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Shigeto - Olivia (Seams Remix) (2013)

Shigeto - Olivia (Seams Remix)


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Moderat - Bad Kingdom (2013)

Moderat - Bad Kingdom

Marcell Dettmann and Head High (Shed) take Modeselektor and Apparat's three-headed beast to the 'floor. In his raving Head High mode René Pawlowitz aka Shed retools 'Bad Kingdom' as a moody rave-pop anthem with a scuffed garage-techno chassis, making great use of the originals soaring chords and Sascha Ring's pleading vocal over gritty, swinging rhythm engine. Dettmann's remix is squared at peaktime use with a sort of industrial carnival techno momentum mauled with coruscating distortion for unrelenting effect.


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AnD - Bow EP (2013)

AnD - Bow EP

with Russell Haswell remix.


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Arcing Seas - Ophidian (2013)

Arcing Seas - Ophidian

Three loopy techno tools from Sigha's Our Circula Sound label. A-side 'Ophidian' tunnels deep with rolling bass thunder and tense, gloomy synth atmospheres; B-side 'Amniotic' is dubbier, submerged, located somewhere between Sigha's earlier stuff and certain Terrence Dixon bits, and 'Gauntlet' offers stealthy, burrowing modulations.

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DJ Koze - Amygdala (Remixes Part 1) (2013)

DJ Koze - Amygdala (Remixes Part 1)

with Matthew Herbert & Efdemin remixes

German veteran DJ Koze impressed earlier this year with the Amygdala album, his fourth in total. Here, Pampa presents the first of what we assume will be a series of remix EPs. Excitingly, there's a rare remix from Matthew Herbert, who weighs in with a superb version of vocal cut "Magical Boy". His version, built around typically swinging drums and unlikely percussion samples, is deliciously sweet, wrapping the sublime vocal in sampled jazz horns, bubbling electronic bass and atmospheric chords. Efdemin provides a really rather lovely, ultra-deep house version of album highlight "La Duquesa" (thinking touchy-feely Rhodes, atmospheric strings and evocative electronics), before Koze's own instrumental of "Magical Boy" completes an excellent package.


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Ensemble Du Verre - The Light Gets In (2013)

Ensemble Du Verre - The Light Gets In


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Bluhm - In The Vale Of Tears (2013)

Bluhm - In The Vale Of Tears

‘In Heaven, everything is fine.

You’ve got your good things and you’ve got mine’.

Love is elusive; you can feel it, but you can’t touch the emotion, at least not in a physical way. Love is shy to show her face, preferring to stay out of sight for long periods. Her heavenly presence, guarded against the eyesight so as to be unseen, ensures that you can’t reach out a hand and embrace the emotion, but you can still feel the heat when she is there, surrounding all of you while lighting the match that will set your heart on fire. Like music, like romance, love can heal, change a heart and change a life; the touch of a loved one is found in an arc of a thousand smiles. In this vale of tears, sensual kisses are left to sustain, lovingly left lingering, staying a little longer on the skin in her long reaches of delay and reverb. Love is here.

Bluhm are a dream couple, comprising of Tim Diagram and vocalist Genoveva. A shared love for music has brought them together; one passion, one devotion. In The Vale Of Tears is the outcome, finding itself on the very pretty Fluid Audio. And it isn’t just pretty music, it’s gorgeous. Atmospherically alive, the music looks through rose-coloured windows onto what could be Heaven itself. Lyrically sure, Genoveva’s voice is a sweet perfume, a playful fragrance that caresses the ambient layers with a beautiful vocal freedom; the same kind of freedom found in love.

Opener “The Mirror Of My Soul” soars immediately away, her soulful, soaring voice a kiss in the breeze, arriving at Oriental-influenced tones that echo outwards. Her voice then splashes softly into pools of lighter tones, like rose petals floating in romantic, scented waters as bubbles drift through the air. In The Vale Of Tears will drape a loving arm around your shoulder, consoling you with the potential of renewal, encouraging you forward and extracting any strand of prolonged melancholia as if it were a protruding thorn continuing to wound the flesh and the spirit. “Eventide” longs to let go, to be set free, sent into the light with the heart-felt words “release me” tugging at the sky. Hope can be found in the lucid atmosphere, which successfully avoids any dark clouds that may try to approach and upset the positive vibe.

