Sábado, 31 de Maio de 2014

Kareem - The Sky is Gone But You Are Still Here (2014)

Kareem - The Sky is Gone But You Are Still Here MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Exceptional industrial Techno movements from the overse'er of Berlin's legendary Zhark Recordings. On his first excursion since the bleak, beatless expanse of 'Porto Ronco' for The Death Of Rave, Kareem crosses boundaries between Gothic Industrial and the kind of Wild Pitch-styled house grooves which infected his formative club experience in the early-mid '90s. Working circa 120bpm or slower, four tracks explore dank, sleazy strains of industrialised house swing rolling between T++ style aqua-tech on 'The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here', to the oxidised iron clangour of 'Wildpitch, I Think I Loved You'. B-side cuts deeper with the throbbing bassdrum massage and opiated atmospheres of 'Divine Hunger', and 'La Iguana' checks out on sub-bass-driven reduction of drily funked up breakbeat techno. A massive recommendation to fans of T++/Dynamo, Silent Servant, CUB, Shifted.

??? às 15:50

The Acid - Liminal (2014)

The Acid - Liminal MP3 / FLAC

No, this isn't a bad trip - just a couple of weeks after revealing their identities, previously shadowy trio The Acid have announced their debut album. 'Liminal' is out 7th July through Infectious Music (Alt-J, Drenge). The project belongs to Ry X, plus producer Adam Freeland and Steve Nalepa. Up to now their tracks have rooted themselves in abrasive, minimal pop, drenched in bass notes. 'Creeper' - the first track from this debut album - is no different. Like a more naive cousin to Portishead's 'Machine Gun', it's defined by repeated monotone vocals, interjected by percussion that doesn't so much punch as grab you by the inners. The original release date of June 2 has since been pushed back, and Infectious Records will now release the album July 7.

??? às 13:05

The Nautilus Project - Futuristica (2014)

The Nautilus Project - Futuristica MP3 / FLAC

After the "Solid State Society" release, which was published as the Nautilus Project's third studio album on U-Cover (Belgium), the futuristic aspects of the music project were rendered and materialized to a new intermediate station. As slightly announced here and there, TNP changed its subject structure, away from the oceanic themes with which TNP has been become famous for in the past, for example with the releases of "Backdrift To Sea", "Operations", "Harbor At Night" and "Get Back On Course". "Solid State Society" was the first step and the beginning of the new direction into post-modern/future/sci-fi/space worlds, so the actual "ship" (the Nautilus, as a transport medium) just changed its terrain and time. That decision wasn't planned in advance, it came naturally due to the revival of Nemo's fascination about space, cyberpunk, far and endless worlds in outer space and all those great vintage times, where people imagined the post-modern future in the 80s with gaming computers and sci-fi books - although it was mainly produced in the territory of dubtechno and deep techno. Now, with "Futuristica", we have the follower release to the SSS album. It contains all the works which hadn't a chance to find its place on the CD. Some of them were finished before and during the album release, some of them shortly after. Decisions had to been taken due to the side-production of "Shades & Forms", so those unreleased tracks went to a label which was interested in a vinyl release, but it never materialized. Finally and with some additions, "Futuristica" has been published here, including great remixes of the highly successful artists of Quantec, Mr. Cloudy and Ayqix.

??? às 12:25

Jacques Greene - Phantom Vibrate Remixes (2014)

Jacques Greene - Phantom Vibrate Remixes MP3/mirror / FLAC

1.No Excuse (Fort Romeau Mix) (6:25)

2.No Excuse (Yung Gud Mix) (4:51)

3.No Excuse (Kit Grill Mix) (3:39)

4.Night Tracking (Area Forty One Mix) (5:30)

??? às 10:00

Christian Lisco - Thoughts (2014)

Christian Lisco - Thoughts MP3/mirror

??? às 07:58

Maria Minerva - Histrionic (2014)

