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The Trash Company - Modern Love (2013)

The Trash Company - Modern Love MP3

There's a really interesting story behind The Trash Company. A synaesthesia-affected solo artist who's worked reclusively since the late 70s, his creations have only just begun to be discovered. Sitting right on the fringes of electro, funk and experimentalism; he is genuinely unique. Highlights across this collection of six previously unreleased tracks include the far away croons and whimsical trumpets on "Modern Love", the sexual rhythmic moans and Dilla-style beats on "Hot Stripper" and, of course, the fuzzy lo-fi bar room blues of the title track. Exceptional.

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Sima Kim - Intertwined (2014)

Sima Kim - Intertwined MP3

Composing self described post-classical music, Sima Kim is one of the most prolific artists today making beautiful sounds for different labels all around the world.

Consisting of four original tracks by Sima and four remixes by his contemporaries, Intertwined was orchestrated strictly with the use of guitar & tape loops during the Summer of 2013.

??? às 19:30

Butric (Villalobos & Butch) - Up (2013)

Butric (Villalobos & Butch) - Up MP3

BUTRIC = Villalobos & Butch.

"UP": Tension...peaktime thriller, super direct effect..."BALAM": combining slick state-of-the-art beat programming with solid acid. With a dizzying catalogue of work behind both of them, Ricardo Villalobos and Butch form a partnership for the former's Sei Es Drum and the results are nothing short of startling. "Up" is a showstopping track through and through, as a delirious synth rises constantly over some vintage 80s tom fills for a truly mind-bending experience. "Balam" by way of stark contrast is a stripped-down tech house snake, putting some bubbling acid on to simmer while chopping up an intricate and persistent beat. It's high quality leftfield house for those who like their ideas fresh and freaky.


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Jaqkquil / Ectoplasm ‎– Split (2013)

Jaqkquil / Ectoplasm ‎– Split MP3

Jaqkquil and Ectoplasm create a dichotomy of dark and light, an album of despair cuddles close to its playfulness. A chilling cold sound of Ectoplasm that creeps inside of you and like a disease, it pulls and drains. The electronic drones and desolate tones are bittersweet as they build upon one another and grow into a deranged retribution. The damaged dream hop of Jaqkquil presents a care-free alternative, a dance of accidental electronica that conjures up reveries of nostalgia, stylistic movement, and dreamscapes that are free-flowing and charming. Catch the Great Lakes Breeze.

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Blue Daisy - Psychotic Love EP (2014)

Blue Daisy - Psychotic Love EP MP3 / FLAC

Following his recent epic for the Hoya Hoya label, Blue Daisy returns with a release on 37 Adventures. The Psychotic Love EP sees him on an industrial, dark tip, complete with devil vocals – over four tracks there are many dimensions, very much the evil twin of the more serene An Emperor’s Tale. 10th February for this one.

320 / FLAC fixed

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The Future Sound of London - Electric Brain Storms Vol.8 (2014)

The Future Sound of London - Electric Brain Storms Vol.8 MP3

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Marginal Consort - INSTAL. Glasgow 2008 (2013)

Marginal Consort - INSTAL. Glasgow 2008

PAN imparts its most ambitious and remarkable statement yet with this immersive 3-hour release of Kazuo Imai's avant-garde free improv collective Marginal Consort, recorded at Glasgow's Instal festival in 2008. It's an impressive feat on so many levels, from the sheer volume of material, to the group's intuitive application of weighty rhetoric and philosophies - eloquently expounded in a 6-page feature in the current issue of The Wire. If we were to reduce it's appeal to any one factor, then its to the potential to collapse almost any listener's sense of time and space, depth and duration when given the attention it deserves. It makes for a genuinely transcendent and transformative experience: over the course of three hours, divided in eight parts each between 21 - 25 minutes, the set explores forms of sound and ways of playing that never coalesce into 'traditional' music, instead creating a group dynamic of ebb and flow, of exploration and fluidity. Marginal Consort's members: Kazuo Imai (a student of Japanese Free Jazz linchpin Masayuki Takayanagi and also a member of both Taj Mahal Travellers and Takayanagi's New Direction Unit), Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii, Yasushi Ozawa, Chie Mukai and sound-artist Masami Tada (also in GAP) adopt individual positions in the group that are hard to decipher, as opposed to so many other improv units whose preferred mode reflects a method of communication based on a mannered variant of of call-and-response. Instead, Marginal Consort embrace an overlapping methodology, reflecting the chaos of life mutual to our shared experience, or as Imai himself puts it, "there always remain the fundamental premises that sounds are separately produced phenomena and that their accumulation forms the whole." It should be noted that this release was originally intended as one of PAN's earliest releases; to their huge credit it's taken the label years to put it together. In some respects, it seems right that now, with the benefit of hindsight five years down the line, it arrives to perfectly illustrate the label's broad, often daring parameters.