You can’t have a little rainbow without a little rain; Bluhm understand that experiences shape us, be they negative or positive. Learning takes place, we develop, strengthen, carry on. In The Vale Of Tears charts the flip side, too – but only to show us how hope is formed. Bluhm are opening their hands as well as their hearts – upsetting times can make us appreciate what we have, and this appreciation burns the fuel that enables us to endure the dark, when the satiated smiles vanish and the tears fill valleys.

In The Vale Of Tears flutters on the winds of rejuvenation. Everything flows together; the music is a fountain, gushing clear, clean waters of radiant optimism and liberty. At points, the ambient breeze feels tropical in tonality; the cute, chirpy birdsong instills an even deeper sense of peace, respite and renewal. “As You Smiled And Passed Me By” still returns to a disappearance, a period when you fell in love, and love retreated. She is here now, haunting the backstreets of melancholic thoughts. The music always returns to healthy gardens, a sanctuary for lost valentines injured on battlefields. The music doesn’t think twice about the past. She can forgive it, but she also knows she will never forget it. Bluhm take the unsteady, brave steps forward, and instead of ruminating over love’s existence, they have chosen to believe.

In The Vale Of Tears is both lucid and absorbing. The music doesn’t so much wash over you as it does soak your skin with some lush ambient imagery. In The Vale Of Tears is romantic music that returns once again to the optimistic promise of life, love and the chance for renewal; for hope, when you thought it had faded, lit by the fire of love, lit by a new dawn.


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Yoko Ono and Plastic Ono Band - Take Me to the Land of Hell (2013)

Yoko Ono and Plastic Ono Band - Take Me to the Land of Hell

Yoko Ono turned 80 this year, but on Take Me to the Land of Hell she barely sounds out of her 20s. This is another album billed to the Plastic Ono Band following the revival of that name with 2009's excellent Between My Head and the Sky, although the lineup remains thrillingly fluid. We get a return of sorts of Beastie Boys Mike D and Ad-Rock, plus supplementary work from tUnE-yArDs, Nels Cline, and ?uestlove among others. There's even room for Lenny Kravitz. Steering the ship alongside Ono are Sean Lennon, Cornelius, and Cibo Matto's Yuka Honda, with the latter clearly exerting a strong influence over the blaze of color that streaks through its 13 songs. Honda and Ono are a great match, both clearly in love with bringing whimsical touches to their music, both enviably adept at bridging the divide between the sublime and the ridiculous.

Take Me to the Land of Hell is unmistakably a party album, albeit one pierced by familiar anti-war and pro-peace fascinations. Ono's nothing if not consistent, leaving little doubt about her motivations throughout, principally because she spends a decent amount of time demonstrating how she cares little for the vagaries of metaphor. "Bad Dancer" is simply about how she's a bad dancer, something that causes her to collapse into giggles at one point. The track times are often brief, causing the songs to resemble little insights into Ono's thought process, delivered with the saddened glow of a torch singer ("There's No Goodbye Between Us") or diverting into spoken-word passages strung across raging, Zappa-style funk workouts ("7th Floor"). Sometimes all those tendencies get mixed up into one song; "Cheshire Cat Cry" is a standout, full of stop-the-violence lyrics, big soloing (presumably from Lennon), and spiraling 70s Moog twists.

The sheer amount of guests and musical digressions makes the overall focus blur on occasion-- the thumpingly trad guitar grind of "N.Y. Noodle Town" causes the buildup of energy to dissipate drastically, but there's a more considered and quite beautiful comedown moment in the string-laden title track that follows. Something this record does a little better than Between My Head and the Sky is show off Ono the musical omnivore, shifting across multiple disciplines, demonstrating how divergent universes are not quite so different after all. There are showtunes melting into trip-hop then segueing into avant rock. In Ono's world there are no boundaries between styles, just natural pathways leading from one to the other. There's a ton of cultural clutter here, but in a sense there ought to be. After spending so long hoovering up the arts, Ono spits it all out in a glorious mess, leaving her listeners to sift through the debris.

Like most records that lack a central stylistic thrust, Take Me to the Land of Hell often resembles a great collection of tracks instead of a coherent overall work. Indeed, this album was premiered track-by-track on Ono's website prior to its release, which suggests that someone behind it felt some hand-holding was necessary instead of dumping the whole album out at once. It takes an effort to reach the spot where it sinks in as an overarching piece, but that ties back to more challenging Ono musical projects, where time and patience are key elements in the listening process. For "Moonbeams" she even gets her wail on, making it ache as hard as the spread of a dull blue bruise. It's there that Ono still performs most effectively, using tone and gesture to say far more than most of her straight "message" songs. In among the ebullient atmosphere of this record, there's a voice in there that says: "I hurt, too."


