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Rising Sun - Pause EP (2013)

Rising Sun - Pause EP


??? às 23:30

Tsembla - Nouskaa Henget (2013)

Tsembla - Nouskaa Henget

"Tsembla is the musical work of Marja Johansson, a Swedish-Finnish artist operating out of Turku, Finland. Utilizing a wide range of instruments, electronics, objects and manipulated samples, the music of Tsembla rides on waves of warped melodies, fluttering rhythms, abstract voices and mutating textures, crossbreeding the known and the imaginary. Nouskaa henget (Spirits, rise!) is her third release, after the 7” Tuplafiesta, released by Jan Anderzén’s Vauva label in 2009 and the LP Fauna on the Finnish Ikuisuus label in 2011. Loosely assembled, rough edged compositions, rich in details, come together into odd instrumental miniatures in an almost-pop format, venturing into fourth world territory from a lattering, wheezing and boiling DIY kitchen inspired by Moondog, Ruth White, Raymond Roussel, LAFMS, Jon Hassell, Anton Bruhin, René Daumal, Suzanne Ciani and folk musics of the Andes and Asia. Two of the tracks on the album are made in collaboration with flute wizard Antti Tolvi (of Rauhan Orkesteri, Lauhkeat Lampaat etc.) layering up Tolvi’s overdubbed flutes with hand percussion, tape snippets and electronics."

320 / FLAC

??? às 23:20

Bookworms - Love Triangles (2012)

Bookworms - Love Triangles

Roguish underground wriggles from L.I.E.S.' recent NYC discovery, Bookworms. We know bot all about Bookworms, but we we can tell you they make some wild dance music. A-side's 'Love Triangles' is built from deliciously blown-out samples and jerry-rigged machine rhythms playing to a jacked-up and voodooed agenda somewhere between classic Muzique and a Ron Hardy jam done 3 days into a heavy session. B-side's 'African Rhythms' interestingly enough already turned up on a Water Borders DJ mix from 2010, and hits between the eyes of Theo P's more frayed and freeform rhythm excursions and a lo-fi Pepe Braddock. You really need to check this out!


??? às 19:00

Northcape - Exploration & Ascent Remixed (2013)

Northcape - Exploration & Ascent Remixed

Original recordings written and produced by Alastair Brown
Mastered by Trevor Parsons TPX
Sleeve design by Northcape


??? às 16:20

Mutant Beat Dance - Urban Dust (2012)

Mutant Beat Dance - Urban Dust

The unstoppable L.I.E.S. trek out two wavey house mirages with Melvin Oliphant III (Saturn V / X2) & Beau Wanzer's Mutant Beat Dance company. A-side 'Urban Dust' twocs a liberal sample of the horns from A Guy Called Gerald's 'Moroccan Black' - the closing cut to Automanikk - and very cannily recycles 'em over rippling, latinesque machine patterns and wriggling synths, proper journey styles. B-side 'Sketch III' dips the tempo dial to a more sultry shuffle interlocked with seasick sequencer calligraphy while hashed out voices appear from the ether. Tip!


??? às 16:00

Jahiliyya Fields - Unicursal Hexagram (2012)

Jahiliyya Fields - Unicursal Hexagram

Moving further into territories of experimental electronics comes debut album from Brooklyn artist Jahiliyya Fields. This double LP evokes emotions of equal pain, passion, beauty, and disgust as it delves into areas of the psyche many are afraid to come in contact with. Read between the lines, close your eyes, and listen. Not unlike new age music of the past meeting the harsh textures of the early industrial pioneers, this music serves as another narrative to our quickly deteriorating Western societal structure. Outsider music for those of us pushed to the side and living on the fringe. Pressed loud on 4 sides for maximum aural damage!