320 LP1 / LP2 / LP3 / LP4

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Tom of England - Tom of England (2013)

Tom of England - Tom of England MP3

new tape on The Trilogy Tapes!


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Benoît Pioulard - Hymnal Remixes (2014)

Benoît Pioulard - Hymnal Remixes MP3 / FLAC

Seattle-based Benoît Pioulard has become a stalwart of Chicago’s kranky imprint over the course of four full-lengths, the most recent of which is Hymnal. Lost Tribe Sound is pleased to release Hymnal Remixes, a compendium of interpretations, constructions, reductions and destructions.

Hymnal arose from a year spent in the UK and on mainland Europe, during which time religious architecture became an unexpected muse; the album’s songs convey a reverent tone through layers of analogue warmth, balancing ambient pieces with subdued pop tunes.

On Remixes, roll call yields the likes of Loscil (kranky), The Remote Viewer (City Center Offices/Moteer), Field Rotation (Facture/ Denovali), and Pioulard himself, as well as Lost Tribe regulars William Ryan Fritch, Graveyard Tapes, Part Timer, and Cock & Swan. The collection is loosely split in half by stylistic direction, the more rhythm-oriented first disc balanced by the ambient leanings of the second. Each entry is a unique study of its original version, and together they create a multi-faceted & radiant whole.

320 / FLAC

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Joel Tammik - Leiud Kajast (2013)

Joel Tammik - Leiud Kajast MP3 / FLAC

320 / FLAC

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Various Artists - Pop Ambient 2014 (2014)

Various Artists - Pop Ambient 2014 MP3 / FLAC

First things first: the god of pads has returned. After a 6 years hiatus, ULF LOHMANN reports back to POP AMBIENT. As one of the first to break the mould, LOHMANN has shaped Kompakt's early ambient sound in a decisive manner. Fortunately, his two tear-jerking masterpieces PCC and SICHT sound like he was never gone.

We're also celebrating some sort of reunion with THE BIONAUT. It's the alter ego JÖRG BURGER used back in the early 90's,

creating unforgettable hits such as "Everybody's Kissing Everyone" or the album "Lush Life Electronica", released via EMI's infamous sub-label Harvest. With the use of real guitars and vocals, the new TRIOLA MIX of the 1992 classic AQUAMARINE gives you a promising foretaste of the upcoming TRIOLA album expected in Spring and a BEST OF BIONAUT compilation on Kompakt Klassiks.

Complex and surprisingly varied, the 14th instalment in the long-running POP AMBIENT series continues with THOMAS FEHLMANN, whose contribution TREATMENT confidently combines the art of free-form vocabulary with well-chosen, economically set piano accents, followed by SIMON SCOTT and MIKKEL METAL who indulge in a sensitive, reduced loop aesthetic complete with echoes of sing-along melodies.

An indispensable POP AMBIENT regular for a few years now, MARSEN JULES endows this latest edition with THE PHILOSOPHERS TRAP - reminiscent of architecture, it's a bizarre soundscape of sublime elegance. COLOGNE TAPE is actually a Kraut electronics allstar live project that has been dreamed up for the modern era. Their cut MOORPARK is a picturesque gem of musical mushroom hunting in the enchanted forest of illusions.

Last but not least, WOLFGANG VOIGT makes a welcome entry. With RÜCKVERZAUBERUNG 8, he continues his eponymous project series in a reassured manner, with worryingly shimmering pads providing a necessary air of seriousness lurking at the fringes of beauty's darker side. No less compelling is his remix of CUPID'S HEAD, the title track of the latest full-length offering from THE FIELD. Going by his project name GAS for the first time since 2008, VOIGT once again showcases his unique, boundary-bending style between the abstract and the concrete, harmony and atonality, art and pop.

The caring fusion of music from diverse artists and styles into an atmospherically dense Gesamtkunstwerk makes the POP AMBIENT compilation an unparalleled - and timeless - listening experience.

