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Marcel Dettmann - Seduction (2014)

Marcel Dettmann - Seduction MP3FLAC

01 - Seduction feat. Emika (Short Version)
02 - Seduction feat. Emika (Deuce Remix)
03 - Seduction feat. Emika (Anthony Parasole Remix)
04 - Seduction feat. Emika (Ryan Elliott Remix)

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Robert Rich - Premonitions 1980-85 (2014)

Robert Rich - Premonitions 1980-85 MP3/mirror

Robert Rich's solo and collaborative recordings have proven extremely influential on a range of new school ambient and experimental artists.

Although almost a decade younger than his cohorts, Rich's association with the West Coast scene of space-music pioneers such as Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny, and Michael Stearns also makes him one of the few of that generation to have interfaced creatively with the new wave of experimental electronic composers.

A northern California native, Rich began building his own analog synthesizers in the late '70s before attending Stanford University, where he completed a degree in psychology. While at Stanford, Rich's involvement in the university's prestigious Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics expanded his interest in digital synthesis; and his Bay Area location brought him in contact with a wide range of non-traditional and non-Western musical ideas.

Rich's innovation of the all-night "sleep concerts" during this period derived from his interests in psychophysiology and sleep research, and helped solidify an aesthetic focus on psychoacoustics, perceptible in early recordings such as Sunyata, Trances and Drones.

Rich's mid-period works such as Rainforest and Propagation combined that interest with more recognizable electro-acoustic elements (Rich plays a wide range of instruments, from synths and effects racks to lap steel guitar, hand drums and flute), but the influence of digital sound manipulation also moved increasingly to the fore.

Inspired by the more textural works of artists like SPK and Throbbing Gristle, Rich's interest in the edgier side of electronic composition has also earned him a reputation among fans of gothic, industrial, and dark ambient, made most obvious by his collaboration in 1995 with Brian Williams of Lustmord.

In addition to his more ambient-leaning works, Rich released albums with the experimental pop band Amoeba, and more recently with Meridiem. He has been influential in spreading interest in harmonic tuning systems (just intonation), works closely with music software and hardware companies in product development, creates sound design for film and television, and teaches a university course on audio mastering.

This 4Lp-Box set focuses on Rich's early stage of composition and performance, from 1979-85. Most of this music is previously unreleased, or came out on limited cassettes from the U.K. Auricle Label or Swedish Psychout Productions, which later became Multimood, and released his Lp Numena in 1986.

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Julius Steinhoff - Flocking Behaviour (2014)

Julius Steinhoff - Flocking Behaviour MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Sterling solo debut album from Smallpeople's Julius Steinhoff. From the core of Hamburg's Smallville crew/label/record shop, Julius delivers a suite of sweeping yet personal romantic gestures ripe for intimate deep house sessions. Echoing the classic moods & grooves of Chicago, Detroit and New York with crisp German production values and radiant sense of space, the eight trax of 'Flocking Behaviour' are testament to a proper passion for deep house and an awareness of when minimalism can go too far in one direction. Make sure to check for the chiming couplet of late night beauties, 'Cheetah Nights' and 'Flocking Behaviour', and the sparkle-eyed sci-fi house depths of 'Treehouse'.

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Edvard Graham Lewis - All Under (2014)

Edvard Graham Lewis - All Under MP3 / FLAC/mirror

**Four soundtracks for films and installations by the legendary member of Wire, Dome * He Said. Mastered by Russell Haswell** "'All Under', the companion release to 'All Over' compiles soundtracks to films, installations and a self penned short story. This is familiar terrain for Lewis who, along with Bruce Gilbert produced the early interactive audio-visual installation 'MZUI' at London’s Waterloo Gallery in 1981. Since this period Lewis as been involved in countless soundtracks to all manner of cultural artefacts. The haunting score to Gunilla Leander's 2003 short film 'All Under' was improvised in real time with a sampler and FX processing and recorded on to mini disc. The results are a viscous ambience of swirls, feedback and distortion. This material was then adapted for an immersive 3 screen installation of the same visual material which features combinations of 6 nude bodies (4 men, 2 women) fighting and wrestling, filmed underwater. The soundtrack here crawls further in the depths as electronic phrases swim amongst a foreboding ambience. Both of these works encapsulate the same disembodied effect of the visual material as hovering, uncanny sound worlds seep into the listeners subconscious. 'The Eel Wheeled' features Lewis' reading one of his own bizarre stories underscored with a suitably disorientating soundtrack sourced from sound effects of the Prime Sounds SFX Library. This version was re-mixed by Thomas Öberg (member of Bob Hund and 27#11). 'No Show Godot' concludes the set. A soundtrack to a 'sky movie' (road movies be warned) completed in 2013. Coming out of the initial sub aquatic environments of the opening works, 'No Show Godot' takes us on a spiralling high before folding into a gritty godly industrial mantra which comes along as a perfect means of tying up these two concurrent releases as a symmetrical whole."