??? às 15:55

Peter Jefferies - The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World (2013)

Peter Jefferies - The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World

"Peter Jefferies’s extraordinary debut solo album, The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World, first saw life as a cassette via the Xpressway label of Port Chalmers, New Zealand, in 1990. As a result of some international underground acclaim in fanzines and mailorder catalogs – for both the album and a striking 7-inch, “The Fate of the Human Carbine,” released around the same time – it soon appeared on LP and CD as well, through the Ajax label of Chicago. Within a handful of years it slipped out of print and out of sight. Roughly 20 years later that situation is being amended by De Stijl with a vinyl reissue that includes the songs from the attendant single and no amount of remastering whatsoever. Though no one’s gotten around to writing a book on it yet, The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World nonetheless stands as one of the singular singer-songwriter albums of all time, existing on a sparsely populated plane with Pink Moon, I Often Dream of Trains, Blues Run the Game, Our Mother the Mountain and not many others. In a sandy voice that soothes and slashes, Jefferies offers a compassionate, piercingly lucid view of the endeavor of life, all our pain and small glories rendered in tones both harrowing and tender. On piano, drums and percussion, he pounds out melodies that roar, sweep and lilt, accompanied on many songs by the serrated guitars of a variety of players. Featuring a small team of South Island heavy-hitters – all three members of the Dead C as well as David Mitchell (3Ds), Alastair Galbraith, Kathy Bull (Look Blue Go Purple, Cyclops), Nigel Taylor and Robbie Muir (who’s cobilled on the single) – Last Great Challenge provides a pivot point in Jefferies’s formidable recording career, which included two bands he shared with his brother Graeme in the ’80s, Nocturnal Projections and This Kind of Punishment, and four further solo albums, as well as stints in bands here (Mecca Normal, Two Foot Flame) and there (Plagal Grind, Cyclops, and collaborations with Shayne Carter, Jono Lonie and Chris Smith). This immediate and affecting album has been a comfort and a guide for me since it came out. Sit a spell and see if it doesn’t speak to you as well. ~ Mike Wolf, NYC, 2013"

320 / FLAC

??? às 12:25

Pasta Groove - Kometa (2013)

Pasta Groove - Kometa

Quezon City, Philippines artist Pasta Groove is the incredible audio curator who is the man behind Filipino music collaborative, The Venus Fly Trap Collective’s D’WATA LP, one of our favorite releases of 2012. For his latest album, Kometa, the involvement is quite extensive as Pasta Groove recruited the talents of 13 musicians, one of them being the illustrious Low Leaf, who contributed her new single “As One” into the mix. The result is a very chill, jazzy, funky and at times experimental listening experience with a very sharp sense of detail and atmosphere.


??? às 11:55

Various Artists - Coyote Kings (2013)

Various Artists - Coyote Kings

Coyote Records have come through and left a lasting impression on the scene with their first five releases; gully beats on 12" from producers with an original approach to their craft is a winning formula. Along with camps like Boxed and Keysound, Tomas Fraser's label has played their part in defining grime in 2013, introduced us to fresh talents like Arctic and OH91 and most importantly provided us with a heavy selection of bangers to dance to all year long.

Pausing for breath before dropping more fire from up-and-comers Chemist and Spare, Coyote have spent the last 6 months assembling an adventurous collection of new material to be released this December, 'Coyote Kings'. The release is in part a celebration of their output to date, but also a statement of intent for the future and a representation of the breadth of amazing music demanding a proper release at the moment.

Kings pieces together a whole kaleidoscope of styles from super aggressive beats like OH91's all-guns-blazing, moody Bristol anthem 'Stealth VIP', and the unruly griminess of Chemist's 'Hoodrat', through to the lush, synth rich atmospheres of Jon Deville's 'Crossed Eyes' and Notion's 'In The Corner'.

Newcomer Annoy works with stark minimalism, using little more than a couple of string riffs and bare-bones percussion to engrossing effect whilst Arctic's effort, 'The Sicilian', weighs in right at the more hectic end of the spectrum; a bewildering composition of choppy sound and rude-as-hell basslines.

Spokes, who is one third of East London club night Loose Snyths, delivers a beat packing deep sub-bass, insistent handclaps and esoteric vibes on 'Pigs Riddim', and Coyote 006's producer Spare offers us a taste of things to come with the tough, grinding sounds of 'Katana'.

Just as you think you?ve started to get a measure of what to expect on Kings , Checan steps into the fray with a throwback 4x4 bassline stomper, 'Don't Know What To Do', and the stupidly versatile and long-time heavyweight P Jam flips the script with the ruff break-driven madness that is 'Be Yourself'.


