Quarta-feira, 30 de Abril de 2014

Person of Interest - Untitled (2014)

Person of Interest - Untitled MP3/mirror / FLAC

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Thisquietarmy - Rebirths (2014)

Thisquietarmy - Rebirths MP3/mirror

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Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse Remixes (2014)

Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse Remixes MP3

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Millipede - A Mist & A Vapor (2014)

Millipede - A Mist & A Vapor MP3/mirror

Over the last few years millipede has been subtly stretching boundaries within the myriad soundscapes its music has come to include. while so many electronic artists spend the lion's share of their time amping up the listener's heartbeat using effects and tricks akin to modern horror film shock tactics, millipede's sound is considerably more graceful by comparison. it's patient in its fluidity and timing, able to take the listener on a journey where actual beginnings, climaxes, and endings are clearly defined. all the while, millipede keeps things exciting by weaving ear candy that sounds at once harsh, but fascinating. (kriss stress / notes and bolts). millipede's recent release 'a mist and a vapor' demonstrates his mastery of styles, mixing the electronic with the organic in a perfect coexistence of idm, glitch and dark ambient with a slight world music influence. this album's auditory terrain consists of forceful, slow beat-driven tracks alternating with mesmerizing ambient landscapes including tightly orchestrated synthesizers and dark industrial pads as well as strong guitar and piano lines. the twelve tracks carry a striking fusion of emotions between curiosity anticipating a virtual expedition, melancholy and an articulately cinematic experience.

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MGUN - Resin EP (2014)

MGUN - Resin EP MP3 / FLAC/mirror

Exceptional side of tape-manipulated techno-house experiments from Detroit new waver, Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN for the DBA label. As the latest in a long line of 313 splicers stretching back to Anthony Shakir - who used to be the in-house tape engineer at Metroplex - on the 'Resin EP' MGUN revels in the nimble, hands-on possibilities of reel-to-reel recording techniques on six tracks ranging from zippy vignettes to low-slung grooves and pacy techno bangers. The quickstep shuffle and almost-baroque melody of 'Assumptions' opens beside a woozy, wigglin' jacker 'Funkshun' and the knotty 150bpm wormhole jit of 'Migraine' for the mad cats while the flipside swerves from fugged-out abstraction a la Actress on 'Flutter', to a flanging killer called 'In The Road' reminding of Specter's 'Pipe Bomb', and a sluggish beatdown bumper titled '90 Sumtin'. It's a genuinely rarified sound, coincidentally sharing much in common with Delroy Edwards' recent LP for The Death Of Rave, but ultimately a sterling product of the D. Recommended!

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Jeremiah Jae - Good Times (2014)

Jeremiah Jae - Good Times MP3/mirror

'Good Times' is Jeremiah Jae's second mixtape since signing with Warp Records, taking inspiration and its title from the '70s TV sitcom set in a Chicago housing project. The mixtape features Black Jungle Squad regulars Oliver the 2nd, Tre, Isreal and additional production contributions from Lord Raja and Stones Throw artists Jonwayne and Knxwledge.

Good Times follows Jeremiah Jae’s Bad Jokes mixtape, also available on DatPiff, and Dirty Collections 7" series released at the end of last year.

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Dorval & Devereaux - Dorval & Devereaux (2014)

Dorval & Devereaux - Dorval & Devereaux MP3/mirror

On their own, Crystal Dorval and Beau Devereaux craft hypnotic, noisy, and off-beat pop under the guises White Poppy and Samantha Glass. For their debut collaboration, released via Moon Glyph, the two starting working together back in 2012, with Crystal in Vancouver, B.C., and Beau in Madison, WI. The duo opted to use their own names instead of their more well-known monikers, and the resulting Dorval & Devereaux tape brings out the best of both artists. Both Crystal and Beau take lead vocals throughout the tape, and the production is an amalgamation of their droning, psychedelic folk auras. Of the first of two tracks offered below, “Hearing Wishes” is a piece that deftly combines the styles of both artists, with the tempo being set by Devereaux’s insistent bass and beats, while Dorval’s spectre-like vocals meld with the echoed background effects that make “Hearing Wishes” a propulsive yet haunting tune. “Solar Surfing” sounds more in line with Devereaux’s Samantha Glass project than anything else here, and with the familiar musical rumblings that made Mysteries From The Palomino Skyliner such a compelling listen I’m sure there won’t be any complaints.