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Edvard Graham Lewis - All Over (2014)

Edvard Graham Lewis - All Over MP3 / FLAC/mirror

Editions Mego present the first new solo recordings from Edvard Graham Lewis - songwriter and musician behind seminal records with Wire, Dome and He Said - to be released this century. Recorded and produced by Lewis at Tip Top Studios, Uppsala, Sweden between 2003-2013, 'All Over' is a fine example of his technofied, industrialised pop songwriting, balancing focus between song structures and sound design. His oaky, affected baritone is present and correct across 12 pieces strung out from the chugging techno chamber-pop of 'Straight into the Corner' and the gauzier slug of 'Bluebird' thru oxidised ambient noise composition in 'Prism Buzzard' and the typical juxtaposition of his mannered yet wry and urgent vocals with ATR-style cyberpunk in 'Passport to International Travel'. Also featuring contributions from Lewis' He Said Omala bandmate Andreas Karperyd, "bartered tones" by Howardamb, electronics from Akatombo, vocals from Linda Dahl, Jan Lundqvist and Jim Ascoft, plus mastering by Russell Haswell, it's a unique, dream-like vision of electronic pop providing proof - if needed - of his relevance in the 21st century.

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SND - Tplay (1998)

SND - Tplay MP3/mirror

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Various Artists - Eccentric Soul: Capitol City Soul (2014)

Various Artists - Eccentric Soul: Capitol City Soul MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Fifty records later, The Numero Group returns to its eccentric roots, Ohio’s Capitol City and the sonorous Shangri-La carved out by the indefatigable Bill Moss. Filling in, around, and on top of our original The Capsoul Label collection, Capitol City Soul is a trove of completely unissued and underissued treasures from Moss and company. A decade in the making, this is the set of soul discoveries that no one but The Numero Group could achieve. Features otherwise unreleased songs from the Kool Blues, the Four Mints, Jupiter’s Release, and Love Maximum, alongside rare sides by Dean Francis & the Soul Rockers, the Chandlers, Associated Press, the Soul Partners, and the Vondors. From the vaults under the basements under the garages of one of the nation's most unsung music scenes.

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Regis - Blood Witness (2014)

Regis - Blood Witness MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Downwards capitulate to demand with this digital issue of two highly sought alternate versions to Regis' 'Blood Witness' 'In A Syrian Tongue' 12" - originally released by Blackest Ever Black. The original single is easily one of Regis' best, and these new takes are equally crucial. The gritted churn of 'Blood Witness' is now extended and re-calibrated to a more reduced, aggressive agenda with burred beats and swooping bass comparable with the CUB records, while the edit gets further inside the groove with serpentine, lip-bitingly strong effect. Hugely recommended.

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Craig Leon - Early Electronic Works (2014)

Craig Leon - Early Electronic Works MP3/mirror / FLAC / NEW: FLAC24/mirror

Nommos is an electronic work based in speculative fiction. It was inspired by a 1970s New York exhibition devoted to the art of the Dogon people of Mali. The Dogon are renowned for their cosmogony and for their sculptures evoking their religious beliefs, received from extraterrestrial visitors, known as the Nommos, a group of amphibian humanoids who came to them from the region of the double star Sirius.

This very unusual work was written in 1979 by the American-born record producer, composer and arranger, Craig Leon, who explains: ‘It was not constructed as a piece based on Dogon or other African music. Rather it was an attempt to imagine the music that the Nommos brought with them to Earth from their home planet, thereby influencing the development of our own music. A simple melodic and harmonic structure was used, in conjunction with repetitive two-bar rhythmic patterns.’ The result is breathtaking!