??? às 11:38

Amir Alexander - Don't Go EP (2013)

Amir Alexander - Don't Go EP


??? às 11:05

Sole - WHITENOISE: Nomoredystopias (2013)

Sole - WHITENOISE: Nomoredystopias

WHITENOISE is sole’s new one-man band and the follow-up instrumental project to his critically acclaimed 2007 release on anticon records, "Poly.Sci.187." The name was lifted from a Don Delillo novel, about how real fear and imagined fear endangers our society. It’s an exploration of un-quantized analog 8 track walls of noise combined with the hip-hop "beat" aesthetic. The tracks are songs sole has been fine-tuning for years that eventually became so full that there was no room for vocals. Sole's wife Yasamin helped finish the project by adding keyboards to almost every song.  WHITENOISE harvests samples from a wide range of source material including; 80’s pop, David Harvey, Robocop, McKenzie Wark, Anderson Cooper, David Graeber, vintage sci-fi TV, Iraqi Mujahideen videos, Ronald Wright, and more. This project is a humble attempt to illustrate ways "instrumental music" can provide an apt canvas to reflect on "critical" sentiment in song form in a far less heavy-handed way then a rap song. In a review for sole's first instrumental album Pitchfork dubbed him "the D.J. Shadow for the Huffington Post set." If the former was true then, then WHITENOISE is the Pete Rock of toxic airborne events.  The first single/video, “Fallujah” & “The Military Entertainment Complex” is a sonic look back on what has been dubbed the most violent & brutal moment of the Iraq Occupation. The “Military Entertainment Complex” is the symbiosis of Hollywood, video games & war. It has become the ultimate recruiting tool and mode of blurring real violence from the virtual. The video that accompanies the song features mash ups of Disney Marches & White Phosphorous Bombardment, Ballet Dancers on the Moon, Para-trooping dogs being thrown into the arctic, Eddie Van Halen doing a guitar solo in front of an Atomic Explosion and the final moments of Sadaam Hussein’s trial before he was hung on youtube over an M.I.A.-esque dance beat.

320 / FLAC

??? às 11:00

Vytis - Termination (2013)

Vytis - Termination


??? às 06:45

Frak - Sailor (2013)

Frak - Sailor

??? às 06:40

Lustmord - Kraków (October 22 2010) (2013)

Lustmord - Kraków (October 22 2010)

Limited edition of 400. Comes in a four-sided digisleeve.

Live at Unsound 2010, Kino Kijow, Kraków, October 22.

Direct mixing desk feed with additional room ambience. All clicks and distortions are from the original source and location ambience. No overdubs.

The theme for Unsound 2010 was "Horror, the pleasure of the fear and unease". The improvised performance recorded here was approached with that in mind.


??? às 06:30

Drip-133 - ♡ (2013)

Drip-133 - ♡


??? às 06:29
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Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Deluxe Edition) (2014)

Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire For No Witness (Deluxe Edition) MP3 / FLAC

Recent Jagjaguwar signee Angel Olsen is no stranger to listeners who caught her vibrant and expressive voice in her debut EP Strange Cacti or later on Half Way Home (Bathetic), where her sound expanded and her lyrics cut deeper. Now, Angel offers a new full length album, Burn Your Fire for No Witness out February 18th, 2014 where she further explores a sound familiar, but only widens her vocal range to new expressive heights. She captures both bravery and vulnerability in her war cries bringing the listener closer if they aren’t already sucked into Angel’s crackling fire gaze. Her new album, produced by John Congleton, stokes the fire and aggravates the flames inside of Angel releasing an energy and voice not heard before.