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Gaap Kvlt - Void (2014)

Gaap Kvlt - Void MP3/mirror

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Beach House - Teen Dream (2010)

Beach House - Teen Dream MP3/mirror / FLAC

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Broken English Club - Jealous God 04 (2014)

Broken English Club - Jealous God 04 MP3 (mix cd) / NEW (vinyl only) : MP3 / FLAC/mirror

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Apollo Brown - Thirty Eight (2014)

Apollo Brown - Thirty Eight MP3/mirror / FLAC

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Gardland - Improvisations (2014)

Gardland - Improvisations MP3/mirror

Following the great unspooling of 2013’s Syndrome Syndrome, Gardland and RVNG Intl. step back into the duo’s not-so-distant past with Improvisations, three live performances ripped from local Australian radio show Spiral Sounds in early 2012. The aural impetus behind the artists and label joining forces, this triptych of tone lashed tracks captures the duo in exhilarating, uninhibited form.

Unintended for an audience outside of the provincial FM dial riders, Improvisations blisters at its hardware-imposed limits with enough energy to fuel freakish frequencies. “0214″ offers a wide survey of the duo’s exploratory inclination, igniting with sparse sputters and clicks before the growling groove rips into fifth gear for an expansive 15-minute drive. The flip predicts the immediacy and potency of Syndrome Syndrome with an early take on “Katarakt” (here named “0315″) and the desiccated, teleological frenzy of “0214 Pt.2.″

Gardland’s evolution has thus far defined itself by the freeform nature this 12″ embodies, the curated reduction on Syndrome Syndrome, and a full-blown unpredictability on stage. Alex Murray and Mark Smith chase the listless shape of an ever-expanding, never-coalescing logic with no devotion too dear to sacrifice for the following of future’s path.

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Ninos Du Brasil - Novos Mistérios (2014)

Ninos Du Brasil - Novos Mistérios MP3/mirror /  FLAC/mirror

Ninos Du Brazil is an enticing prospect. Formed by Italian experimentalists Nicolo Fortuni and Nico Vascellari, the duo fuses live Brazilian percussion with the low-slung pulse of New York post-punk rock and the droning electronics that Hospital Productions is most famous for. The result is a humid, feverish set that gleefully moves between murky intensity ("Sombra Da Lua"), tropical minimalism (the rain forest hypnotism of "Legios Du Cupins"), full-throttle percussive wigouts ("Sepultura") and loose carnival freakery ("Miragem"). For the most part, the electronic elements are subtle, with densely layered percussion and occasional chants taking centre stage. It's a mixture that makes for riveting listening.

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Kishi Bashi – Lighght (2014)

Kishi Bashi – Lighght MP3/mirrorFLAC/mirror

Violin virtuoso and of Montreal associate Kishi Bashi release his new album, Lighght, on May 13th via Joyful Noise Recordings. The follow-up to 2012′s 151a takes its name from the 1965 one-word poem by Aram Saroyan and continues Bashi’s exploration of experimental pop.
K. Ishibashi opens his second solo album by taking a tone-setting 48-second violin solo. Titled Début – Impromptu, it skids and squeaks with accelerating abandon until the notes distort and smash together chaotically; by the end, the instrument has become largely indistinguishable from the machines he so often uses to loop and manipulate it. It’s equal parts introduction and mission statement for Lighght, in which technique and experimentation collide in high-spirited even disorienting ways.
That song morphs quickly into Lighght‘s first single, whose title sounds like a mission statement in and of itself — Philosophize In It! Chemicalize with It! — at which point Ishibashi gets to the meat of the frantically busy sound for which he’s become known. A former utility player in of Montreal, he’s fully established himself as a formidable solo artist; his loop-intensive live shows are the product of a mind that always seems both hard at work and immersed in play.

