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Wild Beasts - Wanderlust EP (2014)

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust EP MP4

with The Field & Factory Floor remixes...

??? às 21:05

Pink Skull - Huitlacoche (2014)

Pink Skull - Huitlacoche MP3

My Favorite Robot serves up another unique and uncompromising release from Pink Skull, this time in the form of an exclusive vinyl release, months ahead of its digital companion. Energetic analogue forms that are simultaneously playful and moody define the sound of their latest full length Huitlacoche.
Huitlacoche, the group's fourth release, sees its first full length foray with a new pared down line up of Julian Grefe, Justin Geller, and Joe Lentini. Days on end spent tethered to their synths have yielded a purely electronic record; in a way, a return to their roots and a serious step forward.
This line-up has recently made waves with their EPs for MFRR, Throne of Blood, and Days of Being Wild, with each garnering attention across the globe.
The title track kicks off with a serious raw groover, whose ticking, machine made percussion lays down a strong foundation for the dance floor whilst the synth frippery completely takes one's mind away to another place.
'Trans Gender Express' continues in the same vein with molten acid lines set off by gentle, ambient synthscapes. 'Perfect Suites' is a deeper, more elastic affair offering up sublime and surreal synth work that conjures up images of otherworldly perfection.
‘Mutant Comfort' is a trippy melodic free-fall and 'Burmese Engines' is a beatless trip through inner space. All of the releases conjure up the ghosts of synth pioneers past, from warm ambient to proto industrial - all the while keeping their attention focused on the future… and it's all hugely captivating.

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Uncode - Eternal Destination (2014)

Uncode - Eternal Destination FLAC

??? às 20:10

Orbital - Snivilisation (1994)

Orbital - Snivilisation MP3 / FLAC

Snivilisation is one of Orbital's most accomplished works. Partially consisting of experimental loop-oriented progressions and clamorous noise fills, other dominant tracks also purvey elements of drifting "technotic" bliss. The appearance of guest vocalist Allison Goldfrapp, who sang on Tricky's Maxinquaye album, adds to the appeal of two tracks. As audiences succumbed to the electronic symbiosis generated by Orbital's mystique, the group's political outlook became realized on bold tracks like "Are We Here." The track rallied rave culture as it scorned austere governmental policies which descended upon England's electronic masses. Combined with traces of Eastern-oriented influence, the album further heralds Orbital's outward affiliations applied within their technology-driven platforms.

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Maps And Diagrams - Snowglobe EP (2014)

Maps And Diagrams - Snowglobe EP MP3 / FLAC

01 Dominoeffect

02 Jupiter Incidental


04 Astropod

05 Hebakotb

06 Triangular Triquerta

07 Dominoeffect - The New Honey Shade Remix

08 Jupiter Incidental - Dark Mahoney Remix

09 QRGB - Ylid Remix

10 Astropod - bdobcmx

11 Hebakotb - The Green Kingdom Remix

12 Triangular Triquerta - Pleq Remix 
Tracks 1-6 produced by Maps and Diagrams at Roadmap Studios, Cambs, UK (2011). 

Tracks 7-12 produced by respective artists.

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Bass Clef - acid tracts e.p. (2013)

Bass Clef - acid tracts e.p. MP3

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Real Estate - Atlas (2014)

Real Estate - Atlas MP3 / FLAC

At last, after months of teasing a new record, Real Estate have announced a new LP to follow their excellent 2011 album Days. The new one's called Atlas, and it's out March 4 in the U.S., March 3 in the UK via Domino.

??? às 20:10

Ott - MMII (2014)


??? às 19:10

Nebelung - Palingenesis (2014)

Nebelung - Palingenesis MP3 / FLAC

Derived from the greek words for 'birth' [genesis] and 'again' [palin], the term Palingenesis refers to a variety of concepts of rebirth and recreation, ranging from the stoic idea of the continuing recreation of the cosmos, the christian belief in spiritual regeneration through baptism, or the originally pythagoreean concept of the souls' transmigration into a new body. NEBELUNG take up the energy behind these concepts, using them as archetypal images for mans' eternal strive for spiritual perfection in a meditation on death and decay, transformation and renewal. More than two years on the making, the release of PALINGENESIS defines a new era for NEBELUNG. Where its predecessors had been singing the hymn of autumn and night by the means of simply structured melancholic folk songs, PALINGENESIS takes on a different approach, transcending the boundaries of lyrics and song, sparing light and reason, and letting the music take on a direct and unaltered way to the depths of the subconscious. PALINGENESIS is a deep and transforming listen, with tracks built up like Mantras, tucking the listener into a dense and detailed tapestry of subtly woven, intertwining melodies and drones, rich in detail and structure, and incorporating such a variety of acoustic instruments as both classical and steel stringed guitars, cello, accordion, indian harmonium, hammered dulcimer, glass harp, percussion and voice.