??? às 19:25

Various Artists - Earth Tones 5 (2013)

Various Artists - Earth Tones 5


??? às 17:32

Steve Roach - At The Edge Of Everything (2013)

Steve Roach - At The Edge Of Everything


??? às 14:50

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Colour Division (2013)

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Colour Division

"Colour Division" sees these two skilled musicians effortlessly continuing their sonic dialogue over seven mesmerising tracks. Several of these use one of Reuter's trademark guitar looped soundscapes as a starting point over which Boddy paints a glorious ambient tapestry of sound. His distinctive, singing Ondes Martenot style ambient lead lines call out on the opener "Borderlands", soon to be joined by a myriad of Reuters guitar tones. This strong initial piece builds to quite a climax with heavy electronic percussion and an exciting Moog solo from Boddy. By contrast the next track, the title piece "Colour Division", features a beautifully emotional guitar solo from Reuter. The more leisurely legato tracks such as "Crescent" and "Reveal" are like reflections of the duo's first DiN outing "Distant Rituals". Boddy's love of analogue modular synths sees distinctive bass lines and sequencing on the muscular "Fulcrum" and the more laid back "Beacon" which are overlaid with an incredible variety of fuzz tones and textures from the instrument that Reuter is no doubt a master of, the U8 touch guitar. Finally the album comes to a beautiful last passage with "Slowfall", with Boddy's restrained production complementing Reuter's sparse, crunchy guitar chords.

??? às 13:05

AnD - AnD 002 (2013)

AnD - AnD 002

??? às 11:00

Even Tuell & Midnightopera - Workshop Special 02 (2013)

Even Tuell & Midnightopera - Workshop Special 02

320 / FLAC

??? às 10:42

Chits - Custom Hype (2013)

Chits - Custom Hype

with Slava remix.

??? às 10:30

Terre Thaemlitz - Couture Cosmetique (1997)

Terre Thaemlitz - Couture Cosmetique


??? às 09:15

Actress - Ghettoville (Japanese Edition w/ Bonus Track) (2014)

Actress - Ghettoville

The bleary-eared swagger of 'Ghettoville' concludes Actress' album cycle begun with his debut 'Hazyville' back in 2008. As we're sure you're well aware, in the meantime he's released a pair of modern classics, 'Splazsh' and 'R.I.P.', two radically rugged, sophisticated abstractions of electronic music alternately rendered in crystal clear and far-more-murky resolution. With 'Ghettoville' it would appear he's wearing his black-tinted glasses again, the ones which don't show up his bloodshot eyes and give him license to prowl the most fugged-up interzones between dancefloor, bedroom and headspace without hassle. Like 'Hazyville' the emphasis is on heavy troddin' grooves - a backyard distillation of grime, rare groove, house and hip hop - but he's now upped the overdriven noise factor to noxious, memory-bleaching degrees, making everything eerie as f**k and disorienting, like a dazed 5am stroll around familiar yet somehow alien ends of a concrete jungle shrouded in pre-dawn fog. The oppressive atmosphere would be enervating if not for his buoyant beats and the redemptive traces of melody that perfuse the murk, whether that's the tweet of birdsong that cuts through the foundry clank of 'Forgiven', the half-heard Thriller-era boogie hope of whoever's been crushed to def in 'Contagious', or the seductive bassline calling you back in from the smoking area 52 in 'Frontline', always keeping his sound cannily poised with an ambiguous, ambivalent nonchalance. DJs will find useful gear in the gauzy bump and grind of 'Skyline' and the low-slung, knock-kneed swing of 'Birdcage', but ultimately this album is one for the heads, the headphones, and lowlit habitats.


??? às 08:14

Lustmord – Things That Were (2013)

Lustmord – Things That Were

This 3LP Box-Set presented by the godfather of the genre of Dark Ambient/Industrial, B. Lustmord, putting into its focus the very early works recorded between 1980-83 including previously unreleased material and the very first Lustmord recording of all, in it's primitive glory.

Lustmord's intense and aggressive Live Performances in the early 80’s had been recognized by other Industrial Bands like Throbbing Gristle and SPK, the latter leading to a cooperation with Graeme Revell for many years including being a member of SPK and taking over their label Side Effects.

His outstanding skills as an artist and sound designer extended into several further collaborations with artists as such as Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Chris & Cosey, Robert Rich John Balance (Coil), Melvins and Tool, and since the early 90’s gams, television and over forty Hollywood movies like The Crow and Underworld.