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Volor Flex - Sabo (2013)

Volor Flex - Sabo


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Raum (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Liz Harris) - The Event of Your Leaving (2013)

Raum (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Liz Harris) - The Event of Your Leaving

Event Of Your Leaving was recorded by Raum (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Liz Harris) in 2011 and 2012. Their first collaborative LP, the record is a loose set of memories, dreams, and images interpreting the work of visual artist Vija Celmins for piano, guitar, keyboard, voice, and tapes. The three-panel, fold-out cover is an offset and letterpress print of a drawing by Harris. Artwork printed at Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon and LP mastered at Dubplates in Berlin by Rashad Becker. Edition of 500.

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Maps & Diagrams - Første (2013)

Maps & Diagrams - Første


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Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello - Between You and the Shapes You Take (2013)

Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello - Between You and the Shapes You Take

Between You And The Shapes You Take is the second collaborative album by Richmond based musician/sound artists Stephen Vitiello and Molly Berg. As with the duo’s previous release, The Gorilla Variations (12k2013, 2009), tracks are created out of improvisations and sculpted through editing. Molly Berg’s clarinet and vocalizations tend to cover the CD’s lyrical content while Vitiello’s guitar and processing covers a good deal of the textures. Two of the tracks on the CD feature violin by the multi-talented Hahn Rowe, once a member of the group Hugo Largo.
There’s an immediate air of melancholy and longing to a number of the tracks. An initial demo recording for the album was remarked on by a listener who said “I’ve fallen face first into a machine that erases the memories of an ended relationship as if it were a sound instead of a real life that fell in love with the girl again in the end.” A strange amount of truth exists in that statement and the entirety of it was momentarily considered as the album title. Instead, Between You And The Shapes You Take is a borrowed quote from Wallace Stevens’ poem The Blue Guitar.
As for the recording process, Vitiello writes: “Things tend to go best when Molly and I don’t speak beforehand or plan anything for the recording beyond a time to meet and to begin. We’ll play for as long as we can and generally find that the beginnings and endings are implied in the performance. Where the last album was recorded in my office at school with all of our equipment balanced precariously on my desk, this one was in a proper studio. It allowed for more isolation and let us take advantage of quieter instruments such as the acoustic guitar and Molly’s slide whistles and found pieces of percussion.” The final track on the CD is the only one that was recorded separately. It’s actually a re- construction of that fated recording that potentially contains the machine that erases memories.

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Bobby Draino - Brain Drain (2013)

Bobby Draino - Brain Drain

**Acid-bleached house from the outer limits backed with useful Cloudface edits** "Before birthing his blasted acid house identity, Bobby Draino drummed for various synth-punked groups around Vancouver, and some of that scorched-earth live energy bleeds through the five primordial bangers comprising his vinyl debut Brain Drain. Tracked live through one channel of a space echo straight to his computer, Draino’s overdriven drum machines, fried acid grit, bass damage and blown-tone sequencer patterns are fused into a radical and weird debased mutant house. The EP’s five tracks are the culmination of two years of demo workshopping, TR-606 and 303 autodidacticism and warehouse party spelunks—all savvy tactics for developing a shredding, progressively singular style, which Draino has in spades. Brain Drain is one of the most awesomely wrecked and raw Silk slabs to date from a West Coast wiz worth watching."


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Paradise 100 - The Loin King (2013)

Paradise 100 - The Loin King

"Scotland-born Parisian Paradise 100 (a.k.a. DJ Africa, a.k.a. Graham Peel) has been percolating stripped-back, bouncy-castle house constructs onto the web for a few years but never locked them in wax until now. High time. Following his minimalist dictum “more than three tracks on a song is just indulgence,” his debut EP’s four cuts share a sleek, spare design, jigsawing slinky bass, classic keys, lean drum programming and flashes of synth mirage into fluid, aerodynamic patterns. Touches of melodic acid and crossover new wave color the mood an exotic, hedonistic hue (further evinced by titles like “The Loin King” and “French Kissing in the House of Love”). His own vision of the project is appropriately fantastical: “The image in my mind is of tropical forests at night, torchlight, distant sounds of tribal ritual dance and ghosts.” Regal music for pleasure domes."