Maria Minerva - Histrionic MP3 / FLAC/mirror

Maria Minerva’s music has always felt suffused with a sense of distance. Her songs long for states of being just beyond reach. Though her earlier recordings communicated this disconnect via Wi-Fi warped fidelities, her recent work is more interested in overtly contemporary sonic vocabulary: digital, detailed, diaristic. “Histrionic” is Minerva’s first full-length conceived and finished on American soil (she recently acquired a U.S. artist’s visa) and is, coincidentally, her most versatile and assured. The album’s 11 skewed slices of synthetic pop function collectively as a fragmentary self-portrait: there’s the shuffling, layered beats of various UK bass scenes absorbed during her years in London clubs; the anthemic 90’s global dance pop of her youth in Estonia; the spoken-word and experimental samples gleaned from her university days; and the floating textural ballads born from the displaced life of a touring musician, stranded in hotel rooms and airport terminals. The lyrics are similarly layered, vulnerable yet oblique, embracing pop tropes of romance and heartbreak while also hinting at their hollowness. It’s this woozy commingling of dispassion and melody, of fantasy and foreignness, that infuses “Histrionic” with such rich ambiguity.

??? às 07:10

Toshinori Kondo, Eraldo Bernocchi, Bill Laswell - Charged (1999)

Toshinori Kondo, Eraldo Bernocchi, Bill Laswell - Charged FLAC/mirror

??? às 07:05

Dawn Golden - Still Life (2014)

Dawn Golden - Still Life FLAC/mirror fixed

??? às 06:15

Roll the Dice - Until Silence (2014)

Roll the Dice - Until Silence MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

It's the Stockholm experimental duo's first full-length release since 2011 (though they collaborated on an EP with Pole in the interim, and member Peder Mannerfelt has kept plenty busy with solo work). As they tell it, Until Silence continues the narrative that their first two albums advanced—if their second album, In Dust, saw the "pastoral" sound of their self-titled debut corrupted by compositional flourishes suggesting industrialization, then things stand to get even more grittily mechanized on album number three. Mannenfelt says Roll The Dice "wanted to push the music to extremes" here, shooting for a sound "both harder and darker, but more romantic and emotional at the same time." It features string arrangements played by a 26-piece ensemble, along with the duo's usual electronics. In addition to CD and digital releases, the album ships as a limited-edition double LP.

??? às 06:15

Peter Murphy - Lion (2014)

Peter Murphy - Lion FLAC/mirror

??? às 06:05
Sexta-feira, 30 de Maio de 2014

Diamond Version - CI (2014)

Diamond Version - CI MP3 / FLAC

Diamond Version’s debut album pairs blistering electronic rhythms, deconstructed techno and dread static with clipped slogans borrowed from advertising and marketing, in both lyrics and track titles such as ‘Science For A Better Life’, ‘Access To Excellence’ and ‘Raising The Bar’.

‘CI’ (which stands for Corporate Identity), follows on from a series of five 12” singles released through Mute and is the culmination of nearly three years of hard work which began when Raster-Noton and Mute both curated the 2011 Short Circuit Festival of electronic music at the Roundhouse in Camden, London.

“It started with the Roundhouse,” recall Diamond Version. “Daniel [Miller, Mute founder] has always been interested in what we do. We shared ideas and experiences, and then it was very clear that we should do something together.”

This the collaborative project between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental and visionary creators in modern music and, although Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai have worked closely together since founding Raster-Noton in 1996, it wasn’t until they formed Diamond Version that they started working together as a duo.

For the debut album, Diamond Version came up with an unusual list of possible vocal collaborators. “We tried to find unpredictable vocalist collaborations - something that you would not think of in the first place, so it didn’t feel streamlined. We wanted to break a certain kind of logic.”