LP1 is a remastered version of Lustmord's first and very sought after LP release on Nocturnal Emissions' Sterile Records.

LP2 delivers en early version of a track from the first LP plus intense live recordings from 1981.

LP3 provides several unreleased recordings from 1980-83, including one with John Balance, plus compilation tracks from various Cassette Culture labels of that period including Third Mind's "Rising from the Red Sand".


??? às 06:23
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Ashley Paul - Line the Clouds (2013)

Ashley Paul - Line the Clouds

This album comes from a lonely place. Its deep blue mood recalls the slowcore of early Low, Red House Painters and Codeine, with a dogged improvisational streak in place of decelerated rock dynamics. "Black and Blue" serves as the album’s somewhat deflated fanfare, a troubled miasma of amp buzz, baleful horns and prepared strings too subdued to constitute a cacophony, while the sense of emptiness of "The Ocean" and "Falling" is underscored by a minimal backing of cyclical guitar and sparse woodwind, occasionally tangling into a knot around barely-there melodies. "Take" introduces piano figures which break up and reform as if the instrument were perpetually revising its own role. Paul’s use of vocal multitracking doesn’t galvanise her songs – instead it makes her high, tremulous voice seem even more isolated, as though the Brooklyn based artist were conjuring near identical phantoms to keep herself company.
The sense of introversion is strong, and the music is as discomfiting as it is compelling. These pieces initially seem reluctant to be exposed to the harsh light of scrutiny. Yet Paul’s decisions are bold enough to subvert any impressions of naiveté: "The Ocean" is continually ruptured from within by loud scrapes and jarring thwacks, for instance, while "Wrap Me Up" is infested with percussion that scuttles along the floor of the song like so many cockroach feet.
In spite of her hushed, fractured vocal demeanour, Paul stages a fairly comprehensive assault on singersongwriter conventions (confessionalism, the primacy of the voice, traditional song structures) using weapons forged in the fires of improvisation and modern composition. It’s also gratifying to hear such an attempt that doesn’t equate the advancement of songcraft with the conspicuous incorporation of electronics – there’s not a soft-synth, sequencer or sample to be heard on Line The Clouds, and it’s all the better for that.


??? às 20:30

Steve Roach - Spiral Meditations (2013)

Steve Roach - Spiral Meditations

On Spiral Meditations, Steve Roach captures sacred geometry in motion. Seven shimmering, spiraling, gravity-defying musical mandalas create a kind vibrancy and energy that feeds the senses in a way that only nuanced, emotion-filled sequencer-based music can. At the same time, an over-all atmosphere of tranquility permeates the listening space as each spiral meditation unwinds into the elegant beauty of the next piece, revealing delicate lattice-like melodic and rhythmic strands woven into intricate patterns. Created in the Timeroom in 2013, this is music to invigorate the heart, mind, spirit---and imagination.

320 / FLAC

??? às 17:10

Simon James Phillips - Chair (2013)

Simon James Phillips - Chair

Listening to Chair by Berlin-based pianist Simon James Phillips, it is interesting to note that he collaborates with Chris Abrahams of The Necks. The duo perform together as Pedal, a word with links to the ‘Chair’ of this album’s title, and emphasises, the physical link from body to instrument at work when performing music. There’s a similarity too between Phillips and Abrahams’s playing, a fondness for melodic repetition particularly, but Phillips is far closer to Charlemagne Palestine in most other respects.

The physicality of sound production, not just from human to instrument but from instrument to resonance in space, is what most strongly unites Phillips and Palestine. Like the teddy-coveting dronester, Phillips plays with repetition, sustain and the reverberation of the recording space to create rich and blurred walls of sound. So dense is much of Chair that I’d guessed at multitracking, but it turns out the result comes from sound engineer Mattef Kuhlmey’s use of numerous microphones, placed around the “richly resonant environment” of Berlin’s Grunewald Church.