??? às 18:45

Four Tet - Pyramid (Atoms For Peace Remix) (2013)

Four Tet - Pyramid (Atoms For Peace Remix) MP3

??? às 16:00

Burial & Massive Attack - Four Walls / Paradise Circus (2013)

Burial & Massive Attack - Four Walls / Paradise Circus 320 / FLAC

??? às 13:45

Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces Of A Man (1971,2014 Remastered)

Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces Of A Man MP3

A reissue of Gil Scott-Heron's 1972 album taken from the original master tapes and featuring three songs (two previously unreleased) by Gil's college group Black and Blues. The booklet features an in-depth song analysis. The album features many of Gil's most important early songs includingHome Is Where The Hatred Is, Lady Day & John Coltrane and The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Backed by some of New York's finest session musicians including Bernard Purdie, Hubert Laws and Ron Carter, it is one of the great albums of black American music. Limited edition of 2,000 in a gatefold sleeve.

??? às 13:35

Massive Attack - Mezzanine (1998,2013 Reissue)

Massive Attack - Mezzanine FLAC

??? às 13:30

Musiccargo - Harmonie (2013)

Musiccargo - Harmonie 320 / FLAC

The Musiccargo pairing of Gerhard Michel and Gordon Pohl can be seen as modern day exponents of the Krautrock sound Düsseldorf first pioneered. With each bringing a history and expertise to the project that can be clearly heard throughout Harmonie.

Moving forward from their debut Hand In Hand, the new album ashews a drum heavy sound to explore calmer rhythms and atmospherics. Encompassed for much of the album in a warm, cocooned ambience, this is clearly heard in the opening refrain that is Domino. A lament to Summers passing, its creates a perfect introduction, mixing Gerhard’s lilt with Gordon’s whispered vocals.

This opening leads to the more familiar combination of rhythm and live instrumentation, drums softly appearing against plucked guitar on La Era and then again later on Tip Top, before more percussive elements join ethereal undertones on Das Buch and Sol Lucet Omnibus.

The clearest acknowledgement of their forebears is saved until last, on the aptly titled closing song, Adieu Und Adios. A spiraling and uplifting celebration of their collaboration, percussion and guitar in harmony together. Of possibly endings or farewells? Only time will tell.

??? às 12:35

Joane Skyler - Orz (2013)

Joane Skyler - Orz MP3

**Excellent debut from the mysterious Joane Skyler - keep a close eye on this one** At a blindspot intersection of the hardcore continuum and bedroom electronica, Joane Skyler creates the magical world of 'Orz', her debut release for ones-to-watch, Reckno. Lucidly colourful, freakishly twisted and packed with swagger, it's like a demented distant cousin of HYpe Williams, Irdial or the Skam crew doing it for the freaky kids. Her breakbeat edits are skewed but fearsomely tight and funky, while melodies zip and unravel, keen and swoon with a beautifully assured sleight of hand, knotting and splitting with the rhythm at oblique and crafty angles, ducking down bassbin wormholes and reappearing in fractal splashes of strobe-lit delirium. Fans of Innercity, Dro Carey, Stellar Om Source: recommended!

??? às 12:30

Miroslav Vitous Group - Miroslav Vitous Group (2014)

Miroslav Vitous Group - Miroslav Vitous Group MP3 / FLAC

Between 1979 and 1982, the Miroslav Vitous quartet was the primary outlet for the abundant improvisational skills of leader Vitous and saxophonist John Surman. They made three ECM albums: this eponymously-titled Miroslav Vitous Group - now being issued on CD for the first time - is the middle one.

Vitous and Surman were well-matched in lots of ways, with roots and influences that extended beyond jazz, a love of playing freely, a commitment to using all the sound potential of their respective instruments: Surman singing at the top of the baritone sax's range to match Miroslav's fiddle-like arco flourishes on the double bass. The redoubtable Jon Christensen shared their passion for playing, as did Kenny Kirkland, just 24 at the time of this session, on his way to becoming one of modern jazz's outstanding pianists. Repertoire includes classic Miroslav pieces ("When Face Gets Pale"), collective improvising, and an early sighting of Surman's relentlessly driving "Number Six".

At the beginning of 2014, ECM issues seven important recordings from its back catalogue, all on 180g vinyl and CD, most of which have been out of stock for many years. For both CD and LP versions, the original analog recordings are issued in deluxe cardboard sleeves.

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Flowery Dreamcatcher & Venn Rain - Split (2014)

Flowery Dreamcatcher & Venn Rain - Split MP3 / FLAC

Venn Rain's royal couch lock sanctuaries create an optimal calm followed by Flowery Dreamcatcher's headcruise through hazy waters. Color inserts with track titles. Professionally duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes. Individually shrink wrapped.