??? às 20:44

Unperson - Stream of Consciousness (2014)

Unperson - Stream of Consciousness MP3

1. Upnnpu (8:37)

2. Unperson#1 (6:27)

3. uuuppp (6:28)

4. Unperson#2 (6:31)

5. Upnnpu (Samuli Kemppi Remix) (7:10)

6. Unperson #1 (Tomohiko Sagae Remix) (6:02)

7. Unperson (Perc Remix) (6:17)

8. Unperson#2 (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) (5:27)

??? às 20:42

_moonraker - Refracuity (2014)

_moonraker - Refracuity MP3/mirror

??? às 20:39

J Velez - Ausland (2014)

J Velez - Ausland MP3/mirror

??? às 20:38

Bill Laswell - Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission (2004)

Bill Laswell - Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission FLAC

??? às 20:35

Sculpture - Hackle Scam Populator (Karen Gwyer Remix) (2014)

Sculpture - Hackle Scam Populator (Karen Gwyer Remix) MP3 / FLAC24

??? às 12:25

Charlton - Intelligent Life (2014)

Charlton - Intelligent Life MP3FLAC

??? às 12:15

Actress - Untitled (2014)

Actress - Untitled MP3/mirror

??? às 08:05

I IM EYE MY - 7 Transmissions (2014)

I IM EYE MY - 7 Transmissions MP3/mirror

Formed by Philadelphian shred savants Al Creedon and Sean Hamilton as an outlet for their less headbangist musings, the bafflingly monikered (but fun to say) I IM EYE MY pour a lot of hot potions into their scavenger's cauldron: horizon-line Casio pop, boiled vine psychedelia, kalimba krautrock, stone temple psychosis, dirt road dream sequences, etc. Partially assembled during a session at Kensington's premier recordist lair Fancy Time Studios, the duo further architected the songs with layers of Farfisa, hand percussion, cheap keyboards, Youtube samples, piano, prepared guitar, feedback, midi miscellany, and more. The rich blitzkrieg of toys, tools, and tricks works; 7 Transmissions is a stirring and striking listen, meshing modes and moods and fidelities into frenzied fusions as unclassifiable as their name. Eccentric electronic exotica for a planet drunk on dreams of devolution. More persuasive proof of the potency of instinctive collaborations. Striated-shadow collage cover artwork by Lisa Armstrong; layout by Chris Kalis. Mastered by Tom Asselin.

??? às 07:10

Rick Wade - The Stalwart (2014)

Rick Wade - The Stalwart FLAC

??? às 07:05

Ripatti & TEETH - Ripatti 04 (2014)

Ripatti & TEETH - Ripatti 04 MP3 / FLAC

??? às 06:10

Vladislav Delay - Ripatti 03 (2014)

Vladislav Delay - Ripatti 03 MP3 / FLAC

??? às 06:05
Quinta-feira, 29 de Maio de 2014

Rivet - Bear Bile (2014)

Rivet - Bear Bile MP3 / FLAC/mirror

??? às 19:25

Laszlo Dancehall - LZD, Pt. 3 (2014)

Laszlo Dancehall - LZD, Pt. 3 FLAC/mirror

"We've been incredibly lucky to put out Laszlo's first two stunning releases, and this third one is more of the thoroughbred house music we've come to expect. I love these guys so much I even did a remix for this release. Plimton is a huge slab of filter house, perfect the high points of any set, whilst Zizzou takes things in a quirkier, more introverted direction. As for my remix, you can make your own minds up. " – George FitzGerald

??? às 18:30

VHS Head - Persistence of Vision (2014)

VHS Head - Persistence of Vision MP3 / FLAC / FLAC+Bleep Exclusive Mix

??? às 12:15

Inigo Kennedy - Vaudeville (2014)

Inigo Kennedy - Vaudeville MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

With a career stretching back to the mid-'90s, Kennedy has put his name to around 100 releases. In the early days, the bulk of the Englishman's work dropped via his own Asymmetric imprint. In 2007, though, he linked up with Belgium label head Kr!z, subsequently releasing a string of well-received 12-inches via the latter's (at the time) fledging Token label. Kennedy has remained one of Token's core artists, helping it become one of the most respected European techno outposts while gaining himself new followers with tough but polished productions. Vaudeville will be Kennedy's first full-length in almost four years, and his first for Token. The album's title takes its name from a 20th century form of theatre, characterised by combining speciality acts like burlesque comedy, song and dance.

