAC

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Mergrim - Hyper Fleeting Vision (2013)

Mergrim - Hyper Fleeting Vision

The Japanese representative independent record label for supporting various new electronic sounds, “PROGRESSIVE FOrM” will release the second album “Hyper Fleeting Vision”. The album gives wide view of the musical world that was scaled up overwhelmingly with vocals like Janis Crunch who work with Cokiyu, Jessica (Ngatari), haruka nakamura etc. Also musicians who active in the forefront of the classic world joined the album as a guest.

This album which is drawn various scenes by colorful scene as a story, expressed by beats programmed closely, varied melody making, code process. It contains the ones which expressed intertwined deep emotion and rhythm driving, other ones have a magnificent sound scape featuring a harp and strings.


??? às 09:09

The Lloyd Pack - At Home With the Lloyd Pack (2013)

The Lloyd Pack - At Home With the Lloyd Pack

Generally awesome person Dan Melchoir plays Uwe Nettlebeck, except that his Faust includes Letha Rodman Melchior, the singer of the Pheromoans, the organ player from El Jesus de Magico & more pals. Unlike Faust, the folks here shared a bunch of files instead of tripping together in a bunker. But like Uwe, Melchoir balances trim & almost pop-art timing with vast seas of emotion & variegated recording qualities. Instruments include slow farfisa, tapes, squiggly clarinet, garage guitar riffs, quiet choirs, Russel Walker's British accent & lots more. Nothing sticks around for long, as Melchior keeps the kaleidoscope turning at an inevitably steady pace. Rare to find a record that knows when to bother being esoteric and when to shut up & be simple. Notes come in a handmade booklet with a short story. One song with Letha on guitar is titled 'The Sad Trumpeters of Ohio', which I find hilarious, because all trumpeters are sad.

320 / FLAC

??? às 07:28

These Hidden Hands - Ivy (2013)

These Hidden Hands - Ivy

Vatican Shadow and Lakker provide remix reinforcement for the killer debut from Berlin's Tommy Four Seven and One Million Mangos Studio engineer and producer, Alain as These Hidden Hands. Their original 'Ivy' is heavily informed by the romantic dystopia of mid-late '90s IDM and D&B's grander gestures, gazing out on drizzly grey north European synth skies whilst the reduced tech-step torque ticks and prods like a not-so-dystant cousin of Raime. Flip it and Vatican Shadow charges the atmosphere with a more driving intent, rolling out with ruggedly offset kicks and jabbing hi-hats whilst keeping the funereal goth-techno ambience intact but more elusive, buried just out of reach in the mix. The techiest of the trio, Lakker remind of 'Tri Repetae' era Ae with a more broken, complex take revolving splintered drums and amorphous bass shapes ranking among their best.

320 / FLAC

??? às 06:47

Jesu - Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came (2013)

Jesu - Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came

320 / FLAC

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Theo Parrish - Black Jazz Signature (2013)

Theo Parrish - Black Jazz Signature

Theo Parrish takes the reigns for the latest edition of Snow Dog Records‘ Black Jazz Signature Series with a mix of gems released between 1971 and 1976.

320 / FLAC CD1 / CD2

??? às 20:30

Darkside (Nicolas Jaar) - Psychic (2013)

Darkside (Nicolas Jaar) - Psychic

320 / FLAC

??? às 18:06

Various Artists (Nicolas Jaar) - Trust (2013)

Various Artists (Nicolas Jaar) - Trust

320 / FLAC

??? às 18:05

Thundercat - Apocalypse [Japanese Edition] (2013)

Thundercat - Apocalypse [Japanese Edition]

320 / FLAC

??? às 14:00

Urenga - Echinoderm EP (2013)

Urenga - Echinoderm EP


??? às 13:55

Agnes Obel - Aventine (2013)

Agnes Obel - Aventine

'Aventine' is the eagerly anticipated new album from Agnes Obel, released 30th September on Play It Again Sam. 'Aventine' is the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut album 'Philharmonics' (2010), which has sold 450,000 copies across Europe, achieving Platinum status in France and Belgium, five times Platinum in her native Denmark, where Agnes picked up five Danish Music Awards (the Danish Brits) in 2011.  Originally from Copenhagen, Agnes has lived in Berlin since 2006, where 'Aventine' was recorded at her Chalk Wood Studios between January and May this year. Like 'Philharmonics', the new album was written, arranged, and produced by Agnes, who provides piano and vocals. Anne M_ller, who has also played with Nils Frahm, adds cello, with Mika Posen of Timber Timbre playing the violin and viola on 'The Curse', 'Pass Them By' and 'Fivefold'. Robert Kondorossi of Budzillus plays guitar on 'Pass Them By'.  "While touring 'Philharmonics' I kept on getting all these ideas for recording, and I wanted to explore the cello and other string instruments" says Agnes of 'Aventine'. "I recorded everything quite closely, miking everything closely in a small room, with voices here, the piano here - everything is close to you. So it's sparse, but by varying the dynamic range of the songs I could create almost soundscapes. I was able to make something feel big with just these few instruments."

320 / FLAC

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Secret Circuit, Willie Burns & Torn Hawk - From The Legal Pad Of... (2013)

Secret Circuit, Willie Burns & Torn Hawk - From The Legal Pad Of...

Secret Circuit, Willie Burns & Torn Hawk hooked up in L.A. and jammed out these two sun touched rollers! TIP! Shout out to Janice…TIP!


??? às 11:48

Brrd - Towers ⁄ Anointing (2013)

Brrd - Towers ⁄ Anointing

Falty DL's Blueberry Records makes its maiden voyage with Brrd's debut beat suite. Label boss Drew Lustman has long been an admirer of Stew Bird's lopped-off, lo-fi beats, but it was the increased fidelity and resultant clarity of his work here that pushed him to present it on Blueberry Records. If you imagine Falty DL's own beats gone properly slow and low, and without the tendency to flesh everything out, you've got some measure of the 13 vignettes on 'Towers/Anointing', coolly strafing between Dilla-esque bumps and warm rhodes fills to whorls of tumbled jazz percussion and submerged, fractured pockets of funk found somewhere between Shigeto and FIS thru to woozy tape experiments recalling OPN's KGB Man gear, and smudged, fudgy soul/R&B cut-ups in a Ras G or D/P/I style. Good stuff.


??? às 11:43

Willie Burns - Land VS Air (2013)

Willie Burns - Land VS Air

Willie Burns presents a compilation / mixtape of sounds created under his various guises, a journey through ambient, claustrophobic psychedelia, dark electronica and 4 a.m basement house.


??? às 07:25

Richard Youngs - Calmont Breakdown (2013)


Richard Youngs - Calmont Breakdown


??? às 07:19

Hound Scales - Femen (2013)

Hound Scales - Femen


??? às 07:04

Torn Hawk - The Mall (2013)

Torn Hawk - The Mall


??? às 06:59

Agoria & Francesco Tristano - Scala

Agoria & Francesco Tristano - Scala


??? às 06:54

Tin Man - Underdog EP PT. 2 (2013)

Tin Man - Underdog EP PT. 2


??? às 06:48



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