??? às 08:30

Zavoloka - Entire Discography (2005,2011)

Zavoloka - Entire Discography 320 / FLAC

Entire Discography: Plavyna, Untitled Live, Suspenzia, Nature Never Produces The Same Beat Twice (With AGF), Meadow ,Trees, Spices, Bushes, Flowers, Viter, Svitlo, Vedana + extra tracks

??? às 07:45

Anders Ilar - Wavefunction Formula (2010)

Anders Ilar - Wavefunction Formula MP3 / FLAC

??? às 06:05
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Patten - ESTOILE NAIANT (2014)


Late last year, lower-case electronic artist patten revealed the all-caps EOLIAN INSTATE EP, his first release for Warp Records. Now, he'll follow it up with an album proper.
The new record is called ESTOILE NAIANT which, as you can see, is an anagram of the prior EP's title. We can only imagine how confusing it must be to engage in text messaging with this dude.
ESTOILE NAIANT follows patten's 2011 album GLAQJO XACCSSO, and is said to carry influences that range from Martin Hannett to Steve Reich. It's also meant to bridge the gap from patten's early CD-Rs to his more recent proper releases.

??? às 21:00

Katie Gately - Katie Gately (2013)

Katie Gately - Katie Gately 320 / FLAC

Gosh this is a bit good - a suite of highly visual and dynamic concrète-pop deviations from first timer, Katie Gately, swiftly picked-up by the ruddy excellent Public Information. If Julianna Barwick and Jam City made a record with Bee Mask dedicated to the GRM, there's every chance it may sound something like 'Ice' - a tortuous and fractal mind-bender blasting buckshot foley into shredded chamber vocals and astral synth harmonies rent in neck-cricking 3D. Quite remarkably, this is Katie's debut release - she's only been making music for a year now - but if you factor her academic background in film production and editing, and her current environment embedded within LA, then her dynamic and disjointed take on sonics all starts to tessellate and make sense. Her opener, 'Ice' is as shocking as we've heard all year, coming off like Parmegiani and Demdike's mutant, manic sibling, with the sounds of cubes in a cup made to sound like a nail-biting horror theme, whilst 'Last Day' ricochets (what could be) gunshot around her fragile vocal and its deformed reflections like a weird Total Freedom CDJ mashup minus the funk. Deeper in, 'Dead Referee' revels in the illusory, surreal element of sound processing with basketball courts squeaks transformed into hi-pitch string stabs and wet slaps around cascading ambient vocals reminding of Madalyn Merkey at her oddest, an element which recurs in the chaotic closer, 'Stems'. If we've any gripes, it's that there could be more depth to the mix, but for sure the ideas are far more important, and the technical thing will definitely come with time. It's a seriously compelling entrance to this world, and one we urge you to check without delay.

??? às 19:30

Axs - Midnight Secrets (2014)

Axs - Midnight Secrets MP3 / FLAC

For the third and final installment of his Secrets series, Axs gives RP Midnight Secrets. Perhaps alluding to the feeling one gets after being awake for far too long, Midnight Secrets is probably the weirdest and most experimental of the three volumes (and admittedly Axs' favorite as well). Where Rosewood established the roots of the Axs canon, and Evergreen painted vivid landscapes with that exposition, Midnight succeeds in pulling the Axs sound further forward, with obtuse synth gardens like 'Nightshade' (a track that could easily fit into the stark sound-art of Raster-Noton or even some of Mika Vainio's records) and the house-inflected piano and upright bass dub of 'Shift Anomaly' (which recalls producers like Terre Thaemlitz and Jeff Mills). 'Swamp Politics' features a wobbly squarewave lead and aching pad that sort of reminds us of a dubbier version of Autechre's Amber era, and 'Static Space' feels loose and shaky, as if the foundations of the rhythm itself are pulling apart as the track moves forward. Closing with the bright and spacious 'Endloop', Axs seems to say that even after three extensive archive releases, he still has a lot of sonic exploration to do. Sharing secrets has never felt so good, and we're already looking forward to the next aural excursion that awaits our ears from Axs.

??? às 19:25

Francis Harris - Leland + Remixes Vol. 1 + 2 + 3 (2012)

Francis Harris - Leland + Remixes Vol. 1 + 2 + 3 MP3

with remixes by: Matthew Herbert, NSI, Bruno Pronsato, Steve Bug and others...

??? às 18:45

Run River North - Run River North (2014)

Run River North - Run River North MP3 / FLAC

Debut album from LA based Run River North produced by Phil Ek (Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Built To Spill, The Shins, Father John Misty). Formed in 2011, Run River North is Alex Hwang (lead vocals, guitars), Daniel Chae (vocals, strings), Jennifer Rim (strings), Joe Chun (bass, vocals), John Chong (drums, vocals) and Sally Kang (vocals, keyboards). The band's 2012 6-song demo (recorded under the band's previous name Monsters Calling Home) landed them a TV performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and a sold-out Troubadour show all prior to being signed.