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Sister Crayon - Still Cynic (2014)

Sister Crayon - Still Cynic MP3/mirror

1. Cynic (Shigeto Remix) 04:42
2. Meager Leavings (Daedelus Remix) 03:05
3. Cynic (Teen Daze Remix) 06:00
4. Cynic (Zavala Remix) 04:11
5. Meager Leavings (Busdriver Remix) 03:31
6. Floating Heads (Wes Jones Remix) 04:28
7. Cynic (Mexicans With Guns Remix) 06:17
8. Cynic (P.O.S. Remix) 04:35
9. Cynic (feat Sole, Skyrider Remix) 05:25

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Ought – More Than Any Other Day (2014)

Ought – More Than Any Other Day MP3/mirror

Ought has been burning with a strong and steady flame since flickering to life in Montreal in 2012. Holed up in a shared apartment that doubled as their rehearsal space, the four band members self-recorded a first EP and played their first show in these domestic confines, then busted out into the city's loft circuit, and into the city streets during the Printemps d'Erable Quebec student general strike, in the spring of 2012. These inspired months of mass mobilization against neo-liberal austerity measures galvanized a wide and inspiring range of agit-prop expression in Montreal, and indelibly shaped the emerging sound, vision and social mandate of Ought. Guitarist/vocalist Tim Beeler, who previously had been writing poetry and folk music, drew new energy from electrification/amplification and from solidarity/protest alike; his declarative, observational vocal style ranges from wide-eyed to worried, but never submits to cool irony or emotional detachment.

Ought's earnest, stately and exuberant post-punk is dextrous, deliberate, unfussy and fluid, with debts to Cap’n Jazz, The Feelies, Lungfish, Gang Of Four and early Talking Heads, among many others. The band shifts from sharp angles and stuttering counterpoint to softer edges and chiming flow, with an economy of elements and fidelity to their basic 4-piece constitution. The instrumental interplay is consistently whipsmart, supple and deceptively simple. Beeler's speak-singing can give way to melancholic melodic croons and ragged, desperate yelps, always driven by sincerity of feeling and connection to his subject matter, whether that's the conundrum of our fractured interiority, or communion with others in our fractured social space – or, for the most part, both.

Ought are a righteous and humble young band, fiercely dedicated to grassroots organizing and artmaking, taking as self-evident the inseparability of politics and aesthetics; we are proud and excited to be releasing their debut full-length.

More Than Any Other Day is the result of a week of recording and mixing at Montreal's Hotel2Tango with engineer Radwan Moumneh (Suuns, Matana Roberts, Jerusalem In My Heart) in November 2013; the album replaces the band's previously self-released 5-song Bandcamp EP of the same name, comprised of a separate set of recordings.

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Lightfoils - Hierarchy (2014)

Lightfoils - Hierarchy MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Lightfoils. One of Chicago’s brightest new bands, pushing the Shoegaze genre into new territory. Formed in 2010 and recently signed to Saint Marie Records, the band is already generating heat, having played at SXSW in 2012 and opened for other interstellar bands like Ringo Deathstarr, Telescopes, Nightmare Air and Ume.
Tone-bending guitarists Zeeshan Abbasi and Neil Yodnane stir up a mesmerizing haze, a wintry blizzard punctuated by occasional bright blasts of slashing chords. Things are firmly grounded by the propulsive and tight rhythm section of Cory Osborne on hypermagnetic bass and John Rungger on shimmering, bruising drums. Hovering above and shining through the fog is the angelic voice of Jane Zabeth As a whole, the band’s music somehow occupies a place between storm and calm, with corridors of sound in-between. If reverie has a sound, this is it. Should you wake up or keep dreaming? They dangle either option in front of you, both just out of reach. Lightfoils have one eponymous EP, and their LP Hierarchy will be out July 8, 2014. Amazing on record, stunning live, Lightfoils is a band to watch out for.

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The Horrors - Luminous (2014)

The Horrors - Luminous MP3/mirror / FLAC

Recorded over 15 months in the band's east London studio-laboratory-bunker with co-producer Craig Silvey (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, The National), Luminous is the follow-up to the band's 2007 debut Strange House, the Mercury-nominated Primary Colours (2009), and the critically-acclaimed Skying (2011). Tasking themselves with moving onwards, The Horrors determined to make an album that was brighter, more positive, more electronic.

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Audiojack - Machine Code (2014)

Audiojack - Machine Code MP3/mirrorFLAC

??? às 05:50

The Heliocentrics - Quatermass Sessions 1 (2013)

The Heliocentrics - Quatermass Sessions 1 FLAC/mirror

Some of the deepest, darkest sounds we've ever heard from The Heliocentrics – and that's saying a lot, given the freak and fuzz of these guys' other work! The music has an especially echoey feel – one that comes through in the use of analogue electronics that makes some passages feel more like a horror soundtrack – and even in the funkier bits that we know more from the group – their cool blend of soul-based instrumentation and psych-based production styles! These are the core cuts that were heard on the Gaslamp Killer EP "Helio X GLK" – but they're presented here in their original form, with tracks that include "Something Bad A Coming", "Tomorrow Today", "Primitivos", "Noises & Conversations", and "Thunder & Lightning".