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Les Level - House Of Need (2013)

Les Level - House Of Need

"Melbournian multi-hyphenate Luke Brown has his hands in a lot of pots, having dug deep in his DJ duo with Ricardo Ramos, Leslie Salvador, as well as his ongoing death-disco / dark-synth revisionist twosome, Negativ Magick. But the past few years have found him exploring more classic, scruffed-up analog house terrain via his latest alias Les Level, and his six-track debut is purist uncut club gold. Bookended by a pair of of mixes of the stellar neo-Chicago anthem “House of Need,” the rest of the tracks prowl through a host of suave, shuffling, Strictly Rhythmic variations, from the 3 AM skyline seducer “Smooth Sailing” to the pumping, jazzy jack-groove “Working Nights.” An expert assemblage by a nuanced craftsman with style to burn."


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Dreamweapon - Living in Hell on Earth (2013)

Dreamweapon - Living in Hell on Earth


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Body Boys - Growth Window (2013)

Body Boys - Growth Window


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Brunhild & Luc Ferrari - Contes Sentimentaux (2013)

Brunhild & Luc Ferrari - Contes Sentimentaux

These pieces have been made between 1989 and 1994 for the German radio. Brunhild and Luc Ferrari are speaking around the pieces from Luc like 'Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps', 'Ce qu'à vu le Cers', 'Collection de petites pièces' (36 enfilades pour piano et magnétophone), 'Music promenade' among others, describing small details and anecdotes. They speak in French and German and consider the recorder as a scratchpad.
Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps - Place des Abbesses - Ce qu'à vu le Cers - La chanson de la forêt - La remontée du village - Les yeux de Mathieu & Collection de petites pièces - Hétérozygote P1 - Hétérozygote P2 - Journal d'un autobiographe - Music promenade - Cellule 75

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Salem - G O O D B Y E (2013)

Salem - G O O D B Y E

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Muslimgauze - A.P. Reworks Muslimgauze (2013)

Muslimgauze - A.P. Reworks Muslimgauze

The legacy of Muslimgauze is handled with reverent care and attention by Anders Peterson on four deeply atmospheric reworks for Staalplaat. Also known as Relapxych.0, Peterson was undertaking a large-scale project transferring and remastering the stockpile of unreleased Muslimgauze gear when he was tasked to apply his sought-after studio skills (favoured by V.O.D and Staalplaat) to these four archival pieces. In effect, Anders amplifies and enhances the more atmospheric elements with lush, widescreen strokes rendering the subtlest sounds to the peripheries while galvanizing the percussion, but only slightly rearranging the original rhythms. This updated fidelity only serves to render the similarities between Bryn Jones and Shackleton in ever sharper clarity and, and simply makes this a huge recommendation for fans of Raime, Cut Hands, Vatican Shadow - all of that good stuff. Highly recommended!


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Urenga - Mantha (2013)

Urenga - Mantha

Two original tracks from Hungary's finest. Combining reggae roots, contemporary sound design & feel with lush live dub techniques, Urenga draw's inspiration from underwater life.

Cologne's Adam Kroll retains the essence of the track incepting he's signature heavy bass oriented dub fusion, while Columbia's Coppice Halifax goes into deeper yet soft 4x4 waters slowly reveleing it's hypnotic structure.


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Sandro Perri - Spaced Out (2013)

Sandro Perri - Spaced Out

"While Sandro Perri's acclaimed and meticulously constructed album Impossible Spaces was a decidedly avant-rock affair conjured from guitar, bass, drums, synth and voice (with flourishes of woodwinds and brass), longtime fans of Perri will also be familiar with his deep roots in electronic music, chiefly via his Polmo Polpo project from the early 2000s. So it was natural for him to tap friends and peers for remixes of the Impossible Spaces material. This yielded an embarrassment of remix riches, spread across a series of three EPs, of which Spaced Out is the third and final installment (following 2012 releases on the DFA and Phonica labels). 
Spaced Out kicks off with what is probably the closest thing to a banger in the entire batch of remix material, courtesy of Larry Gus (DFA, Lefse), whose treatment of "Love & Light" employs over 500 samples extracted from the song's stems. The result is an intricate, dense, exuberantly satisfying groove-based track that chops and channels the woozy rhythmic complexity and mellifluous vocal of the original. This is followed by the pulsing ambient maximalism of Le Révélateur (Root Strata), the current alter-ego of Roger Tellier-Craig (Fly Pan Am, Pas Chic Chic), who reworks "Wolfman" as a beautifully building swarm of layered loops and long delays – an homage of sorts to Perri's own Polmo Polpo sound palette. The EP's B-Side features an extended, non-linear re-interpretation of "How Will I?" by Japanese producer Imugem Orihasam (Fragil) that extrapolates a sweet and loose abstract-House vibe from the original, bringing the highly detailed swing of the song's live drum tracks to the fore, allowing Perri's vocal to unfurl against a minimal, skittering, plunderphonic arrangement. 
We're thrilled to wrap up these Impossible Spaces remixes in a final installment; Spaced Out provides an intense, diverse and richly detailed 22-minute journey that wildly re-imagines the original album across three distinct pieces, each of which remains true to Perri's core aesthetics in uniquely additive fashion. 