??? às 07:10

Answer Code Request - Breathe (2014)

Answer Code Request - Breathe MP3

Patrick Gräser has already caused a stir with his recent releases for MDR and his own eponymous ACR label, this is his first release for Ostgut. The 12" opens with “The 4th Verdict“ consisting of hammering beats in sawtooth formation while 'Ghostes' combines drums and dreamy synths for a mystic mood and “Breathe“ involves a synthwinding itself relentlessly through the song in a quasi-Trance style.

??? às 07:00

Joachim Nordwall - Soul Music (2013)

Joachim Nordwall - Soul Music MP3

Hot on the heels of his 'Monstrance' hookup with Mika Vainio, Swedish iDEAList Joachim Nordwall (Skull Defekts, Fire! Orchestra) returns with this killer album for London's highly esteemed Entr'acte imprint. Joachim's 'Soul Music' is informed by acid house, primitive trance music and 1960s downtown NYC minimalism and sounds something like a séance with ancient and future tribes, reminding us in places of Powell, Prostitutes, Alva Noto and Pan Sonic. Jean-Louis Huhta provides rippling, hypnotic percussion for Joachim's slowly enveloping miasma of analogue synths, strings, tone generators and effects in six parts. Lead by the radiophonic trance ripple and cumulative bass waves of 'Procession', we're left dazed and attuned to his wavelength while the set follows with ceremonial logic, from the arcane No Wave rumble and fuzz of 'I am The Fire' to a something approaching a mixture of Korean classical's scattered melodies and bass frequencies in 'The Beauty of Creation and Destruction', thru the skudgy, ghosted swagger of 'Soul Vibration' and the future-primitive, Wolf Eyes-like 'Acid Ritual'. Best of all is a shorter mix of his quietly intense 'Psychic Propaganda (Psychic Broadcasting Version)', which originally appeared on his Hospital Productions cassette of the same name earlier this year, and comes off like a dosed-up Powell conducting ether experiments with Nate Young. Highly Recommended!

??? às 05:00
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Kassem Mosse - Workshop 19 (2014)

Kassem Mosse - Workshop 19 MP3 / FLAC

??? às 19:22

Ipman - Ventricle / Decomposer (2013)

Ipman - Ventricle / Decomposer FLAC

2013 has been a busy year for Ipman, having churned out many releases, including a pair of EPs for Lion Charge and another on Tempa with frequent partner Killawatt.  However, the latest two track release on Cold Recordings looks again to explore territory away from abstracted dubstep touches in favour of a more rhythm-driven techno base akin to his work with Osiris Music. A-side 'Ventrical' is a scratching, kick-clap bomb destined for peak-time hours, while rumbling sub bass and looped samples lend a harrowing touch to 'Decomposer'.

??? às 16:59

Batu - Eraser / Stairwells (2013)

Batu - Eraser / Stairwells FLAC

These days there's no shortage of British producers peddling a dark, hybrid form of techno schooled in the UK's soundsystem heritage. Batu—the latest to debut on Pinch's new Cold Recordings label—occupies the same fertile ground as Keysound affiliates like Beneath and dark Bristol operators like Hodge and Livity Sound. Fortunately, as his debut single demonstrates, there still seems to be ample room for new takes on the form.
"Eraser" trudges along at a 120 BPM, its UK funky-indebted syncopations feeling more oppressive than propulsive. That's clearly the point though; the Metalheadz/El-B/DMZ paranoia axis is a clear influence, particularly in the hollow background sonics, which are like an icy draft on sweat-cooled skin. Even with that caveat, Batu's constantly shifting rhythms, while smart, can feel frustratingly unsettled at points. Fortunately "Stairwells" is an improvement in this regard. Aside from being a few BPM brisker, the rattlesnake bongos work up a mean groove, unfolding methodically under warped synths and grim down-pitched string stabs. It's possible to hear the echoes of bygone London dance floors in these tracks, and something in their ghostly atmospherics and baleful melodies seems to suggest dereliction. If the intention behind Pinch's new imprint is to introduce a gust of alienation onto contemporary dance floors—and it certainly seems that way—then he's doing a sterling job so far.

??? às 16:57

Elmono - Baton Rouge / Shadows On The Moon (2013)

Elmono - Baton Rouge / Shadows On The Moon FLAC

"I need the dark menacing edginess back." That's how Pinch described his dissatisfaction with the UK dance climate in a short interview with FACT on the subject of his new Cold Recordings imprint. The label is intended to explore the fertile territory between 120 and 130 BPM, imbued with the moody vibe Pinch pines for. Its first release is a promising one, from relative unknown and Cardiff native Elmono. "Baton Rouge" has the four-to-the-floor kick that's become ubiquitous in UK music, but saddled to a wormy bassline straight off a vintage Shackleton record. With a tapestry of rough vocal samples (deep and male rather than garage's feminine chirps) and a synth line that sounds like it's gasping for air, there's a thick and paranoid atmosphere to the whole thing. "Shadows On The Moon" is altogether more friendly. Smooth and polished like marble, both its central refrain and the sections in between feel dangerous, like they could bust loose at any moment. Where its flipside was panicky, this one uses the sleeker side of darkness, a sinister flip of the current garage revival. It's hard to say what exactly separates it from Pinch's Tectonic output, but either way, Elmono's debut slots nicely into a growing cohort of producers re-excavating the depths of the UK's urban anxiety.