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Infiniti (Luke Wyatt) - M30 (2014)

Infiniti (Luke Wyatt) - M30 MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Infiniti (インフィニティ Infiniti?, IPA: [inɸinʲiti]) is the luxury vehicle division ofJapanese automaker Nissan Motor Company. Infiniti officially started selling vehicles on November 8, 1989 in North America.

The Infiniti brand was introduced in the USA in 1989. Infiniti is Luke Wyatt. Themarketing strategy was to target the premium vehicle segments in the United States that would not have otherwise fit in with Nissan’s more mainstream image, and partially influenced by the Plaza Accord of 1985.

The Infiniti marque was launched with two models, the Q45, and the M30. The Q45 was based on the all new second generation JDM Nissan President on a five millimeter shorter wheelbase platform at 2,875 mm (113.2 in). Starting with model year 1992, the wheelbase matched the President’s wheelbase at 2880 mm (113.4 in). The Q45 included a 278 hp (207 kW; 282 PS) V8 engine, four wheel steering, and active suspension system offered on the first generation Q45t. The car’s features would have made it competitive in the full-sized “luxury” segment against the Mercedes S-Class,BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XJ and Cadillac Fleetwood.

1990 Infiniti M30

A second model was introduced in 1990, the 2-door M30, a badge engineered Nissan Leopard. It remained in production for three years as an alternative to the Lexus SC. The powertrain was the VG30E 162 hp (121 kW; 164 PS) engine and an automatic transmission. The M30 coupe was underpowered for its stock weight of 3,333 lb (1,512 kg). The M30 convertible weighed even more, due to the required body and chassis reinforcements.

Infiniti did not offer an mid-luxury sedan to match the first Japanese luxury sedan introduced to North America, the Acura Legend, which was later joined by the Lexus GS. Infiniti’s first offering in the entry-level luxury segment was the Infiniti J30, which had to compete with the revised 1992 Lexus ES and was unsuccessful owing to its small interior and unusual styling to which it was succeeded in 1996 by the Infiniti Iseries, related to the Nissan Maxima and in 2002 by the Infiniti G35.

The Infiniti badge is a stylized representation of a road extending into the horizon, stretching to “Infiniti”. Infiniti is Luke Wyatt.

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Xeno & Oaklander - Par Avion (2014)

Xeno & Oaklander - Par Avion MP3 / FLAC/mirror

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M. Geddes Gengras - Ishi (2014)

M. Geddes Gengras - Ishi MP3 / FLAC

M. Geddes Gengras has prepared a new LP called Ishi for release on June 24th.

The Los Angeles-based producer is a major synth head, crafting ambient music under his own name, working with bands like Robedoor and Sun Araw and also dipping his toes into more dance-friendly waters with projects like Personable (which has released for labels like Opal Tapes and Peak Oil). His new album comprises "sprawling ambient explorations and deep, mystical drone," composed on modular synths—some of which are custom made. It's based on the story of Ishi, who was known as the "last wild Indian," or in less problematic terms, the last known Native American in the US to exist entirely outside of settler society when he was discovered in California in 1911.

Ishi has a more personal bent as well, inspired by "perpetual outsiders and their quest to understand the torrent of information they are constantly subjected to," according to Gengras himself. Gengras lost two people in his life who "suffered the same affliction," and he adds that "Ishi is a metaphor for that, the man who walks into our world understanding none of it but forced to live in it regardless. This is somewhere in between a prayer and a lullaby for him and for the rest of them, but also something for those of us left behind."

The record will come through fellow LA experimentalist Matthewdavid's Leaving imprint.

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Woodbines & Spiders - W & S (2014)

Woodbines & Spiders - W & S MP3/mirror (Vinyl) / MP3/mirror (WEB)