320 / FLAC fixed

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Various Artists - Mind The Gap #106 (2014)

Various Artists - Mind The Gap #106 MP3 / FLAC

1 Gilles Helsen – BXL Recomposed 4:58
2 Ecila – Beyond The Echoes 3:18
3 Grails – Self-Hypnosis 8:08
4 Land Of Kush – The Pit (Part 1) 7:31
5 Lend Me Your Underbelly – Tiendoornig Stekelbaarsje 7:09
6 Otto A Totland* – Aquet 3:41
7 Stephen Vitiello + Molly Berg – Voice Loopsze 4:45
8 Stephan Mathieu – Ik Pegasi 8:12
9 Mai Mai Mai – Noeo 6:33
10 Yokotsuka Yuuya – Past 5:26
11 Henry Vega – Slow Slower I 6:50
12 Durian Brothers, The – Staatsqualle 5:07
13 65daysofstatic – Heat Death Infinity Splitter 5:06

320 / FLAC

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Tycho - Montana (2014)

Tycho - Montana MP3

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Benni Hemm Hemm - Eliminate Evil, Revive Good Times (2014)

Benni Hemm Hemm - Eliminate Evil, Revive Good Times MP3

Benni Hemm Hemm is the band of Benedikt H. Hermannsson. He writes the band´s songs and produces the band´s recordings.
The band is an organism that is hard to explain. Its members are in total around 300. At shows the size of the band is usually somewhere from 3 to 40.
Benni Hemm Hemm´s first release was the SummerPlate EP, in the summer of 2003. The EP was a solo release, produced by Benedikt H. Hermannsson. It was released in 30 copies.
The first performance of the big band of Benni Hemm Hemm, was on the 1st of May, 2004, at the 5th birthday of Kitchen Motors. In November the band started recording in Sundlaugin. There were seven songs recorded on 24 tracks on a very busy weekend. In May 2005 the band recorded five more tracks in the infamous Klink & Bank. In September 2005 the Benni Hemm Hemm album was released in Iceland, on Smákökurnar. In early 2006 the album was released in Japan (on P-Vine Records) and in Europe and the US (on Morr Music).
In spring 2006 work started for Kajak. The album was written in a very short time, and recorded in June. The album was released in Iceland in November (on Smákökurnar). In January 2007 Kajak was released in Europe and in May in the US (on Morr Music).
In October 2006 the band performed music to the film Berg-Eyvind (Mountain-Eyvind) at the Reykjavík Film Festival, composed for the event, commisioned by the Reykjavík International Film Festival. There were two perormances at Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavík.
In the Fall of 2007 Benni Hemm Hemm recorded an EP, Ein I leyni, that was released in Iceland in December that year.
Benni Hemm Hemm´s latest album was recorded in February 2008 and released in Iceland in June (on Kimi Records) and in Japan January 2009 (on Afterhours). In the summer of 2009 the album will be released in Europe and the US (on Kimi Records).
Benni Hemm Hemm has played in Tokyo, St. Gallen, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Höfn á Hornafirði, Seyðisfjörður, Portland, Húsavík, Ísafjörður, Kyoto, Houston, Austin, Dresden, Seattle, Stokkseyri, Oslo, Berlin, Brighton, Cleveland, Stockholm, Paris, Washington DC, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Diksmuide, Vienna, Copenhagen, London, New York, Rostock, Philadelphia, Frankfurt, Wilmington, Hannover, Köln, Atlanta, Phoenix, Akureyri, San Francisco, Malmö, Minneapolis, Chicago, Hoboken, Siglufjörður, Boston, Edinburgh.

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Ishqamatics - Earthbound (2013)

Ishqamatics - Earthbound

"Earthbound" represents the first collaboration between two long-standing & highly regarded figures of contemporary electronica: Matt Hillier, aka Ishq, and Lee Anthony Norris, aka Metamatics (amongst numerous other aliases). Merging sensibilities that encompass everything from polymorphously exotic ambient & perception-altering harmonic soundplay to pillowy rhythmic contraptions, both Hillier & Norris effectively repurpose a multitude of landscapes afloat on both digitized pixeldust and the gorgeous pulsations of warm, humid analogics.

320 / FLAC

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Milieu - Leaves Painted Purple (2013)

Milieu - Leaves Painted Purple MP3 / FLAC

2009's ambient album Leaves Painted Purple came and went fairly quickly, as many Milieu releases go, but it always left a positive mark in my mind. I recorded it live during a very hot summer, between sessions for Analog Botany material. Coppice Halifax was fast becoming my main project, but Leaves was a nice reminder that Milieu was still around for serious consideration. After both a CD-R and cassette version of Leaves went out of print, I always knew I would someday revisit the material again, so here it is now. Remastered from the original fourtrack tapes, and augmented with a few like-minded pieces to really form a nice expansion on the original idea. The "Appendage" track was a cassette-only exclusive piece for the tape version of Leaves, while "Delphine" and "Battle Hymn" were previously issued on the incredibly limited (and also out of print) split album with Turquoise Turtles. "Translucent Forestation" was released as its own single that same year, and "The Space Between" and "Sedentary Lifestyles" both appeared much later on the Bedroom Waves split cassette with Solitary Nature, although they fit perfectly with the rest of the content here. As I sit here now, in the midst of 2013's beautiful Autumn season, four years later...this album still resonates with me, as do the accompanying pieces. There's a strain of sadness in the very pretty organ melodies, layered deep beneath the warm guitar tones, and I think this material will be well met during the colder months approaching.