??? às 16:55

French Fries - Kepler (2014)

French Fries - Kepler FLAC

Following a steady flow of EPs and a huge pair of releases on Claude VonStroke’s Dirty Bird imprint, South American-born, Paris-based artist French Fries takes time to develop his potent sound on debut LP Kepler, through his own label Clekclekboom. The piece carries a strong influence of the extra terrestrial with cosmic ambience tracks like opener ‘Program’ and the glistening ‘Organic Reaction’. Things get more driving with the garbling ‘Machine’ that unfolds over a pummelling, relentless stomp and ‘Bug Noticed’, a similar alien sounding ceaseless stomper.

??? às 16:50

ScHoolboy Q - Oxymoron (2014)

ScHoolboy Q - Oxymoron MP3 / FLAC

with Clams Casino...

Oxymoron is the third studio album by American hip hop recording artist Schoolboy Q, released on February 25, 2014 by Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records. Oxymoron is his first album released under a major record label to music retailers, whereas his first two albums were released independently to digital retailers only. The album's recording took place from June 2012 until late 2013. Schoolboy Q enlisted collaborators such as Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Jay Rock, Tyler, The Creator, Suga Free and Kurupt among others. The album's production was handled by high-profile record producers such as Boi-1da, The Alchemist, Mike Will Made It, DJ Dahi and Pharrell, as well as others, including members of Top Dawg Entertainment's in-house production teams Digi+Phonics and THC. The album was supported by four singles, "Yay Yay", "Collard Greens", "Man of the Year" and "Break the Bank". "Collard Greens", which features a guest appearance from Kendrick Lamar, peaked at number 92 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. "Man of the Year" entered at number 81 on the same chart, becoming his highest-charting single on that chart.

??? às 16:45

Various Artists - Port Out, Starboard Home (2012)

Various Artists - Port Out, Starboard Home MP3

Compilation released by Danish label, Posh Isolation, in 2012. Features 16 artists and covers the grounds of noise, ambient, industrial and power electronics. with: Alleypisser, Amphetamine Logic, Assault Guard, Body League, Caucasian Colony, Croatian Amor, Damien Dubrovnik, Erotikens Historie, Forza Albino, Hvide Sejl, Iron Pillar, LR, Olymphia, Puce Mary, Snatcher, Vår

??? às 13:50

Karen Gwyer - New Roof (2014)

Karen Gwyer - New Roof MP3 / FLAC

Karen Gwyer returns to No Pain In Pop for an expansive and hypnotic follow-up to 'Needs Continuum' and her Opal Tape, 'Kiki The Wormhole'. On 'New Roof' she's all but abandoned any discernible traces of her vocals in favour of sky-scraping synth harmonics and deft drum programming in two extended, wide-open pieces which sandwich a shorter wormhole of woozy organ chords. They're incredible pieces of work, drawing firm connections with classic krautrock and cinematic new age meditations tempered by a crisply modernist sense of economy and space. We're most impressed by the 16 minutes of roiling, steppin' drum programming and pensile, minor key synth harmonics in 'Lay Claim to My Grub', coming off like some early Autechre jam smoothed out to a gauzy dream sequence, and equally 'Missisissipippi' recalls vintage Probe and Plastikman releases but conducted with the black art control of the best Chasing Voices 12"s and the cinematic vision of John Carpenter or more restrained Steve Moore. We're quite sure you'll be just as impressed.

??? às 10:25

Bike For Three! - So Much Forever (2014)

Bike For Three! - So Much Forever MP3

After More Heart Than Brains was released in 2009, Greetings From Tuskan (Joëlle Lê) and Buck 65 (Rich Terfry) directly started working on a follow up record. This turned out to be a high mountain to climb and it wasn't until September 2013 that everything starting to come together. A half-decade removed from the ethereal hopeless romanticism of 2009 Bike For Three! have returned with their sophomore LP on Fake Four, Inc.  The album begins with the sound of a solitary heart beating underscored by Joëlle’s eerie, soothing atmospherics. From there the urgency of “Full Moon” kicks in and Rich is at the podium, unraveling his innermost thoughts through tightly knit stanzas and abstracted fragments.  Joëlle's aural shapes and colours have found a focus that push Rich's words and performance to new places. Both artists feeding off each others darkest states and lingering demons. Joëlle imagined a mesmerizing foundation for Rich's poetry and associate thoughts. The result is the music of a shared lucid dream and a conversation held in several different languages.  The listener is left to connect the dots on cryptic tracks like “You Can Be Everything” and “The Muse Inside Me”, as Buck’s frantic internal dialogue refracts off of Joëlle’s arpeggiating synths, rich, multi-hued textures and subtle backing vocals.  So Much Forever retains its thematic continuity through Rich’s candid writing and Joëlle’s kaleidoscopic collages whilst allowing the protagonist to explore a wide range of deliveries. On “Conflation”, Buck is a beat poet lost in time, placing his anguish in a larger context and wrapping up the record with the thesis statement “My love will level this city.” So Much Forever can be seen as the logical next step in their story, another page in their shared diary that sees Joëlle taking up more vocal duties and Rich exploring new corners of his imagination.