Chair‘s seven pieces tend for either busy density or cautious spaciousness, the former like Palestine, the latter recalling exploratory Spectralists like Tristan Murail or Helmut Lachenmann. These slower pieces are the more interesting, if not as exciting, offering patient examinations of various sonic effects within approachable, repeated patterns. ’9er On Off Switch’lurches forward, all breathy and open, before suddenly withdrawing, like explosions in reverse. ‘Posture’ plods, methodically, like a retentive drunk. ‘Set Ikon Set Remit’ and ‘Poul’ meanwhile erupt like geysers, the sustain pedal held throughout (12 minutes each), particulars bleeding into luminous sludge. Kuhlmey captures both the murk and the clarity with precision, making for another highly recommended Room 40 release.

320 / FLAC

??? às 13:35

Julian Jeweil - Don’t Think (2013)

Julian Jeweil - Don’t Think

??? às 13:34

Julian Jeweil - She's Hot (2013)

Julian Jeweil - She's Hot


??? às 13:32

Mutual Benefit - Love's Crushing Diamond (2013)

Mutual Benefit - Love's Crushing Diamond


??? às 12:06

Mo Kolours - EP3: Tusk Dance (2013)

Mo Kolours - EP3: Tusk Dance


??? às 12:02

Infinite Body - Apeiron (2013)

Infinite Body - Apeiron


??? às 12:00

Various Artists - Various Artists #1 (2013)

Various Artists - Various Artists #1

1 Spaceci – High Flight 8:35
2 As If – In Transit 7:19
3 Aura Fresh – Sahara 8:22
4 Paranoia Department – Acre 4:59
5 Code0066 – Elhaz 4:57
6 Lars Leonhard – Over And Out 6:09
7 Markus Masuhr – While Concealed By The Darkness 8:09
8 S/EXP – Blurred Forest 4:48
9 Kuba Sojka – Illusion 7:37
10 Madutec – Return Of Dub 7:16


??? às 08:25

Alessandro Parisi - La Porta Ermetica (2013)

Alessandro Parisi - La Porta Ermetica


??? às 08:14

Various Artists - Ninja Tune Publishing & Synch Sampler Vol. 17 (2013)

Various Artists - Ninja Tune Publishing & Synch Sampler Vol. 17

01 - Bonobo - Cirrus (5:49)
02 - Falty DL - She Sleeps (feat. Ed MacFarlane) (Radio Edit) (3:29)
03 - Deco Child - Skinless (Part 1) (4:00)
04 - Dactyl - Pure Sin (3:18)
05 - Fink - Yesterday Was Hard on All of Us (TOME Version) (5:41)
06 - The Invisible - The Great Wound (Edit) (1:10)
07 - Sticky - Cutting Shapes (feat. Lamahra) (5:31)
08 - MRK 1 - Smash It Up Hard (4:25)
09 - Lapalux - Without You (feat. Kerry Leatham) (5:24)
10 - Kilon TeK - Spiral Grind (Special Powers Edit) (4:29)
11 - Szjerdene - Go (5:59)
12 - The Qemists - The World is Mine (Epic Version) (3:20)
13 - Kraak & Smaak - The Future Is Yours (5:57)
14 - Grasscut - Pieces (Shadow Version Instrumental) (3:08)
15 - Dolor - Pull Me In (3:03)
16 - Letherette - D&T (Dorian Concept Remix) (5:04)
17 - Amon Tobin - Journeyman (Fanu Remix) (4:45)


??? às 08:13

Developer – Western Ways EP (2013)

Developer – Western Ways EP

with Pfirter & Oscar Mulero remixes


??? às 07:43

Ishqamatics – Spacebound (2013)

Ishqamatics – Spacebound


??? às 07:40

Various Artists - 10 Years of Crosstown Rebels (2013)