320 / FLAC

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Grimes - Skin (Four Tet's Human Once Again Remix) (2013)

Grimes - Skin (Four Tet's Human Once Again Remix) MP3

??? às 16:50

@c - Ab Ovo (2014)

@c - Ab Ovo MP3 / FLAC

320 / FLAC

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Drew Hill - Solitude (2014)

Drew Hill - Solitude FLAC

Combining their eclectic influences, Drew Hill are a diverse production duo bringing a fresh sound to the electronic landscape. The last year has seen the pair gain a strong following with both their remixes and original releases. Having reworked the likes of the Guardian approved Maribou State (‘Tongue’) and Rae and Christian ’1975′ their sound has gained support across the board from international dance music taste maker Pete Tong and exciting current talents such as Eats Everything. Hailing from Denmark and Cologne, respectively, Michelle Drew and Philipp Hill found their passion to make beats driven by melodies and dreamy vocals, whilst drawing on inspiration from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos through to Royksopp. The resulting sound carries deep, hypnotic tones with a slight techno stance. The EP includes the ambient but sultry ‘Solitude’ a tune full of melody, whilst ‘In The End’ is a bass fuelled beat with a mesmerising vocal. With such a unique edge Drew Hill have found a perfect home for their debut EP at James Zabiela’s ‘Born Electric’ label. The label itself has amassed a huge following as an essential hub for new music with the likes of George Fitzgerald and Midland supporting the releases. Zabiela himself, known of course for his technical wizardry that surpasses just about everyone, has been the driving force behind Born Electric to bring the best in new and established talent to the fore via this imprint. A free download of Drew Hill’s Pedestrian ‘Hoyle Road’ remix will also be available, with added melodic beats layered with soft vocals it only serves to build on the beauty of the already impressive original. Having played at a host of events in the UK, during the year, Drew Hill are set to bring in 2014 at The Warehouse Project alongside dance music’s first lady Annie Mac, Tiga and more.


??? às 15:25

The Green Kingdom - Expanses (2014)

The Green Kingdom - Expanses MP3 / FLAC

This album is, for all intents and purposes, is an homage to classic ambient and ambient techno albums of the past (of course filtered through the distinctive sound world of The Green Kingdom). This is not to say that the aim was to recreate or mimic the sound of these recordings, but rather the feeling they create through the use of sustained tones, repetition, melody and texture.

As indicated by the title, these pieces are meant to evoke vast and expansive environments, either real or imagined. These landscapes can often provide a sense of calm and wonder at our relative insignificance in comparison to the majestic grandeur of the larger universe all around us. Although the cover is one example of such a landscape, the tracks remain untitled in hope that the listener might attach their own associations.

Mike Cottone is a graphic designer and musician based in Detroit Michigan. Under The Green Kingdom moniker, he produces minimal ambient music using a variety of digitally manipulated sounds sourced from a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments.

320 / FLAC

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Pod Blotz - Glass Tears (2013)

Pod Blotz - Glass Tears MP3 / FLAC

Despite being involved in quite a range of artistic endeavours over the years, Suzy Poling has still managed to be involved in a quite hefty amount of long players under the Pod Blotz banner since the project was started back in 2002. Her twelfth album, Glass Tears, finds a kindred home in Glasgow's Clan Destine Records, and a sense of tension is apparent from start to finish of the nine track set. Drums rattle, nightmarish electronic textures unfold with spine chilling effects and on "Die & Come Alive" Poling manages to harness these squalling elements into something approaching a genuine hit. Her heat treated vocals glide perfectly on a dead-eyed synth hook and tumbling drums for a track that lodges effortlessly into your cerebral cortex.


??? às 15:03

Frank Hellmond - Five Days (2014)

Frank Hellmond - Five Days FLAC

"Five Days" is splitted in two deep parts, perfectly suitable for the cold and melancholic winter time, with warm atmospheric dub chords and gentle percussive elements diving into epic soundscapes. Supported by well known Helly Larson and Baumfreund remixes this release emerges as a masterpiece in deep and dubby housemusic.