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Terça-feira, 29 de Abril de 2014

Woob - Ultrascope: Time Paradox (2014)

Woob - Ultrascope: Time Paradox MP3/mirror / FLAC

Time Paradox is ULTRASCOPE Alternate Timeline + now includes 3 NEW TRACKS

Previously only available via a download code in Ultrascope CD/T-shirt packages, Time Paradox is now available to all.

The album is an alternate timeline take on the original, 7 of the 8 tracks are revisited with some subtle and not so subtle changes + there are now 3 additional new tracks with 2 of them brand new having not featured on the Ultrascope album in any form due to them being from the future.

Time Paradox is recorded with full dynamic's intact and is therefore a little softer sounding than the original album please adjust your volume level accordingly. Please remember this album is not compatible with earbuds or speakers under 5 inches. Under no circumstances should this album attempt to be played on such devices.


??? às 18:35

Eyvind Kang plays Masada Book Too - Alastor: The Book of Angels Vol.21 (2014)

Eyvind Kang plays Masada Book Too - Alastor: The Book of Angels Vol.21 MP3/mirror

genre: ,
??? às 09:15

Umberto - The Child (2014)

Umberto - The Child MP3

Matt Hill dons his Umberto costume for an extended revision of 'The Child', backed with a disco-readied Silvio remix. The extended version sustains the noirish Giallo / Carpenter vibes for 12 minutes with slow bass throbs and cold, chilling synth atmospheres and Silvio's mix steps up a gear for a more fluid, slinky dancefloor momentum embellished with spaciously layered synthlines for sexy midnight effect."

??? às 08:40

Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Acid Test 09 (2014)


Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Acid Test 09 MP3/mirror

Delectable deep acid rubs from Dozzy and Tin Man. It's practically an acid nerd's wet dream come true, featuring twenty of the most patient digits in modern house and techno milking the 303 into pure silk. A-side is subtly breathtaking, a masterclass in debonaire groove and melodic acid augmented by drifting pads and trickling synthline for something reaching beyond the sum of its parts. B-side, they indulge more wayward tastes with a beatless copulation of square bass shapes and skin-prickling pizzicato synths, and drift out to the bluest ambient haze.

??? às 06:55

D/P/I - RICO (2014)

D/P/I - RICO MP3/mirror

Potent dose of hyper-lucid yet intangible electronic deviations from DJ Purple Image for LA's Leaving Records. With a preternaturally fluid grasp of dynamics and complex, psychedelic arrangement, in 'Rico' he shreds up microscopic samples into fibrillating, frayed structures comparable with the 2-step and footwork-esque flux of SND, SFV Acid or Gabor Lazar, but guided with an adroit jazz hand.

??? às 06:45

Trans Am - Volume X (2014)

Trans Am - Volume X MP3/mirror

There are three ways of interpreting Volume X, the title of the new album by Trans Am. The first is obvious – it is the band’s tenth studio release, comprised of ten songs that display ten unique sides of Phil Manley, Nathan Means, and Sebastian Thomson. You can also imagine a volume knob being cranked all the way up, the amplification level for an ideal Trans Am listening session. But it can also be read as a representation of the band’s remarkable ability to express, and even embody, unknown capacities, adopting bold stylistic and aesthetic shifts as a defining tenet of their quarter-century long career. Trans Am refuse to rely on their legacy as innovators, opting instead to continue to break down established modes of songwriting, even if they established those modes themselves. Volume X continues in this gloriously contrarian tradition, presenting fans with strange and familiar sounds in new contexts, from kosmische rock to futuristic speed metal to robo-balladry to variants on classic rock that are so warped as to be rendered completely unrecognizable.
“Anthropocene” opens the album with 30 seconds of serene synthesizer ambience before obliterating the stillness with a massive, fuzzy riff anchored by Thomson’s relentless, pounding groove, recorded live in the studio for maximum impact. Volume X is full of these types of disarming moments. Halfway through the sweeping, Kraftwerkian “Night Shift” the song’s syncopated shuffle suddenly becomes a throbbing motorik pulse as two drum takes are overlaid. “Backlash” creeps in with a massive synthesized low-end drone before breaking into a Kill ‘Em All inspired thrash riff that is one of the most aggressive passages the band has laid to tape. And the band saves their most poignant melody for the stripped down slow jam “I’ll Never,” with a vocoded Nathan Means intoning, “Its true, I’ll never get over you.”