**Long in-the-making collab between Ghost Box affiliates Jon Brooks and Ian Hodgson, aka The Advisory Circle and Moon Wiring Club. Limited Edition vinyl pressing with printed inners, comes with a download code redeemable from the label** Ian Hodgson (Moon Wiring Club) and Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) sound like they're having a right dark wheeze together as Woodbines & Spiders. The product of some seven years of "slow-motion collaboration", Ian employing a Playstation with Music software plus an '80s cassette deck, and Jon with his nose to the modular system, 'W&S' is one of the bleakest missives we've heard from either of them yet, but not without its share of jet black humour. The cover image of crumbling, rustic structures and rusty, discarded technologies is an evocative allegory for the record's decaying/decayed aesthetic, revealed thru spectral ambient suites and pulsing slow techno arpeggios connected by doomy ginnels of found sound and snatches of dialogue. Those sleazing radiophonic techno themes such as 'Slow Accident' and 'Aye In The Sky' are among the most disquieting in either's cache, but it's those extended ambient sequences, 'Regression Suite' and 'Gas Suite' that really capture the imagination, conjuring dosed-up imagery of stark Shane Meadows films as much as the atmospheres of classic shlock horrors like 'Let Sleeping Corpses Lie'.

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Matthewdavid - In My World (2014)

Matthewdavid - In My World MP3/mirror / FLAC

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The Proper Ornaments - Wooden Head (2014)

The Proper Ornaments - Wooden Head MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Mining the rich territories of The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys, their debut album proper "Wooden Head" features fourteen thrillingly taut and melodic pop songs with a deep, dark undercurrent. Comprised of Argentinian Max Claps and James Hoare (also of Veronica Falls) – who both sing and write the songs – and joined by Daniel Nellis (bass) and Robert Syme (drums), the band have already shared stages with the likes of Real Estate, Woods, Crystal Stilts, Toy and Metronomy. Maximo Claps arrived in London in 2008 on a one-way ticket from Buenos Aires, aided by former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham. Oldham had produced a record by Claps' Argentinian band of the time but the group had fallen apart in a mess of drugs and acrimony and Claps' family were attempting to intervene by sending him to a mental hospital. The only option seemed to be to flee the country. As Claps recalls, "The day before flying to the UK I got run over by a car and had to escape hospital in order to make it so I arrived with bandages and my head all stitched up." A few weeks later Max walked into the vintage clothes shop where James Hoare sat behind the counter reading a book on The Velvet Underground, and attempted to cause a diversion while his kleptomaniac girlfriend stole a pair of boots. “She didn't steal them in the end,” says Max. “They weren't her size”. However, the shop assistant and the would-be accomplice bonded over a mutual love of the Velvets, Love, Felt and West Coast pop and began writing together, taking their name from a song by the pioneering soft psych band The Free Design. In 2010 they released their first single, "Recalling", following it up with a five-song EP for London label No Pain in Pop. In 2013 Lo Recordings released all their output to date on a collection titled "Waiting for the Summer", followed by the single “First Step Out” in February 2014. Their new album was recorded at a studio in Hackney, as well as at home in their old flat in Whitechapel on a broken 8-track reel-to-reel bought off eBay from an angry guy who threatened to shoot them and chop off their balls when they attempted to return it - a terrifying experience for a pair of skinny indie boys. Taking inspiration from Berlin-era Lou Reed, Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Darklands”, The Television Personalities and West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, the songs are breezy and easy on the ear, with sublime harmonies and chiming Byrdsian guitar, but with a darker twist and a pervasive air of melancholy. Stand-out tracks include the beautiful but sad “Summer’s Gone” (about mental illness), “Magazine” (an upbeat number written from the perspective of a bullet in the barrel of a gun) and “You’ll See” (about how when you die you’ll see everyone you know, all there lined up in a row). With "Wooden Head", The Proper Ornaments prove that it is still possible to create an album of pure pop perfection. Max's girlfriend may not have stolen the boots, but The Proper Ornaments are about to steal your heart. “The joint project of James and Max, through romantic drama that borders on that of The Libertines. And when you hear The Proper Ornaments you’ll see why it’s all worth it.'

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Lawrence English - Wilderness Of Mirrors (2014)

Lawrence English - Wilderness Of Mirrors MP3/mirror / FLAC

Wilderness of Mirrors is the new album from Lawrence English. It is two years in the making and the first album created since the release of his 2011 ode to J.A Baker’s novel, The Peregrine. It is English’s most tectonic auditory offering to date, an unrelenting passage of colliding waves of harmony and dynamic live instrumentation.

The phrase, wilderness of mirrors, draws its root from T.S Eliot’s elegant poem Gerontion. During the cold war, the phrase became associated with campaigns of miscommunication carried out by opposing state intelligence agencies. Within the context of the record, the phrase acted as a metaphor for a process of iteration that sat at the compositional core of the LP. Buried in each final piece, like an unheard whisper, is a singularity that was slowly reflected back upon itself in a flood of compositional feedback. Erasure through auditory burial.