??? às 14:20

Quilt - Held in Splendor (2014)

Quilt - Held in Splendor MP3 / FLAC

Following thier 2011 self-titled debut on Mexican Summer, Quilt return with their sophomore album ''Held in Splendor''. ''Held in Splendor'' is is an audacious pop-rock record with cascading harmonies and billowing textures, punchy rhythms and snarled guitars, wonderful depth and resplendent peaks. Mary Mountain takes hazy Summer of Love memories on a mid-summer road trip in a gleaming muscle car. Tired & Buttered invites Booker T over for an energy-addled jam in the garage. The Hollow twinkles like Fleetwood Mac and Galaxie 500, with sweet singing backed by the lap steel sighs of young acoustic guitar star and longtime Quilt pal Daniel Bachman. Held in Splendor is an album of personal poetry and public questions, confessions and aspirations"really, these 13 tracks are their own playground, brimming with the sort of unapologetic energy and wonder that turns simple songs into absolute anthems.

320 / FLAC

??? às 13:05

Ishq - Zennor Plane (2014)

Ishq - Zennor Plane MP3 / FLAC

320 / FLAC

??? às 12:35

Dublicator - Out Of Body (2014)

Dublicator - Out Of Body FLAC


??? às 12:20

wndfrm - c60/tmkutekt (2013)

wndfrm - c60/tmkutekt MP3

all sounds used in these two compositions were derived from field recordings obtained during a visit to Montreal, Canada, in the early summer of 2011.

i was greatly inspired by the performances and atmosphere of the MUTEK Electronic Music and Digital Arts Festival.

source field recordings for "c60" were obtained exclusively from within the "Biosphere Museum of the Environment", which at the time of recording was located in the geodesic dome in Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal.

this recording would not exist without grant funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.

??? às 09:35

Laica - Puls (2013)

Laica - Puls MP3


??? às 07:00

Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts: Red Classroom (2014)

Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts: Red Classroom MP3 / FLAC

Working with only analog synths, drum set, and 1970's analog drum machines, Xiu Xiu has never before sounded so focused, so captivating, so intent on delivering a kick to the throat. Unbearably dark, yet incredibly illuminating, Angel Guts: Red Classroom is the work of a band unraveling to its core and exposing the boldness within. "Beautiful…some will hail (Stewart) as their Morrissey"

320 / FLAC

??? às 06:13

Lucy - Churches Schools and Guns Remixed (2014)

Lucy - Churches Schools and Guns Remixed MP3 / FLAC

with Shapednoise, Donato Dozzy, Eomac, Milton Bradley remixes.

To start the year 2014, Stroboscopic Artefacts bring you SA021 – a remixes selection of tracks from Lucy’s forthcoming LP Churches Schools and Guns. In presenting four of the album cuts in altered impressions, SA021 helps the label keep on re-examining the timbres, tones and textures of techno. First up is the unsettled edit of ‘Catch Twenty Two’ by the young Italian producer Shapednoise. The infamous Heller novel of the same name (though in numerals rather than letters) was a satirical rampage through the futility and tragedy of conflict; this is also a rampage, littered with opaque utterances of sonic thrust, stood stoutly on an unpredictable and emotional structure of aural dissonance. Following this is the Italian maestro Donato Dozzy and his presentation of ‘The Illusion of Choice’. The track bounds along like a train through the jungle, powered by a distant rumble and purring synths. Skittering and melodic percussion sounds a little like birds; the drums are made of rawhide, strong, insistent, controlled. Third in line is the remix of ‘Laws and Habits’ by Milton Bradley. This cut is hypnosis with little regard – not an accident, but effortless. Metallic distortion buzzes like bees across your head, zipping across the top of delicate hi-hats and an elastic groove. This is a walk through the 4am night, appreciative of the glimmering streetlamps, and fearful of nothing. Last is Eomac’s rework of ‘The Self As Another’, bringing the record to a resonant conclusion. One half of label favourite Lakker, the Irish producer begins with a melody line cut from razor-sharp cloth. The pulsating beat is dressed in metallic shimmer, confidently pursuing a dangerous course. And yet there is a pause amid this brief insistence, a moment of perspective, perspicacity. The record considers its place, and asks for contemplation.
With a selection this strong, and of such ideas and identities, this contemplation is surely a worthy vice. This may be a prelude to the full record, but it is a cut made of vehement conviction.