Various Artists - 10 Years of Crosstown Rebels

01. Amirali – Beautiful World Kali (Original Mix) 7:29
02. Fur Coat – You and I feat. Cari Golden Kali (Original Mix) 7:54
03. Ali Love – Emperor feat. Kali (Original Mix) 5:41
04. Kiki & Silversurfer – Shake Off feat. Captain Comatose Kali (Original Mix) 6:11
05. Andre Kraml – Safari feat. Schad Privat Kali (Original Mix) 7:03
06. Maceo Plex – Can’t Leave You Kali (Original Mix) 8:56
07. Jamie Jones – Summertime feat. Ost & Kjex Kali (Original Mix) 5:04
08. Pier Bucci – Hay Consuelo feat. Macha (Samim Remix) 6:54
09. Tiga – Pleasure From the Bass (Subb-An Remix) 8:02
10. Deniz Kurtel – The L Word feat. Jada Kali (Original Mix) 7:43
11. NA – Fables and Fairytales feat. Rosina (Deniz Kurtel Remix) 6:34
12. Art Department – Without You Kali (Original Mix) 5:16
13. Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps Kali (Original Mix) 7:03
14. Dyed Soundorom – Naked feat. Aaron Carl Kali (Original Mix) 7:48
15. Glimpse – If I Was Your Girl (Glimpse Cielo Beats Mix) 7:30
16. Guti & Dubshape – Every Cow Has a Bird Kali (Original Mix) 7:55
17. Russ Yallop – Rock Me Kali (Original Mix) 7:49
18. Jamie Jones – You! Kali (Original Mix) 8:12
19. The Royal We – Party Guilt Kali (Original Mix) 7:16
20. Art Department – We Call Love feat. Soul Clap & Osunlade Kali (Original Mix) 6:18
21. Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Green Remix) 7:36
22. Maceo Plex – Frisky Kali (Original Mix) 7:33
23. Jamie Jones – Moan & Groan Kali (Original Mix) 7:49
24. Fosky – Shiva (Martinez Brothers Remix) 7:54
25. Deniz Kurtel – Yeah feat. Guests of Nature Kali (Original Mix) 6:44
26. Damian Lazarus – Different Now (Art Department Remix) 9:16
27. Soul Clap – Break 4 Life Kali (Original Mix) 6:22
28. Maceo Plex – Vibe Your Love Kali (Original Mix) 8:29
29. Francesca Lombardo – Sofiel Kali (Original Mix) 7:52
30. Chic Miniature – Escandalo Kali (Original Mix) 7:04
31. Mathew Jonson – Dayz Kali (Original Mix) 8:19
32. Zod – Rise Before Zod Kali (Original Mix) 7:16
33. SIS – Faces Kali (Original Mix) 9:42
34. Peace Division – Voodoo (its In the Wall) feat. Pleasant Gehman Kali (Original Mix) 7:11
35. Riz MC – Radar (Loco In a Box Remix) 8:05
36. Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Far Away (Jennifer Cardini & Shonky Remix) 7:38
37. Minilogue – Hitchhikers Choice Kali (Original Mix) 8:57
38. Inxec & Droog – Westbound (Inxec vs. Droog) 8:04
39. Jennifer Cardini & Shonky – Tuesday Paranoia Kali (Original Mix) 6:44
40. Hiem – She’s the One (Mathew Jonson Circle In Time Remix) 12:20
41. Various Artists – Crosstown Rebels Early Years (DJ Mix) 1:12:34


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Sábado, 28 de Dezembro de 2013

Steve Summers - The Outermaze (2013)

Steve Summers - The Outermaze

'The Outermaze' EP is arguably one of Steve Summers' finest moments, new on LIES. The man of many names locks into robust and rumpy jack formation on the A-side ace 'Call Of The Wild', sending barely-hinged synthlines skidding across the groove in dissonant and arcane melodic hallucinations. B-side, 'New Surroundings' tweaks that feel for foil-biting metallic sourness on a throbbing bass chug, and the title track  cuts loose with stereo-strafing synth shapes across another stodgy thud.


??? às 20:25

Classixx - Santa Domino (2013)

Classixx - Santa Domino


??? às 20:20

Peter Van Hoesen - Life Performance (2013)

Peter Van Hoesen - Life Performance

Belgian producer and DJ Peter Van Hoesen to release new full-length live performance on Tresor Records.

Almost a year after the release of Peter Van Hoesen’s highly acclaimed album ‘Perceiver’ on his Time to Express imprint, the Belgian producer returns with ‘Life Performance’ – a brand new live recording which was captured into a single, long- form listening experience during a specially curated Time to Express label night at Tresor on July 19, 2013.