??? às 09:55

Groove Armada - Pork Soda (2014)

Groove Armada - Pork Soda MP3FLAC

Some artists come and go with the changing of the tides; others transcend the trends and become seminal in the process. If there were a dance music hall of fame, these guys would be longtime inductees. But let's not get caught up in nostalgia - they've been pushing things forward every step of the way. From club tracks to live shows, to multimillion selling albums, to all-encompassing visual/audio spectacles - the Groove Armada has been sailing strong since 1995. Recently Tom and Andy made the decision to step away from the arenas and return to their roots, composing a collection of raw, foundation-shaking tracks, designed for the warehouse. As good friends of Moda Black we wasted no time in snapping them up - the resulting EP speaks for itself. Powerful and sonically precise, this is GA is basement mode!

??? às 08:15

Koett - Lost Time EP (2013)

Koett - Lost Time EP FLAC

Following on from their Creatures EP, AtomNation, the label co-ran by the hotly tipped Dutch producer Applescal release their latest EP, Lost Time by Russian producer, and the labels newest signing, Koett, ahead of his debut album.
Exploring up-beat, instrumental hip hop with an acid jazz mentality, the Russian producer has evidently got his fingers extremely dusty from rummaging around in dirty record crates. Multiple sampled sound sources ranging from upright bass, to swirling James Bond style string motifs, through to morose piano figures and flying flute lines are all mashed together in a melting pot, stirred up and served up with liberal dashings of funky flavor and jazzy refrains.

??? às 07:35

Wesley Matsell - Total Order of Being (2014)

Wesley Matsell - Total Order of Being MP3

Wesley Matsell returns from his Studio Barnhus excursion to the merry gang at Border Community. On 'Total Order Of Being' it sounds like he found some vintage Garys left over from Castlemorton along the way, yielding four tracks of ecstatic, utopian dance music clearly in thrall to the halcyon aura of early '90s rave. The percolating synths and arpeggiated bass of the title track offer a lush slingback to classic Orbital, and the colourful, frothing breaks of 'Future Beacon' brims with the kind of positive brio best associated with early AFX and the Rephlex gang. The Wales-via-Detroit inspired 'Dowlais Wheelie Crew' is a bit more melancholy, summoning that strange, strobelit 3am feeling, when surrounded by contorting bodies and rolling faces, and 'Rite Of Pant' shuffles to a lilting, Afrobeat-rooted groove making connection with mother earth in that charming old skool hippie sense.

??? às 06:15

Prolife - Overheated / Gold Leaves (2014)

Prolife - Overheated / Gold Leaves MP3

Bare-bones no wave techno from Melbourne, Australia's Slug Guts in their "anti-suicide" duo, Prolife. The premise is simple - two blokes with toy keyboards, mics and guitar pedals recording two-track techno - and it feels just right. A-side is a cracking piece of unfussy kicks and drones, marrying cold, Suicide-like vocals with persistent, cheap bass hit and industro-dubbed vibes to rock your favourite dingy basement. 'Gold Leaves' on the other hand is bit of a coldwave pop dirge, paring the elements down to fuzzed up synth hook and slurred vocals with cavernous reverb. RIYL Posh Isolation, Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide.

??? às 06:10

Pinch + Mumdance - Turbo Mitzi / Whiplash (2014)

Pinch + Mumdance - Turbo Mitzi / Whiplash MP3

??? às 06:05
Segunda-feira, 24 de Fevereiro de 2014

Jack Dice - Sip Paint (2014)

Jack Dice - Sip Paint MP3 / FLAC

**John Twells (Type) and Walker Chambliss return with their 2nd EP for Modern Love** Jack Dice scale up their ambition with heady success on a crackshot 2nd EP of whip-riding 808s, noisy harmonics and addictive raps by Stash Marina. Following their tentative 'Block Motel' debut, few outside their close pals coulda predicted where the duo of Type Records boss John Twells and cloud rap mogul Walker Chambliss would take the Jack Dice project, and even fewer would predict where it's ended up, us included. We're basically talking about the addictive centrepiece, 'Stash's Theme', a remarkable hip hop number revolving around Stash's ice-cool delivery with tight 808 triplets, booming bass and a technoid hook we could play all day. It sits alongside three instrumentals of rugged bass and gauzy ambient dynamics from which you can draw lines to a number of different projects Twells has been involved with through the last decade, though he seems to benefit immeasurably from Chambliss’ presence. It's an EP that at different points throws stylistic references to everything from Prince’s Black Album to The Art of Noise, Drake and Philip Jeck - without ever sounding overworked or too knowing, a feat in itself. But yeah - that vocal track - one hit of this and you're hooked.