320 / FLAC

??? às 06:10

STL - At Disconnected Moments (2014)

STL - At Disconnected Moments MP3 / FLAC

**Includes two tracks exclusive to the CD and digital formats**  Hamburg's Smallville play host to this superb album of signature dub house styles from Stephen Laubner aka STL. Excepting his now-classic 'Silent State' and 'Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret Freeway' (issued by Smallville in 2009) which are exclusive to the CD/Digital versions, it's all new material, spanning skanking, Chain Reaction style dub-house on 'Scuba's Motion Dub' and 'Amelie's Dub' or the seriously heavy 'Ghostly Ambit' thru to a mixture of Maurizio and Theo Parrish styles on 'Space Cats' and two beautifully glassy ambient vignettes in 'Good Wine' and closer, 'Over and Out'. We wouldn't want to over-egg your expectations, but this is close to being a perfect STL release.

320 / FLAC

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Terça-feira, 28 de Janeiro de 2014

Four Tet - Misnomer (1999)

Four Tet - Misnomer MP3 / FLAC

320 / FLAC

??? às 22:30

Headless Horseman - Headless Horseman 004 (2014)

Headless Horseman - Headless Horseman 004 MP3 / FLAC

with Ancient Methods remix.

320 / FLAC

??? às 17:25

Adam Beyer - Adam Beyer Selected Drumcode Works 96-00 (2014)

Adam Beyer - Adam Beyer Selected Drumcode Works 96-00 MP3 / FLAC

Adam Beyer in recent years has propelled into the limelight with his pristine productions, astounding DJ sets and his fun, energetic Drumcode parties. Gaining on-going support around the world, Adam is constantly building Drumcode brick-by-brick to maintain output and really drive new talent into the world of Techno. The first few bricks that were laid were done so on a solid foundation of raw techno tracks. Adam Beyer has had a select few of these vintage tracks remastered that set the underpinnings to catapult him to where he is today. Comprising of 21 original tracks that helped put Drumcode on the map in the techno world, this new release delivers newly remastered classic Drumcode tracks including Compressed, Tasty Bits, Nutcrusch and more. These tracks set Sweden on the way to becoming a country highly respected for their production talents. These 21 tracks encompass a heavier techno sound of dirty, gritty analogue machines that let Adam express himself through music and have so forth seen him become the king of Swedish techno.

320 / FLAC

??? às 17:05

Various Artists - Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer (2013)

Various Artists - Rosehip, Scallop, Dancer MP3

with: Age Coin, Amphetamine Logic, Croatian Amor, Källarbarnen, Marching Church, Sand Circles, Street Drinkers, Vår, WHITE, White Void


Killer set of tracks from Sand Circles, Age Coin, Var, White Void and more** Posh Isolation present a three years in-the-making compilation portraying the "different emotional aspects" of their crew via ten tracks from Sand Circles, Vår, Croatian Amor and Age Coin, among others. While ranging from drone to industrial techno and gloomy coldwave pop, the ties that bind them are recognisably tight, expressing ten perspectives on the same subject of cold, melancholic and heavy-hearted Northern European ambivalence. Viktor Ottosson's Street Drinkers set the tone with 'Break The Surface', channelling a disenchanted spirit in the lineage of Ian Curtis, Wes Eisold, whilst Källarbarnen galvanize that vibe with the throttled distortion of 'Triumf' and Croatian Amor's 'Julian' comes off like one of those voyeuristic Cold Cave interludes, and Loke Rahbek and co's Vår beautifully seal that side with the optimistic synth shiver of 'First Purchase'. Sand Circles enshrine that elusive, heart-in-mouth feeling in the tape-slackened synth vision of 'Contintuity' that opens the B-side, before it oscillates between White's blown-out cover of Soft Cell's 'Sex Dwarf', the icy hi-end frequencies of Amphetamine Logic's 'The Burden Of Luxury', and the haunted techno of ''Knees Knock Together' by Age Coin, following their brilliant recent release for Alter. In case you're unaware of this crucial Scandinavian scene, this LP offers the best insight of their uniquely disparate yet collected sound. For all other wave fiends, this is one of the best modern compilations you'll hear all year.


??? às 15:00

Dance System / L-Vis 1990 - Dance System (2014)

Dance System / L-Vis 1990 - Dance System MP3 / FLAC

L-Vis 1990 makes his return as Dance System on Clone Jack for Daze. With a special appearance by Chicago legend Jammin' Gerald. More wild jacking tracks for your system.