??? às 06:40

Equals - Tracts (2014)

Equals - Tracts MP3/mirror

??? às 06:25

Autistici - Attaching Softness (2014)

Autistici - Attaching Softness MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 06:10

Vondelpark - Seabed (Remixed) (2014)

Vondelpark - Seabed (Remixed) MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 06:05

Rob Clouth - Clockwork Atom (2014)

Rob Clouth - Clockwork Atom MP3/mirror

??? às 06:00

Daphni & Owen Pallett - Julia / Tiberius (2014)

Daphni & Owen Pallett - Julia / Tiberius MP3/mirror

Dan Snaith (Caribou) and Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett present a tidy twist on UKF styles with two shots of rugged tribal minimalism. Their combination of Pallett's string arrangements and Snaith's sub-sunk, swingeing rhythm on 'Julia' harks back to '08/'09 style Roska, Donae'o and Geeneus riddims; 'Tiberius' cuts a bit deeper with rompin', rump toms, scuffed hi-hat shuffles and discordant strings reminding of Mica Levi's recent 'Under The Skin' OST. Tipped!

??? às 05:55

Deadboy - Return (2014)

Deadboy - Return MP3/mirror / FLAC

Exceptional, full-bodied 'Return' from the feted UK producer on Glasgow/London's Numbers. Since his Blaquewerk' 12" in 2013, Deadboy's been rumoured to have a hand in the mysterious Black Metal X Grime posse, Bøne Squad, but here he's back to classic garage and futurist funk antics with four tracks spanning ambient new age thru tropical grime and infectious disco greaze. 'Return' is a beautful ambeint scene setter, giving way to the prime Freestyle-Italo funk of 'Des Niles' - a summer anthem if we've ever heard one - onto technoid 2-step in 'YYVH', and mercurial, Murlo-esque grime reduction, 'Life Code'. Total winner.

??? às 05:00
Segunda-feira, 28 de Abril de 2014

Lufth - Distanz Und Nahe (2014)

Lufth - Distanz Und Nahe MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 21:55

Sven Weisemann - Falling Leaves (2014)

Sven Weisemann - Falling Leaves MP3/mirror / FLAC

For the blackest day of the year, the Record Store Day, we will be releasing the first official Sven Weisemann EP on FAUXPAS MUSIK. We are also proud to announce that included is a special remix by the prominent ambient mas- ter, Gigi Masin. We could not be more excited to release this track!

??? às 21:45

14 Tracks: Underworld Missive (2013)

14 Tracks: Underworld Missive MP3

1. SIR RICHARD BISHOP & W. DAVID OLIPHANT : Sambhogakaya (5:16)
2. MOHAMMAD : Sakrifis (6:52)
3. BARN OWL : Void Redux (6:22)
4. KEVIN DRUMM : Dimming The Gas Lights (8:50)
5. EMPTYSET : Chislehurst Mine – Kent, England 02.11.12 (5:18)
6. THE HAXAN CLOAK : Miste (5:38)
7. PAUL JEBANASAM : Rites: III (6:14)
8. OLD APPARATUS & PAPER DOLLSHOUSE : Sunday Service (6:54)
9. GRAVETEMPLE : Ambient/Ruin D (10:05)
10. LUSSURIA : Movement I (10:07)
11. ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE : Something New Is Happening (8:28)
12. PRURIENT : Chosen Books (5:52)
13. MAIN : IV (9:03)
14. HELM : II (14:59)

??? às 19:35

Taylor Deupree - Lost & Compiled (2014)

Taylor Deupree - Lost & Compiled MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Lost & Compiled is a CD that Taylor Deupree has been wanting to make for years and, finally, as part of his 2014 Japan tour (with Illuha, Stephan Mathieu and Federico Durand) it has come to light. The album was debuted at the venues of the tour and in an attempt to keep the release on the quiet side will only receive a small amount of Japanese distribution but otherwise only be available in the 12k shop and not through 12k’s regular distribution channels.