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Akkord - Akkord (2013)

Akkord - Akkord

Aerobic mystics, Joe McBride (Synkro), and Liam Blackburn (Indigo) aka Akkord, present a slickly engrossing debut album for Fabric/Rob Booth's Houndstooth label. It's the definitive manifest of their convergent interests in sacred geometry, mathematics, minimalism and bassbins, deftly balancing dancefloor appeal with the sort of detailed production appreciated by headphone and home listeners. Over its ten tarcks the genes of jungle, dubstep, techno and ambient electronics are spun out and re-encoded with razor-sharp grasp of spatial dynamics and rhythmic aptitude, presenting a perspective on 2013 warehouse sounds which conversely takes as much inspiration from the organic and pastoral as synthetic, man-made structures. DJs and dancers will discover deadly wares in the ductile dubstep-techno flux of '3dOS', in the determined, brutalist slam of 'Conveyor', and the clipped 2-step contours of 'Navigate', but the album's most unique offerings are subtler counterpoints such as the icy halfsteppers' sound design of 'Rocendal', co-constructed with Biome, or the Demdike-esque para-dimensional dread of 'Torr Vale', and the crushing/crushed, Emptyset-like texturing of closer 'Undertow'.

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Conrad Schnitzler - Silber (2013)

Conrad Schnitzler - Silber

Conrad Schnitzler (1937–2011), composer and concept artist, is one of the most important representatives of Germany's electronic music avant-garde. A student of Joseph Beuys, he founded Berlin's legendary Zodiak Free Arts Lab, a subculture club, in 1967/68, was a member of Tangerine Dream (together with Klaus Schulze and Edgar Froese) and Kluster (with Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius) and also released countless solo albums. The silver album is a collection of tracks from Schnitzler's archive, recorded between 1974/75, originally released (on vinyl only) in 2009. It represents Schnitzler's unique and inimitable blueprint for a music of the future, music which still astounds when we hear it today.


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Coin - Inside Palace (2013)

Coin - Inside Palace

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Samantha Vacation - Samantha's Vacation / Postcards From Mssr Perdu (2013)

Samantha Vacation - Samantha's Vacation / Postcards From Mssr Perdu

Finally in stock, the debut single of dreamy booty deviations by Samantha Vacation. Working something like a psychedelic sister sound to Delroy Edwards, 'Samantha's Vacation' percolates uptempo drum machine patterns, creamy chords and her own vocals - flitting from coos to choppier techniques - in a time-and-space dilating A-side jam, whilst 'Postcards From Mssr Perdu''s slightly reduced tempo feels like the flipside styles dosed on codeine, melting her synths and dubbed out vocal all over a halfstepping, drunken master booty groove. Its a madness!

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Sun Glitters - Scattered into Light (2013)

Sun Glitters - Scattered into Light

Scattered Into Light is the Mush debut from the Luxembourg based electronic act, Sun Glitters. The eleven-track album remains true to the glitchy r&b and deep tech-house sound that has blasted Sun Glitters into the consciousness of electronic music fans over the last two years. Stuttering beats and wobbling synths are soft-focused through a sun-bleached lens in a way that will appeal to synth-pop, ambient, and dustup fans in equal measure. Scattered Into Light is the first Sun Glitters release to completely integrate a vocalist, as Italian ingenue Sara Cappai lends her talents to over half the tracks. The result is awash with star-gazing melodies, bubbly bass, and textured beats that give equal nod to house and hip-hop. Scattered Into Light is an wonderful release and makes a compelling case for Sun Glitters as an artist on the verge.

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Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht 1972 (Deluxe Edition) (2006)

Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht 1972 (Deluxe Edition)


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The National Jazz Trio of Scotland - Standards Vol. II (2013)

The National Jazz Trio of Scotland - Standards Vol. II

Following the release of The National Jazz Trio of Scotland’s Christmas Album on Karaoke Kalk just last December, the Berlin label now presents the second album by acclaimed pianist Bill Wells’ latest project The National Jazz Trio of Scotland; Standards Volume Two. While the previous record focused on seasonal classics, Standards Volume Two is comprised almost exclusively of Bill Wells original compositions.