??? às 09:45

Tomas Barfod - Love Me (2014)

Tomas Barfod - Love Me MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

After the release of the stunning Pulsing EP last month and widely buzzed about SXSW performances this year, Tomas Barfod has announced a new album Love Me out on June 9th (10th in US) via Secretly Canadian. The release continues the silky and gorgeous production from Tomas that we already love plus some guest vocalists including fellow SC artist Luke Temple [Here We Go Magic], Dead Oceans artist Night Beds, and constant collaborator Nina K.

??? às 09:40

Donovan Blanc - Donovan Blanc (2014)

Donovan Blanc - Donovan Blanc MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

The gorgeous, cloudlike guitars that billow throughout the delf-titled debut from New Jersey duo Donovan Blanc effortlessly recall the similarly-mesmeric music of mid ’80s British groups like Felt and the Wake. So it’s a bit surprising when the group’s two members, Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab, begin to talk about their earliest inspirations.

“Filles de Kilimanjaro by Miles Davis really opened up a lot for me,” explains Schwab. “I was about 15 or 16 when I heard it. What really stood out to me were the harmonies, and the way he messed around with time signatures — playing around with the more technical aspects of music. The songs are almost directionless. It’s not like earlier records where the structure is very straightforward — they follow a long thread that almost seems shapeless, but you’re still engaged the whole time.” Black’s touchstones are similarly left-field, citing a cassette of American folk music his grandmother gave him when he was a boy. “What I liked about it was that it was very straightforward, they were simple but very timeless songs that you can pretty easily relate to. There’s no expiration date on that stuff.”

In a way, Donovan Blanc is the place where those two impulses intersect. The songs on the group’s debut are free-roaming, vocals winding like lazy rivers through loose brambles of guitar; but they’re also undeniably melodic, moody and evocative. The band was formed from the ashes of Honeydrum, the first group Schwab and Black played in together. As that group began to wind down, they pair invented the character of Donovan Blanc (pronounced, “Blah-nk”), a would-be ladies’ man who spends his Friday nights, “trying to find somebody to photograph in the nude at his apartment. And he probably comes up empty.”

You can hear some of that hapless Casanova in “Minha Menina,” with its gently spiraling guitars and soft-focus Valentine lyrics. That it shares a name with a song by Os Mutantes is not entirely coincidental. “When I wrote the tune, I was listening to a lot of Jorge Ben,” Black explains. “I love the Portguese language, and I relished the idea of naming a song ‘Minha Menina.’ So, it’s not an homage, but it’s not not an homage, either.” The song exudes a casual beauty, structurally loose, but grounded in a steady, assured melody.

??? às 09:35

Warpaint - Warpaint (2014)

Warpaint - Warpaint FLAC (japanese edition)

Warpaint is a well-oiled machine. They weave intricate guitar lines, hypnotic vocals and driving post punk rhythms into gorgeous, sprawling songs that skirt the line between psychedelia and intimacy. Both live and on record, Warpaint sound like they're channeling something truly otherworldly, and mystical. They are also a band that truly enjoys playing together. Emily and Theresa have been friends since they were kids, and the bond that the four of them have is truly special.

??? às 09:25

Helm - Impasse (2014)

Helm - Impasse MP3/mirror / FLAC

Mesmerising archival material from Luke Younger's Helm for Ducktails' New Images label, presenting remastered and expanded versions of his mini CDr release for Low Point back in 2008, plus previously unreleased material from the same recording sessions. Radiant, bordering on ecstatic, it spans four tracks of intense, spiralling loops and luscious, whirling harmonics that stand in stark contrast to Luke's more recent outings on PAN, Alter and Kye, but sharing common traits in its searching, inquisitive nature and ascetic sincerity. Matt Mondanile's ever incisive New Images label rightly compare this sound with "evoking similar atmospheres found in the work of Terry Riley and Boyd Rice's early ambient works", implying aesthetic parallels with the richness of Riley's blooming harmonic overtones and the arcane intensity of Rice, but what gets us most about these pieces is that timeless duality of such blissful, meditative beauty and emotion found within ostensibly harsh, howling noise to the extent it becomes impossible to separate the two. We're gripped.