??? às 21:35

Lord Of The Isles - Kurve (2014)

Lord Of The Isles - Kurve MP3

Killer house cuts from Lord Of The Isles on Japan's Mule Musiq. Dunno if it's just us, but sounds like he's tempered his sound to a sharper, more lucid style we'd more associate with Mule here, rather than the gauzy lushness of his celebrated Firecracker and Shevchenko releases. A-side steps off with a blend of glassy minimal techno and plush Detroit signatures on 'Kurve', plus the slow boogie house gyrations of 'Eagle Lake'. B-side figures a darker, subs-driven, slightly trancey roller called 'Here, Now And Beyond', and the kinky, shuffling depths of 'Veranico De Maio'.

??? às 21:30

Jon Hopkins - Collider (Pangaea, Karenn and Objekt Remixes) (2014)

Jon Hopkins - Collider (Pangaea, Karenn and Objekt Remixes) MP3

Pangaea, Karenn and Objekt remix Jon Hopkins' 'Collider'. Cut from Hopkins' widely acclaimed 'Immunity' album, the posh trance thud of 'Collider' is ruffed up and taken to a darker corner of the club by each participant. Pangaea gives it a crushing swing-techno overhaul mauled with abrasive noise whilst retaining a vital trace of the original's proggy lift. Blawan and Pariah's Karenn duo opt for a darker, pounding techno overhaul powered by thuggish kicks and laced with an EBM synthline. Objekt does his crafty IDM thing with intricate, polymetric syncopations and fractal electronics.

??? às 21:00

Legowelt - Blue Tearz (2014)

Legowelt - Blue Tearz MP3

??? às 20:55

Hauschka - Abandoned City (2014)

Hauschka - Abandoned City MP3 / FLAC

Hauschka is a composer, songwriter and experimental musician who has brought an exciting new perspective to the prepared piano. The prepared piano – a technique for getting new sounds from the acoustic keyboard by resting pieces of paper or drumsticks on the strings of the instrument - has been used for centuries, but Hauschka was unaware of the tradition when he began exploring ways to get new sounds out of his Bechstein grand upright. 'I wanted the sound of a hi-hat (cymbal) to add a percussive effect to a composition I was writing. I took foil from a Christmas cake and wrapped it around the strings [inside the piano]. From there, I was inspired to use other objects on the strings to get bass drum sounds, or tacks on the piano hammers to get the sound of a harpsichord. When I was playing techno music, I had samplers where you could get a different sound on every key. I thought it would be great to have that effect on an acoustic piano. I was not aware of John Cage (one of the first 20th century composers to use prepared piano) when I started searching for ways to alter the sound of the keyboard, but as I got more into prepared piano, I was influenced by Cage’s theories.' 'The Prepared Piano', Hauschka’s first recording using prepared piano, was a solo album of spontaneous improvisations. The sounds he generated changed the course of his musical journey and he’s since used prepared piano in a variety of settings. On 'Ferndorf', pieces composed in honor of his childhood home in Germany, he balanced improvisation with compositions that featured cellists, trombonists and violinists playing his inventive arrangements. The ‘acoustic techno’ of 'Salon des Amateurs' featured drummers Samuli Kosminen (Múm), and Joey Burns and John Convertino (Calexico) and dropped subtle electro effects into the mix. On 'Silfra', an improvised collaboration with classical violinist Hilary Hahn, he dipped into classical music and ambient pop to create an expansive soundscape. With 'Abandoned City', Hauschka returns to the solo prepared piano to produce an evocative work full of unexpected grace notes and mysterious sounds. 'Abandoned City' was recorded in Hauschka’s home studio in a burst of creative energy following the birth of his first son. 'With the exception of ‘Elizabeth Bay,’ which is based on a piece of music I wrote for a reinvention of Wagner’s Flying Dutchman, the music was composed and recorded in ten days. The compositions on 'Abandoned City' awaken the loneliness and unattainable romance of timeless, unfamiliar places, with cinematic melodies full of resonant overtones, bright cheerful keyboard patterns and dark percussive touches. The tracks all bear the names of actual vacant cities. Hauschka chose 'Abandoned City' as the title of the album to convey the sense of hope and sadness that consumes him when he’s sitting alone at the keyboard. 'I was interested in finding a metaphor for the inner tension I feel when I’m composing music, a state of mind where I’m lonely and happy at the same time,' Hauschka explains. 'When I saw photos of abandoned cities, I felt it was perfect. People once lived there, but they left in a rush and now nature has taken over in a beautiful way, things are growing up from the sidewalk and the seasons are changing colors. The music is dark, but in a quiet, uplifting way. The piano is singing the melody but, because of the effects, you can’t hear it directly. It’s like the sound of a choir under the earth, something you feel without realizing it.'