Just for the record, The National Jazz Trio of Scotland don’t play jazz, nor are they a trio. And while their status as national ambassadors is not exactly official, Bill Wells has however worked with many of the key players in the Scottish indie scene from the likes of Isobel Campbell and Future Pilot AKA to the magnificent collaboration with former Arab Strap vocalist Aidan Moffat „Everything’s Getting Older“ on Chemikal Underground recently. Indeed a host of Glasgow’s finest have contributed to the new NJTOS album Standards Volume Two with Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub responsible for additional studio work and lending his voice to Winter Breaks And Back To Spring. Belle & Sebastian’s Chris Geddes and Stevie Jackson also helped with recordings. Jackson of course was responsible for the stunning harmonica performances on Well’s former ensemble, the Bill Wells Trio whose album Also In White on The Pastels’ Geographic imprint remains a seminal masterpiece.
Yet despite these impressive rock solid credentials and all the big names with whom Wells works, what sets the National Jazz Trio of Scotland apart is the vocal performances by Lorna Gilfedder, Aby Vulliamy and Kate Sugden. While these girls may not be professional singers their voices posses an honest quality which fits Well’s compositions to a t. The sparse arrangements are understated yet outspoken while the lyrics tell of everyday moments few take the time to reflect on, with titles such as the opener We Grow Accustomed and This Is What You Could Have Won. The National Jazz Trio of Scotland’s music is sublime in in the way it works on the soul especially after repeated listening. Seeing as Bill Well’s has worked with everyone from Jim O’Rourke – on the 2011 album Lemondale – to avant-garde saxophonist Lol Coxhill his move to work with unknown singers on NJTOS lends a delightful freshness to the project. The songs walk a fine emotional line between melancholy and optimism, as demonstrated in the contrast between the songs Hillwalk and Chance. Though the majority of the songs on Standards Volume Two are written and composed entirely by Bill Wells, there are 2 covers including a version of the traditional Scottish folk song Mary of Argyle and a delightful cover of the Moondog tune My Tiny Butterfly with Gilfedder, Vulliamy and Sugden singing in a round to great effect. Singer Lorna Gilfedder also wrote lyrics to Snowed In, a song that from its title at least would not have been out of place on the ensemble’s previous record, the Christmas Album. Standards Volume Two draws Unexpectedly to a close with a lilting waltz.

Already his fifth album on Karaoke Kalk following the Christmas Album and including previous collaborations with Stefan Schneider aka Mapstation (the bassist from To Rococo Rot), Barbara Morgenstern and the Japanese improvised free-jazz ensemble Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Standards Volume Two marks another milestone release for the Glaswegian musician. And what with this being The National Jazz Trio of Scotland’s second release in less than a year on Kalk, this is clearly a lasting ensemble with a lot to say. Here’s looking forward to future volumes.


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Rion - ホタル (2013)

Rion - ホタル


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Mario Massa & SaffronKeira - Cause and Effect (2013)

Mario Massa & SaffronKeira - Cause and Effect

Saffronkeira is the project of the Sardinian sound researcher EUGENIO CARIA. His first meeting with the Sardinian trumpet player MARIO MASSA was at a distance. Caria saw Massa playing on a regional TV program and was immediately caught by the immersed playing style of this musician which was unknown to him at that time. Eager to meet him, he asked several other Sardinian musicians and was lucky. He got Massa's name and phone number, immediately called him and proposed a meeting. Massa had always dreamt of a collaboration with an electronic music artist, while Caria had always been eager to work with a trumpet player, being fascinated by this instrument since his childhood. Thus, the meeting was a big success, indeed it was love at first sight.

Since then Caria and Massa met every weekend at Caria's studio and ideas bounced back and forth between the two musicians. Massa improvised over Caria's compositions, Caria added layers to Massa's play, there was not the slightest disagreement about the sound and dynamics of their tracks. Just as we can only marvel at the complexity of Nature which emerged only from this simple principle of cause and effect, we can only be astonished at the result of this collaboration.

The instruments of the two musicians wander unerringly through the musical landscape, from warm ambient sounds to rather abstract pieces, from thrilling hymns to threatening sound storms, but they never loose contact. Indeed, Massa trumpet play and Caria's electronics intertwine so well that at times it is difficult to distinguish them. Exploring the entire spectrum of their instruments and displaying their full virtuosity, Caria and Massa have created a unique masterpiece.