Lost & Compiled is a collection of early mixes of songs from the past few years as well as some previously unreleased works. The concept for the release came from the idea that songs that Deupree writes go through so many permutations that by the time they are released they have left behind a trail of ghosts. Sometimes when he goes back to early and rough mixes of songs he will hear something more relaxed, free, and less perfect... a point in the song’s life where the stress of finishing it or the polish of a “final” mix hasn’t yet taken place.

The songs on this album are just that; tracks in earlier states of completion or entirely different versions that never made the final cut. It’s an interesting look at what gets left behind and buried that are no less powerful, and quite a bit more vulnerable, than the final cuts.

??? às 18:50

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos VII (2014)

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos VII MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Way back in 2011, Stars of the Lid's Adam Wiltzie teamed up with Berlin-based pianist/composer Dustin O'Halloran to form the drone-focused A Winged Victory for the Sullen, who released their self-titled debut LP back then on Kranky and Erased Tapes. Those labels will release the project's second full-length, ATOMOS, later this year, which doubles as the official score for choreographer Wayne McGregor's long-form dance piece of the same name. Before that, though, a teaser EP of sorts, ATOMOS VII, will see release on April 28; it features this swelling title track along with an outtake from the recording sessions for A Winged Victory for the Sullen's first album, as well as a collaborative track with like-minded pianist Ben Frost.

??? às 13:30

Moon B - II (2014)

Moon B - II MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Time for another dirty south rider, going deep south back to the A. It's been two years since his landmark debut on Peoples Potential Unlimited, now B is back with his latest long play entitled "II." Eight previously unreleased selections from Hotlanta producer Wes Gray, recorded over the past couple of years at his home studio. Moon B's signature slank rhythms and cutting basslines you've grown accustomed to are all here.

??? às 12:40

Prins Thomas - Prins Thomas III (2014)

Prins Thomas - Prins Thomas III MP3

??? às 12:30

A Victim Of Society - Distractions (2014)

A Victim Of Society - Distractions FLAC/mirror

Having impressed us over the past nearly three years with their excellent first releases and their explosive concerts, it is now time to get our hands on the first complete work of A Victim Of Society. And its name is ''Distractions''.
Vagelis Makris and Fotis Ntouskas, in other words the two members of the band, manage to fit in their music the best moments of the bands that made us love rock n 'roll and at the same time to create a completely personal sound. Dark, dirty, neurotic, yet addictive, ''Distractions'' steps on the best music of the past but still sounds as fresh and contemporary, as few of its genre. Haunting guitars and loops that produce waves of rhythmic noise accompany the spunky vocals to create the perfect soundtrack for a nightmarish post-urban landscape. Recorded at Sonic Playground Studios by Nikos Triantafyllou and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music Studio in New York, ''Distractions'' has all the makings to be a landmark album of the greek alternative scene.

??? às 12:00

SD Laika - That's Harakiri (2014)

SD Laika - That's Harakiri MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

After 2012's corrosive Unknown Vectors EP on Visionist's Lost Codes label and a subsequent agonising silence, SD Laika's debut album for Tri Angle 'That's Harakiri' makes absolutely sure that no one in this new grime renaissance has a stranger, scarier, more enterprising voice than he does. Peter Runge is based in Milwaukee, but sounds like a jeep-sized inter-dimensional arachnid being based in a mess of webs underneath Wiley's house. This especially deranged collection of tracks branches outwards in two directions, exploring more experimentally noisy forms and textures as well as a wider area of grime and London club sounds such as the syncopations of funky. It's the city as you've never heard it before - Logos reconfigured, Burial with an animal brain, clubbers as filthy fleet-footed zombies wielding tailpipes and hubcaps. A complex, disturbing and sometimes shocking listen, That's Harakiri is the most alien of all alien grime so far, and that's quite something.

??? às 11:10

Red Axes - Ballad Of The Ice (2014)

Red Axes - Ballad Of The Ice MP3/mirror

Tel Aviv-based partners Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi have quite a history together. They moved to Europe and started the Red Cotton post-punk band, touring with it before moving back to Tel Aviv and reinventing themselves as Red Axes. Their "Break It!" party helped to establish their playful and psychedelic brand of house and disco, which is often embellished with their own live instruments. In the past few years they've released a series of EPs for labels like Correspondant and I'm A Cliché, and they'll return to the latter for their debut full-length. Ballad Of The Ice will feature collaborations with Brazilian-born musician Abrão Levin as well as a cover of Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi's Dead," and it'll be preceded by an EP release for "Kicks Out Of You," which you can listen to here or below.