320 / FLAC

??? às 12:55

Anoraak - Behind Your Shades (2014)

Anoraak - Behind Your Shades MP3 / FLAC

320 / FLAC

??? às 12:50

AR - Succession (2013)

AR - Succession MP3

Succession is accompanied by the new pamphlets, Wolfhou and Relics, which are available separately, or with the music, as part of a Special Edition. In addition, a new digital album, Echoless, is also available, containing unabridged, 20-minute recordings of both Succession and Relics. All customers who buy the Special Edition of Succession will receive a download code for Echoless.

As a gesture of thanks to those who pre-ordered the Special Edition of Succession, each copy came with A List of Probable Flora – a fold-out A3 poster, sewn into a letterpressed pamphlet. The first ten customers who pre-ordered the Special Edition also received a miniature glass phial of hand-blended incense.

All subsequent orders of the Special Edition will include A List of Probable Flora in the same format as Relics and Wolfhou – a beautifully printed, A5 saddle-stitched pamphlet.

??? às 11:45

Mike Gangloff - Poplar Hollow (2013)

Mike Gangloff - Poplar Hollow FLAC

Sometimes rampaging, sometimes floating, this mix of fiddle lament, banjo churn and vocal 'plaints blurs old-time traditions of lone fiddle air and solo banjo meditation into right-now astral-projection action - call it a backwoods throwback or highly energized rural zoner music, either way it's a homemade transmission beamed from a wooded mountainside straight at your inner third ear. Mike is mostly on his own here, but on a couple tracks is joined by Cara and Joe, who throw down righteous shruti waves. The rest is all pensive thunk and moan, lit by stars, moon and an occasional lightning flash across the ridge. Here at Klang mailorder HQ, this one sits on a shelf between Gate and the Fuzzy Mountain String Band, which seems about right. And the high-impact, high-detail, high-intensity cover art by Jake Blanchard is out of all control. You'll want about a dozen of these, really.


??? às 11:10

Cooly G - Hold Me (2014)

Cooly G - Hold Me FLAC


??? às 09:00

Snowmine - Dialects (2014)

Snowmine - Dialects MP3 / FLAC

"Snowmine don't just want to create music that you hear. They want to make music that you feel, that is in every breath, every corner and settles deep within the heart.

The Brooklyn quintet formed out of a longtime friendship between bassist Jay Goodman, drummer Alex Beckmann, and lead singer/composer Grayson Sanders. They soon met guitarist Austin Mendenhall after his then recent move from the DC jazz scene, and finally invited their old friend, guitarist Calvin Pia, to complete the five-piece.

The band has built a completely organic following to date through successful touring and close fan contact on social media. After lengthy label talks, they recently decided to forego the label system altogether and self release their sophomore album on their own label Mystery Buildings.

Furthermore, Snowmine shared some insight on the recording process behind their forthcoming album Dialects out February 4, 2014:

"To give you some background on the recording, there are no foreign samples on this album. Every single sound and orchestral moment was written, arranged, and recorded by us. The goal of the album was to capture a surreal ambiance that married hyper modern ambient synth tones with vintage 60's sounding cinematic orchestral motifs. We recorded a choir, strings, woodwinds, and reamped synths in a church to capture truly real stereo reverbs, so in headphones you can feel physical, not artificially created space." "

320 / FLAC

??? às 08:45

Various Artists - Séquence (2014)

Various Artists - Séquence MP3


??? às 07:25

Dead Heat - Bosco (2014)

Dead Heat - Bosco MP3

with Lucy & The Field remixes.

??? às 07:20

Various Artists - Sound Pellegrino Presents SND.PE, Vol. 2: Crossover Series (2014)

Various Artists - Sound Pellegrino Presents SND.PE, Vol. 2: Crossover Series MP3


??? às 06:35

The White Lamp - Ride with You (2014)

The White Lamp - Ride with You MP3


??? às 06:31
Segunda-feira, 27 de Janeiro de 2014

Mogwai - Rave Tapes Japanase Edition (2014)

Mogwai - Rave Tapes Japanase Edition FLAC 

FLAC Jap. Ed.

??? às 23:05

Light Heat - Light Heat (2013)

Light Heat - Light Heat FLAC

Quentin Stoltzfus, formerly of Mazarin, has returned with a new exciting outfit called Light Heat! His debut album was assembled with with his friends The Walkmen as his backing band. Light Heat was recorded in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA and circles around influences such as The Byrds, Stereolab & Can.

??? às 21:50

Guerilla Toss - Guerilla Toss (2013)

Guerilla Toss - Guerilla Toss MP3 / FLAC

A brilliant band of lunatics out of Boston, Guerilla Toss is a five-piece ensemble that mixes noise, improvisation, complex composition and song forms with a punk rock aesthetic that verges on madness. Known for their intense live shows, they have garnered a cult following in the underground rock scene. Their first CD release captures all the intensity, control and insanity of their spectacular live performances. A fabulous ride to Bedlam on a new musical express train! Extreme and absolutely essential for anyone interested in the outer edges of creativity!