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Harold Budd - Perhaps (2013)

Harold Budd - Perhaps


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Quinta-feira, 28 de Novembro de 2013

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live from KCRW (2013)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live from KCRW

'Live from KCRW' is a live radio session recorded in Los Angeles in April 2013 & is the fourth official live album in the band's history. It features a stripped-down line-up performing classic Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds material alongside four songs from their recent global hit album 'Push the Sky Away'. 'Live from KCRW' album line-up: Nick Cave: Piano, vocals Warren Ellis: Tenor guitar, violin, piano, loops, backing vocals Martyn Casey: Bass Jim Sclavunos: Percussion, drums, backing vocals Barry Adamson: Organ, backing vocals.


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Age Coin - Perceptions (2013)

Age Coin - Perceptions

Luke Younger (Helm) picks out one of his favourite Posh Isolation cassettes for special attention on Alter Records. Mastered by Stephen Bishop aka Basic House from the original 2012 tape and cut to vinyl by Rashad at D&M, the two long pieces of 'Perceptions' are now rescued from potential obscurity down the back of the industrial settee, presenting a mutant, malign rhythmic noise symptomatic of the nihilistic Copenhagen scene centred around the likes of Damien Dubrovnik and Iceage. The first side sounds like we're lodged in a wind-tunnel, flayed by icy air as some massive foundry cranks into life around us. Flipside the machine finds its optimal pace and pounds out a martial pulse strong as any vintage Zhark and reminding of classic Mika Vainio.


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Dalglish - Niaiw Ot Vile (2013)

Dalglish - Niaiw Ot Vile

Douglas began throwing techno and ambient parties in San Francisco while still a teenager. He's been based in Berlin since the early '00s, though he spent some time in Detroit during the '90s, where he worked with Underground Resistance founder Mike Banks and Drexciya's James Stinson. He's produced under a range of names, including O.S.T., Scald Rougish, Seaes and Dalglish, and it's the latter pseudonym he uses on Niaiw Ot Vile, which will come out through Bill Kouligas's PAN imprint next month.

The label describes the album as "a complex and cavernous exercise in texture and rhythm, marrying the freedom and tonal breadth of electroacoustic composition with percussive patterns disjointed to the point of collapse." Douglas has dedicated the release to his friend and Isolate Records founder Wai Cheng, who died in 2006.


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Heinz Riegler - Sleep Health (2013)

Heinz Riegler - Sleep Health

Heinz Riegler investigates the sedative and therapeutic agents of sound on SLEEP HEALTH.

Responding to an extensive bout of insomnia, the 34 minute lullaby was recorded and mixed over a succession of nights during an extensive artist-in-residence stay in the Blackall Range, Australia. SLEEP HEALTH seeks to be a utility, a thing of tangible purpose. Initially intended solely as an audio sleeping pill, the recording took on the additional motif of a long distance medicinal instrument.

SLEEP HEALTH explores dream states, slumber, resting and feeling better.


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Adiemus & Karl Jenkins - Adiemus Colores (2013)

Adiemus & Karl Jenkins - Adiemus Colores


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SCNTST - Self Therapy (2013)

SCNTST - Self Therapy

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Neil Landstrumm - Dragon Under (2013)

Neil Landstrumm - Dragon Under


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Quarta-feira, 27 de Novembro de 2013

Oceania - Five Stones (2013)


Oceania - Five Stones


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#. - Horizontal Ground 15 (2013)

#. - Horizontal Ground 15


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Ostara - Paradise Down South (2013)


Ostara - Paradise Down South

Ostara return with their sixth album, Paradise Down South, a thirteen-gun salute to 2013 that explores the heart of darkness with a spirit of upbeat pes- simism. Richard Leviathan has a long history in the neofolk and industrial scenes, having worked and performed with many of the leading names, including Death in June, NON, Sol Invictus, Sieben, Forseti, Foresta di Ferro and Knifeladder.

The album traverses themes both historic and universal, from the spiritual fallout of the Global Financial Crisis to the darkest corner of Hollywood. Songs to uplift you to the depths! Features a guest appearance by Douglas P. from Death in June.

Look upon this world of secrets. Look upon this work of demons.


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Flume - Flume (Deluxe Edition) (2013)

Flume - Flume (Deluxe Edition)

"Flume, AKA Harley Streten, has been making a significant impact on Sydney's electronic scene for more than 12 months with his lush brand of pop-infused, beat-driven IDM. His first single, "Sleepless", earned him strong support from national broadcaster Triple J and the listening public. Subsequent remixes for artists like Hermitude and Future Classic label-mates New Navy populate his bustling SoundCloud page. The album features new vocal collaborations with Australian acts Chet Faker and Moon Holiday."