??? às 09:05

Throwing Snow - Mosaic (2014)

Throwing Snow - Mosaic MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

The artist sought variety not only in the production and overall instrumental sound of his tracks, but also by changing the shape of his record by adding a multitude of vocalists who form a key part of Mosaic. Adda Kaleh appears again on the more introspective but nonetheless D&B tinged album cut ‘Maera’ while Kid A’s mesmerizing, haunting vocals grace the appropriately named ‘Hypnotise’. ‘The Void’ features rising UK talent Jassy Grez declaring “I don’t want forgiveness” to heart-trembling effect and Py’s pitched down tones meld with delicately building layers of feedback and murky beats on ‘As You Fall’.

And on a non-lyrical collaboration, save for some ghostly sighs, Tones’ fellow RMBA alumni, US duo KNOX, guest on the atmospheric ‘Draugr’ which evolves from sparse, icy chimes to a percussive maelstrom, its dying breath giving way to album closer ‘Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)’, the latter forming an uplifting melody-led conclusion to this evocative patchwork of sounds and atmospheres.

In as much as earlier EP Pathfinder was intended to be listened to on journeys, Mosaic is very much a continuation of this feeling, as the overall sound and feel matters more than the pinpointing of any one genre. As with Pathfinder, the titles on Mosaic are meant to reflect the music itself, as ‘The Tempest’ builds and roars into a stormy oblivion before ‘Linguis’ whirls with layers while also reflecting the Latin meaning for tongues or languages and nodding to Steve Reich’s evolving rhythmic patterns. The album also reflects an interest in mythology, from ‘Maera’ (Icarus’ hound in Greek myth) to ‘Draugr’ (‘the walking dead’ in Icelandic,) further indicating the full, rounded quality to Mosaic, an impressive debut from one of the UK’s most unique electronic artists.

??? às 08:50

Outer Space - Phantom Center (2014)

Outer Space - Phantom Center MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

John Elliott and Andrew Veres' Outer Space graduate to the Editions Mego academy for space heads with two extended pieces on 'Phantom Center'. Building on the legacy of his output with Emeralds and his expert curation at Spectrum Spools, John Elliott straps in with Veres for an intense, dramatic trip taking in the unfathomably layered celestial techno scapes of 'Arrival and Assessment', and a gyroscopic, beatless wonder of B-side titled 'Crixa / 5925' that moves thru multiple stages of totally detached, isolated and, to be fair, scary as fxxk synth space rendered in HD 3D. Mastered by Neel, ready to send dancefloors sky high and further.

??? às 08:45

Len Faki and Markus Suckut - Skulls EP (2014)

Len Faki and Markus Suckut - Skulls EP FLAC

??? às 06:50

Pablo Bolivar - Must Remixes (2014)

Pablo Bolivar - Must Remixes MP3/mirror

01. Off Soft (Soulphiction Remix) 5:53
02. Diamonds (Dactilar Remix) 6:43
03. Off Soft (Piek Remix) 6:51
04. New Order (Vidall Close Call Remix) 7:34
05. Smoke Mode (Nikosf. No Smoking Remix) 5:42
06. Midnight Frogs (Fosky Remix) 7:28
07. Off Soft (Anton Lanski Drumatic Remix) 5:33
08. Eleven Years (Bfam Remix) 6:08
09. Off Soft (Soulphiction Dubbed Remix) 5:20

??? às 06:05
Quarta-feira, 28 de Maio de 2014

Kemialliset Ystävät - Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa (2014)

Kemialliset Ystävät - Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa MP3 / FLAC

Jan Anderzén and his partners celebrate the transcendental power of ecstatic music. Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa is the first Kemialliset Ystävät album in four years. It is the result of chance enhancing online collaboration methods, desire to get lost in the sound archives and the high art of meticulous editing. The album title is from visions of rivers running down from Heart of Darkness to the City of Joyful Noise. If contemporary music is a high speed train passing by then KY's music would be an orgy of light under a railway bridge.