??? às 19:35

Various Artists - The Blue Collection (2014)

Various Artists - The Blue Collection MP3

1 Satin Jackets – Night Keys (Original Mix) 6:12
2 Blende – Rikki (Le Crayon Remix) 3:38
3 Deadbots – Ufrst (Original Mix) 5:08
4 Eelke Kleijn – A Tale of Two Lovers (Original Mix) 8:57
5 Blamma! Blamma! – Zsa Zsa feat. Kristina Train (Original Mix) 7:35
6 Freeform Five – Leviathan feat. Roisin Murphy (Original Mix) 8:12
7 Julian Sanza – The Feeling feat. Future Feelings (Original Mix) 6:50
8 Michoacan – The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand (Original Mix) 8:12
9 NTEIBINT – Never Without You feat. Stella (Original Mix) 4:19
10 Pete Oak – N.O.V.A. feat. Emeron & Fox (Original Mix) 8:29
11 Volta Cab – Smoke Some Kill (Original Mix) 5:00
12 Atella – The Monster (Original Mix) 4:10
13 Various Artists – The Blue Collection (Continuous DJ Mix) 1:03:51

??? às 16:20

Nochexxx - Thrusters (2014)

Nochexxx - Thrusters MP3

Nochexxx follows his debut album with the more accessible electro-funk freak beats of 'Thrusters' on Ramp. Working in space between Legowelt's sonic fictions and the skronky avant-dance music of NYC's Gobby, Nochexxx is on a wild dancefloor tip, bowling between body-rattling uptempo electro-techno, weird-ass electronica, spiralling acid, ghetto-tech and dotty synth dérives that sound like they were written with an infected sequencer. Good stuff.

??? às 15:25

Brandt Brauer Frick - DJ-Kicks (2014)

Brandt Brauer Frick - DJ-Kicks MP3 / MP3CD

The mix's tracklist is an across-the-board selection. The opening stages features the likes of Jan Jelinek, Theo Parrish and African musician William Onyeabor, before things take a more club-friendly turn via French Fries, Cosmin TRG, MMM and Jam City. "I definitely think the mix shows a different side of us,” says Paul Frick, one third of the trio. "I think people will be surprised. Some songs are certainly very different from what we do, things we would love to express, but can’t or don’t want to do it the way it’s done in these songs. But actually you can hear a lot of elements that are similar to something we did or will do, but in our songs we mostly look for different sound aesthetics and would combine that element with something else. And the switch between 4/4 kicks and more broken beats is something we do a lot, on our records and on this mix." The mix also contains several tracks that exclusive to the mix from artists including Dollkraut, Cosmin TRG and Brandt Brauer Frick themselves.

01. Jan Jelinek – HipBird
02. Inkswel – Australaborialis
03. Theo Parrish – Electric Alleycat
04. Dollkraut – Rollercoaster
05. William Onyeabor – Better Change Your Mind
06. Max Graef – Bummse
07. Brandt Brauer Frick – Bommel
08. Kingdom – Stalker Ha
09. Parental Control – Feel Like / Le K – Abraz
10. Le K - Abraz
11. Alfabet (Awanto 3 & Tom Trago) – Lap The Music
12. Fantastic Man – Late At Night
13. Brandt Brauer Frick – Out Of Tash
14. Galaxy 2 Galaxy feat. Atlantis – Transition
15. Peverelist – Sun Dance
16. DJ Do Bass – To Catchy
17. French Fries – White Screen
18. Chico Mann – Soul Freedom
19. James Braun & Troels Abrahamsen – Wooden Knuckles
20. Glenn Astro – How I Miss You
21. Philogresz – Edge
22. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Vector
23. Cosmin TRG – Echolab Disaster
24. MMM – Re-tics
25. Jam City – How We Relate To The Body
26. Brandt Brauer Frick – Hugo (DJ-Kicks)
27. Machinedrum – Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real
28. Thundercat – Tenfold
29. Dean Blunt – Galice
30. Brandt Brauer Frick – DJ-Kicks Mix

??? às 15:20

Strom Noir - Urban Blues (2014)

Strom Noir - Urban Blues MP3 / FLAC

??? às 14:00

Francis Harris & Valentin Stip - What She Had (Valentin Stip Remix) / **** (Francis Harris Remix) (2014)

Francis Harris & Valentin Stip - What She Had (Valentin Stip Remix) / **** (Francis Harris Remix) MP3

To celebrate the release of their albums Minutes Of Sleep and Sigh, featured on Other People the past 2 weeks, Francis Harris and Valentin Stip remix each other.

??? às 12:05



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