FLAC part1 / part2 (fixed)

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The Gaslamp Killer - Lavender AM (Meditation Mix) (2013)

The Gaslamp Killer - Lavender AM (Meditation Mix)

The Lavender AM (Meditation Mix) CD is part of the "GLK POSTER PRE-SALE PACK" or the "GLK TEE PRE-SALE PACK" purchase to help William's medical bills after his motorcycle accident.

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Mathias Schaffhauser - Angular (2013)

Mathias Schaffhauser - Angular

Mathias Shaffhauser, founder of the seminal Ware label and inherent minimalist, lands on Germany's Mo's Ferry Productions with a stunning new belter of an LP. It's been two years since his last full-length, and it's great to see him touch bass on a different label other than Ware. From beginning to end, the LP is a magical ride through the tightest of loop journeys and masterfully compressed percussion - a real studio experience! "Border To Bastian" is a neat, composed floor monster with the odd moment of madness, while tracks like "Hammill" or even "Brummer" are just insane from start to finish. Fans of Thomas Brinkmann, Wolfgang Voigt and the old Profan sound, look nowhere else.


??? às 18:55

Third Person Lurkin - The Lake of Woods (2013)

Third Person Lurkin - The Lake of Woods


??? às 18:51

Beat Detectives - Music 2 (2013)

Beat Detectives - Music 2

"Anarchic trash-techno trios from Minneapolis aren’t necessarily a plentiful commodity in our experience, especially ones as freewheeling and funked up as Beat Detectives. Comprised of visual artist Aaron Anderson, Chris Hontos (also of Food Pyramid and Dreamweapon), and the multi-talented Oakley Tapola, the group got their start playing a heavily smeared form of rudimentary dance music at “dirt raves in punker basements” around the Twin Cities before Anderson relocated to NYC. Music 2 is the perfect sophomore stepping stone slab, following their Casual Encounters Of The Third Kind debut collection on Moon Glyph earlier this year. Woozy house mutations and pitch-shifted party-acid experiments congeal and dissolve around Tapioca’s delirious, deadpan vocals (she manages to make lyrics like “American flag / with weed leaves / replacing the stars” sound strange and deranged instead of silly), interspersed with dizzy dub grooves and displaced electro-jack. Reminiscent in places of those weird deep cuts on certain late 80′s Warrior Records acid comps, before the style got codified and normalized. Regenerative club mutagen for a world with a stick up its ass. Recorded in Minneapolis and Brooklyn, 2012-2013, and mastered by Cole Weiland."


??? às 15:31

Nadja & Vampillia - The Perfect World (2013)

Nadja & Vampillia - The Perfect World

A remastered, remixed, extra-tracked version of Nadja and Vampillia's collaborative album "The Primitive World" released on LP and CD by Important Records.


??? às 15:15

Patten - EOLIAN INSTATE (2013)


Kaleidoscope curator, Patten returns on this lushly disorienting and super handsome EP for Warp. Since dosing the waters with his unpronounceable 'GLAQJO XAACSSO' LP for No Pain In Pop in 2011, Patten's stepped back from releasing his own material and issued acclaimed and singular works by Sculpture and Karen Gwyer on his Kaleidoscope label in the meantime. On 'Eolian State' we're presented with some 22-minutes of mercurial electronica bending time, space and light in five uniquely elusive grooves fathoming the discordant merry-go-round of 'Aviary' alongside the decelerated swang of 'Towards Infinite Shores', the nexx level Actress-style discombobulation of 'Obsidian Arms (mid-saccade)', and the fractal boogie drift of 'oea/Catalogue'. It's supremely heady stuff, highly recommended if you like Oneohtrix Point Never, Actress, Wanda Group or Vlek Records.

320 / FLAC

??? às 13:52

Ólafur Arnalds - For Now I Am Winter (2013)

Ólafur Arnalds - For Now I Am Winter

Icelandic composer and multi-instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds has finished the work on his new studio album and announced the release for February 2013. It is called For Now I Am Winter and it will be released via Mercury Classics which happens also due to the fact that Arnalds promised a slightly different sound from his past work. Ólafur points out: “I met Alexander Buhr (director of Mercury Classics) in April this year. With his vision – and the fact that I have an album in my hands which is rather different for my previous work – it seems like the right time to try something new, reach new audiences and go places I didn’t go before.”


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