320 / FLAC

??? às 21:45

Nick Drake - Tuck Box (5xCD) (2014)

Nick Drake - Tuck Box (5xCD) FLAC

Island/Universal Music release a five CD, limited edition collection of the complete Nick Drake catalogue 'Tuck Box'; FIVE LEAVES LEFT: Nick's debut album from 1969. BRYTER LAYTER: the second album released in 1970. PINK MOON: Nick's final release from 1972. MADE TO LOVE MAGIC: the collection of Island-period recordings, out-takes, off cuts, cast-offs, orphans and the last 5 songs Nick recorded for his proposed 4th album. FAMILY TREE: originally released in 2004 to add to and replace the TIME OF NO REPLY compilation, FAMILY TREE is a collection of recordings made before the Island Records period, from a 9 year old Nick playing Mozart through to spoken word pieces, early songs, cover versions and demos recorded to secure his contract, as well as two recordings by his mother Molly Drake perhaps written in response to her son (Originally released in 2007). Each CD comes housed in mini-replica LP sleeves and come with reproductions of the original shop posters for each release. The box set itself is a 7-inch square and the design depicts Nick Drake's own tuck box from his Marlborough College days, used to guard the various cakes dispatched weekly from his mother, Molly Drake.

??? às 20:25

Emerald Web - The Stargate Tapes (2013)

Emerald Web - The Stargate Tapes MP3 / FLAC

**Lushest vintage New Age** "Sharing social circles and spiritual ideologies with artists such as Iasos, Connie Demby and Deuter, whilst splitting label release schedules with Laraaji, Laurie Spiegel and Wendy Carlos, the unique Florida raised soul mate duo known as Emerald Web released their privately pressed debut LP at an axis where post-prog rock met proto-new age and ambient electronic music. At the turn of the 1980s Bob Stohl and Kat Epple embarked on a ten-year spiritual journey playing at planetariums and laser shows above the same Californian silicon city that devised the early computer music software, unify- ing their state of the art modular synth soundscapes and organic compositions of flutes, bells and field recordings and furnishing a self-pressed cassette tapeography of inimitable Emerald Web music for their self-funded Stargate label. Having first communicated via the medium of music as flute players at a South Florida jam session the future space music luminaries would be instrumental in assisting synthesiser companies via feedback and consultancy in developing instruments such as the Lyricon wind synth (favoured by Suzanne Ciani and Bruno Spoerri) and various sponsored machines for Arp, Buchla, EML, Computone and Orchestron. Named after a laser show formation and combining influences from science fiction films, fantasy novels and a broad musical spectrum including Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, It’s A Beautiful Day and Goro Yamaguchi, Bob and Kat would balance day jobs as synth program- mers as well as TV and film soundtrackers under the moniker BobKat Productions (counting microscope nature documentarian Carl Sagan amongst their clients) with evening synthesiser shows at galleries, spiritual centres and even punk clubs. This compilation album comprises early tracks from Emerald Web’s debut vinyl release and the following four rare cassette only albums on Stargate Records from 1979-1982 before the band recorded their bestselling (and Grammy nominated) albums for labels affiliated with Germany’s Kuckuck and Larry Fast before Bob Stohl’s sad and untimely death in 1989. Taken from original master tapes and recorded using revolutionary and proto- typal music technology many of these tracks have never been on vinyl or CD until now. Finders Keepers are proud to have worked closely alongside Kat Epple as part of an ongoing Emerald Web/BobKat archival project making these important early electronic/organic musical hybrids available for fans of ambient krautrock, electronic soundtracks, musique concrete, electro and PINA enthusiasts alike. Welcome To The Valley Of The Birds."

320 / FLAC

??? às 20:05

Dog Bite - Tranquillizers (2014)

Dog Bite - Tranquillizers MP3 / FLAC

In a release inspired by the smooth rhythms of the region's past, Atlanta-based Dog Bite offers more music medicine in the form of Tranquilizers. The sophomore release transcends the reverie state of Velvet Changes in pursuit of a darker, more full-bodied experience. Frontman Phil Jones found his extensive listening to iconic R&B musicians such as Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes to be the original muse for the album. In its formation it began as a soul record; however, at its core the release remains grounded in Dog Bite's beloved shoegaze landscapes.

320 / FLAC

??? às 19:15



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