??? às 10:45

Young Magic - Breathing Statues (2014)

Young Magic - Breathing Statues MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Reigning in the melodic chaos of their previous works, the dystopian beats on Young Magic's second release Breathing Statues was conceived in a series of experiments. Producer Isaac Emmanuel and vocalist Melati Malay pieced together the album over a year while on tour - recording in Morocco, France, Czech Republic, Australia, Iceland and their home studio in New York. With Breathing Statues, Young Magic's series of audio experimentations coalesce into a new holographic landscape, showing a band progressing with ambition towards a sound uniquely their own.

??? às 10:40

DSCRD - Panopticon (2014)

DSCRD - Panopticon MP3

??? às 06:35

Alis - Apache (2014)

Alis - Apache MP3

Subeena Plamenova aka Alis turns out two techno trax for Fifth Wall backed with Ital and Matrixxman remixes. 'Apache' skanks and swings on an airborne techno coda buoyed by plush synth arrangement and restless percussion beside the firmly grounded acid attack of 'Modus'. On the flip, Ital turns 'Apache' inside out with a delirious flux of delays and warehouse reverbs and Matrixxman licks up the same cut with raging power surge mentasms and kinky drums.

??? às 06:30

Oren Ambarchi - Stacte Karaoke (2014)

Oren Ambarchi - Stacte Karaoke MP3

Two raw, ecstatic, face-melting guitar solos recorded in one take in the Ambarchi "Stacte tradition." This time around, Ambarchi is backed up by a badass rhythm section from Texas, and together they ride the endless riff into the goddamn sunset.

??? às 06:25

Nicky Sparkles - It's Your Life (2014)

Nicky Sparkles - It's Your Life MP3

This week we give you Nicky Sparkles' debut single 'It's Your Life' !

??? às 06:15

Rosen & Spyddet - Springet Som Symbol (2014)

Rosen & Spyddet - Springet Som Symbol MP3

Rosen & spyddet returns with four soft dynamic tape compositions that combine the core of early '80s UK post punk and new wave, '90s insistent techno production and European early/mid '70s synthesizer music. Depth, detail and punch from Denmark.

??? às 06:10

Joe Howe - Exep (2014)

Joe Howe - Exep MP3/mirror

JOE HOWE is a young musician and composer based in Glasgow. He has just finished his Masters in the Sound for the Moving Image course at Glasgow School of Art where part of his thesis submission is a software he developed to simultaneously conduct human performers and pre-recorded elements using movement recognition through a Microsoft Kinect camera.
He has been steadily recording and releasing music since 2005. Classically trained on both Piano & Saxophone, Joe took to electronic music via permissive high school teachers, an old Atari ST equipped with a rudimentary version of Cubase and a slightly broken SH-101. He still uses the same (albeit updated) software today.
His countless projects include collaborations with Momus and several releases under the moniker Ben Butler & Mousepad and recently the opening track of “SND.PE VOL.01” plus a remix of Eero Johannes’ “Real Virtuality” on Sound Pellegrino.
Amongst his many artistic endeavours, he has composed and arranged the music for soundtrack to Santiago Blaum’s play ‘Die Geschichte Vom Soldaten Elik’ drawing inspiration from the work of Igor Stravinsky while paying homage to latter day Frank Zappa.
Seduced by his multidisciplinary approach, Sound Pellegrino has invited him to join its roster, under his legal name encompassing all of Joe’s talents.
His debut on the label is “EXEP”, which stands for “EXtra Extended Play”.
A producer’s solid statement over 8 tracks spanning from digital funk to playful musique concrète that undoubtedly bring to mind images of him laying the building blocks of a very confident emotion-rich construction set.
As a testament of their immediate charm, “Groove-script” and “Zip” have both been licensed by KENZO for the unveiling of their recent capsule collections.
The record closes with the heart-breaking “Musografik”, a love song without words offering a glimpse at Joe’s impeccable songwriting skills.
Expect much more music from Joe Howe, including a forthcoming collaboration with Matthias Zimmermann on the label’s next collective album…

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Molia Falls - The Lost Tapes (2013)

Molia Falls - The Lost Tapes MP3 / FLAC

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