Coming in October on Berlin’s techno institute and record label, Tresor, this new live album represents an important step forward for the producer. Since 2006, Peter has played live in a variety of different settings and situations, from festival circuits and dark, sweaty venues to working with dance and theater companies on stage. Each live performance brought with it a necessary evolution in approach, which led to a varying sense of real ‘live’ interaction. At first, with a setup centered around a laptop, a drum machine was added, then slowly more and more machines entered into proceedings. Ultimately though, it was the computer that was to hold central guard in the coordination of each disparate sonic element.


??? às 19:35

Violetshaped - Violetshaped (2013)

Violetshaped - Violetshaped

**Double clear vinyl housed in a double-wide spine gatefold** Repitch boss, Shapednoise and his shady, incognito pal follow up a blink-and-you'll-have missed-it cassette release for Hospital Productions with this debut album proper for their own Violet Poison imprint. The pair run amok on eight tracks of knuckle-dragging industrial techno - at their best coming close to the stentorian ructions of Ancient Methods in full swing, wielding barbarous kickdrums and rusted percussions to lacerate weakling flesh. The sound design is often powerful, stripping down to barest ingredients done well; some of these productions will sound deadly on a big system, in the moment. For fans of Perc, Vatican Shadow, Mondkopf - this comes highly recommended.

320 / FLAC

??? às 18:00

Roe - Shades (2013)

Roe - Shades


??? às 11:33

Various Artists - Le Beat Technique Vol 3 (2013)

Various Artists - Le Beat Technique Vol 3

1. Zoltan Solomon - Gesichtslose Frau (07:28)
2. Nick Robson - Under Shelter (06:50)
3. Klartraum - Ostbahnhof (07:29)
4. Mr Bizz - Sunrise (09:05)
5. Samot - Corb Mari (08:40)
6. Palindrom - Northbound (Episode 2) (11:16)
7. Matthias Springer - Chronometry (06:54)
8. Roberto Figus - Constellation (07:40)
9. Urbano - Traumwelt (06:45)
10. Ali Khan - L (06:47)
11. Universal Language - Pinwheel (06:31)
12. Helly Larson & Riccicomoto - Bronco Del Noche (08:55)
13. Roberto Bardini - Our Ways (feat Decoside) (07:58)
14. Lars Leonhard - Masse Und Distanz (Dimbidub redux) (06:45)
15. Moonwalker - Distance (08:00)
16. Jonas Saalbach - Diffusion (Matthias Springer remix) (09:14)
17. Miriam Macri - Sophistes (06:07)
18. Kurayami - Drone With Tears (06:40)
19. MICRO - Fukyu No (07:04)
20. Tiunellen - Dub Experement (05:07)
21. Dillinger - Dark Tool (07:41)
22. Slownoise - The Great Attractor (Giriu Dvasios remix) (07:28)


??? às 11:18

Darren Harper - Awaken My Heart to a Belief in Hope (2013)

Darren Harper - Awaken My Heart to a Belief in Hope

Darren Harper met the analog recorder. Reflections on loss, surrender, hope, and indifference. Experiments for ReVox A77, Fender Telecaster, Piano, Field Recordings, and Ableton Live.
All tracks written and produced by Darren Harper 2012/13.


??? às 10:04

Pausal - Sky Margin (2013)

Pausal - Sky Margin


??? às 10:01

Raíz - Cored (2013)

Raíz - Cored


??? às 09:38

Various Artists - Pray Winter Yields Wisdom (2013)

Various Artists - Pray Winter Yields Wisdom

1. Gut Nose – Eternal Vigilance (02:12)
2. Kloke – Operation (Part 2) (05:51)
3. Clay Wilson – Stillwater (Acid Mix) (04:25)
4. tomlaan – Dap (04:22)
5. Best Available Technology – Focal Length Version (05:14)
6. White Visitation – Shame (04:31)
7. James Place – False Native (mix y) (09:58)
8. Cambo – Hell Hath No True Bottom (05:03)
9. Certain Creatures – Inti Raymi I - Rallentando (12:59)

320 / FLAC

??? às 08:12

Federsen - Extrasolar EP (2013)

Federsen - Extrasolar EP

??? às 06:58



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