??? às 21:05

Jon Porras - Undercurrent (2011)

Jon Porras - Undercurrent FLAC/mirror

??? às 21:00

14 Tracks: A Manchester Sound (2014)

14 Tracks: A Manchester Sound MP3

1. Rainer Veil : UK Will Not Survive (5:42)
2. Dub Phizix : Never Been featuring Fox (6:07)
3. Mike O’Neill : Cheetham Hill Speed Scene (3:29)
4. Samrai : Concrete Riddim (3:58)
5. ILLUM SPHERE : Sleeprunner (3:16)
6. THE MISTYS : Pushhh (2:57)
7. DJRum : DAM (Akkord Remix) (4:57)
8. MILLIE & ANDREA : Quay (5:08)
9. GNOD : Untitled (2) (18:29)
10. ACRE : Lunar (Cycles) (4:11)
11. JUNIPER : They Came To Find Us (8:22)
12. Trevino : Pimlico (7:46)
13. ZED BIAS : We’re There featuring Chunky (5:17)
14. Cornered Yet Climbing : Mist Punctures (11:22)

??? às 17:45

Róisín Murphy - Mi senti (2014)

Róisín Murphy - Mi senti FLAC/mirror

Róisín Murphy returns with her anticipated new album Mi Senti, her first solo material since 2012′s ‘Simulation’. The Italian-influenced album draws inspiration from a fine history of Italian pop, with Murphy giving a nod to Venetian diva Patty Pravo on the addictive ‘Pensiero Stupendo’.

??? às 17:35

Elektro Guzzi - Observatory (2014)

Elektro Guzzi - Observatory MP3

The Austrian group have the machine-like sound of so much techno, but they arrive at it through the instrumentation of a rock band: guitar, bass and drum kit. Perhaps best known for their blistering live shows, they've released quite a lot of music over the last handful of years, mostly for Macro. Observatory, their third Macro studio album, finds the band inching ever closer to the drum machines and synths that inspire them; as the press release notes, the band have decided to forego instrument credits on the sleeve.

??? às 16:35

Okkyung Lee - Ghil (2013)

Okkyung Lee - Ghil FLAC/mirror

Preternaturally gifted Korean cellist Okkyung Lee emerged as a peerless force within extreme music during the '00s via shocking releases on Ectsatic Peace! and Tzadik and performances alongside everyone from Laurie Anderson to david Behrman and Evan Parker. She commits one of her most striking issues to date for Stephen O'Malley's impeccable Ideologic Organ. 'Ghil' was recorded and produced by Lasse Marhaug, who purposefully used a crappy old 1976 tape recorder and crude microphone placement rather than hi-end studio equipment to capture the raw intensity of Okkyung's combustible expressions. Recording to a 2nd hand portable cassette recorder from 1976 in a number of locations from Oslo back-alleys to a cabin in the forest and a former hydroelectric powerplant in the mountains, 'Ghil' represents her incredible, skin-flaying techniques with unflinching candour, making for a visceral and white-knuckle experience that's as shocking as it is life-affirming. Highly recommended.

??? às 14:25

Radio Slave - Don’t Stop No Sleep (2014)

Radio Slave - Don’t Stop No Sleep MP3 / FLAC

Effective minimal techno class from Radio Slave for Boddika's Nonplus label. Two heavyweight numbers kick the label out of hibernation since the rather epic 'Think and Change' series. A-side 'Don't Stop No Sleep' works up a drily sprung tech-house stepper using signature bass rolls, pneumatic hi-hats and kinky Chicago stabs to drive the 'floor whilst a nonchalant vocal urges, "Don't Stop, No Sleep'. B-side his 'War Dub (Version 2)' pounds a drier rut of tracky, droning, jakked-up techno house built to work dem bones proper.

??? às 14:00

Ambarchi / O’Malley / Dunn - Shade Themes from Kairos (2014)

Ambarchi / O’Malley / Dunn - Shade Themes from Kairos MP3

??? às 13:55

Daywalker + CF - Supersonic Transport (2014)

Daywalker + CF - Supersonic Transport MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

A touch of reel house class from Willie Burns as Daywalker and Entro Senestre aka C.F. on the mighty L.I.E.S. It's all about the deeply romantic A-side, 'Supersonic Transport', with its sweeping, tiered synth layers and effortless swing jack momentum, but the B-side is none-too-shabby either, with the introspective ambience, purring groove and sampled monologue of 'Bulldog Named Carl', and a slow-mo celestial arpeggios of the closing 'Untitled' cut.

??? às 12:55

Various Artists - Cambiare (2014)

Various Artists - Cambiare MP3/mirror

new compilation on Opal Tapes...

1. Body Boys – Monastery (4:22)
2. BAT – Old Mice (7:55)
3. WOMB – Hard Lines (5:06)
4. Yves De Mey – Faux Movements (4:54)
5. Absurder – We All Have A Past (8:45)
7. Beau Six-0 – Mummification Song (8:30)
8. KETEV – Aleph (5:47)
9. Aniello – 10 (3:24)
10. Karen Gwyer – Girl With Pitbull (4:53)
11. Siobhan – Luxor Liquor (3:49)
12. Worker/Parasite – Prophet (5:44)
13. Alis – ASP (5:26)
14. HOLOVR – Space Weight (7:48)

??? às 12:22

Arbitrarium - Typecast (2014)

Arbitrarium - Typecast MP3

??? às 12:20

Tadeo & Echologist - NON012 (2014)

Tadeo & Echologist - NON012 MP3/mirror

??? às 12:10

Ancient Astronaut - Ancient Astronaut (2014)

Ancient Astronaut - Ancient Astronaut MP3/mirror

??? às 12:00

Wendy Gondeln - Fracking (2014)

Wendy Gondeln - Fracking MP3/mirror

??? às 11:00
Terça-feira, 27 de Maio de 2014

Prins Thomas - 10 Years of Full Pupp (2014)

Prins Thomas - 10 Years of Full Pupp MP3

Over the course of the last decade, Prins Thomas's Full Pupp label has done more than any other to define the "Scandolearic" sound - a decidedly warm and glassy-eyed fusion of sounds that touches on Italo, space disco, krautrock, deep house, slow techno, ambient, new age and electronica. For proof, just check this superb two-disc celebration of the label's first ten years. Mixed live (with additional overdubs added later) by Thomas, it offers a deliciously woozy, evocative and entertaining journey. Made up of a mix of exclusives and overlooked back catalogue tracks, it brilliantly showcases not only the label's distinctive style, but also Norway's slowly expanding electronic disco scene. Naturally, it comes highly recommended.

??? às 20:15

Fabrizio Lapiana - Antimatter 2 (2014)

Fabrizio Lapiana - Antimatter 2 FLAC

??? às 16:35



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Novembro 2018

Outubro 2018

Setembro 2018

Agosto 2018

Julho 2018

Junho 2018

Maio 2018

Abril 2018

Março 2018

Fevereiro 2018

Janeiro 2018

Dezembro 2017

Novembro 2017

Outubro 2017

Setembro 2017

Agosto 2017

Julho 2017

Junho 2017

Maio 2017

Abril 2017

Março 2017

Fevereiro 2017

Janeiro 2017

Dezembro 2016

Novembro 2016

Outubro 2016

Setembro 2016

Agosto 2016

Julho 2016

Junho 2016

Maio 2016

Abril 2016

Março 2016

Fevereiro 2016

Janeiro 2016

Dezembro 2015

Novembro 2015

Outubro 2015

Setembro 2015

Agosto 2015

Julho 2015

Junho 2015

Maio 2015

Abril 2015

Março 2015

Fevereiro 2015

Janeiro 2015

Dezembro 2014

Novembro 2014

Outubro 2014

Setembro 2014

Agosto 2014

Julho 2014

Junho 2014

Maio 2014

Abril 2014

Março 2014

Fevereiro 2014

Janeiro 2014

Dezembro 2013

Novembro 2013

Outubro 2013

Setembro 2013

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