Wilderness Of Mirrors also reflects English’s interests in extreme dynamics and densities, something evidenced in his live performances of the past half decade. The album’s overriding aesthetic of harmonic distortion reveals his ongoing explorations into the potentials of dense sonics.

“During the course of this record,” English explains, “I was fortunate enough to experience live performances by artists I deeply respect for their use of volume as an affecting quality, specifically Earth, Swans and My Bloody Valentine. I had the chance to experience each of these groups at various stages in the making this record and each of them reinforced my interest in emulating that inner ear and bodily sensation that extreme densities of vibration in air brings about.”

The album is moreover a reflection on the current exploitation of the ideals of the wilderness of mirrors, retuned and refocused from the politics of the state, to the politics of the modern multiplex. The amorphous and entangled nature of the modern world is one where thoughtless information prevails in an environment starved of applied wisdom. Wilderness Of Mirrors is a stab at those living spectres (human and otherwise) that haunt our seemingly frail commitments to being humane.

“We face constant and unsettled change,” English notes, “It's not merely an issue of the changes taking place around us, but the speed at which these changes are occurring. We bare witness to the retraction of a great many social conditions and contracts that have previously assisted us in being more humane than the generations that precede us. We are seeing this ideal of betterment eroded here in Australia and abroad too. This record is me yelling into what seems to be an ever-growing black abyss. I wonder if my voice will reflect off something?”

Wilderness Of Mirrors is reflection upon reflection, a pure white out of absolute aurality.


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Claro Intelecto - Stanza (2014)

Claro Intelecto - Stanza MP3 / FLAC

Having re-emerged to great acclaim on Delsin in 2012 with an excellent album and EP offering, Manchester's Claro Intelecto is back once again. This time out, following the label re-releasing his debut EP Peace Of Mind, Claro is serving up four brand new tracks that fuse his usual deep, dubby house and techno stylings to swathes of lush ambiance and delicate sound design.

First up is 'Remember', a mid-tempo track with thundering kicks and little malfunctioning machine noises floating in swathes of cavernous dub. Subtle rhythms emerge from the murk and tortured, ghoulish sounds imbue them with a real sense of paranoia. 'White Sun' is full of Claro Intelecto's usual smeared synth and weirdly atmospheric ambient sounds and only after two minutes does a slow, purposeful kick drum arrive, but even then you are rather left swirling and floating in his textural chambers than marching to a beat.

'A Nightmare Before Bedtime' is a melange of clipped and scary voices, grainy white noise gusts and heavy, lazy kick drums. Super slow and seriously moody, it's a perfectly unsettling track that is wholly befitting of its name. Finally, 'Blank CC' is the most direct thing here, where frazzled and serrated lines rip about above stormy synth seas. Prickly, ever more intense and full on non standard electronic sounds it's another of Claro Intelecto's abstract offerings that really arrests your attention.

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Youandewan - Youandewan EP (2014)

Youandewan - Youandewan EP MP3 / FLAC

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Theo Parrish - Footwork (2014)

Theo Parrish - Footwork MP3 / FLAC

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Boards of Canada & Ctrl All Del - The Phasefire Camphead (2014)

Boards of Canada & Ctrl All Del - The Phasefire Camphead MP3/mirror

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Stefan Jaworzyn - The Annihilating Light (2014)

Stefan Jaworzyn - The Annihilating Light MP3/mirror

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Jon Brooks - Here To Stay (2014)

Jon Brooks - Here To Stay MP3/mirror

Following on from the success of their first release, the Cooler Heads EP featuring two cuts from Detroit legend, Rick Wade, the boys are back again with their Here To Stay EP featuring two original tracks and two remixes. Label bosses, Jon Brooks & Cecil, take the lead on this one backed by remixes from rising artists, Kastil and Adryiano. Its a solid House EP; a modern take on a vintage sound with different moods to suit different times of the night and different playing styles. The lead song, Wanna Feel, kicks in with driving 909 drums and a spoken word sample before leading into syncopated chord stabs. As these progress throughout the track so do the vocal snippets backed up by a rolling sub bass line and a loose skittery snare roll throughout adding fluidity to the solid drum groove. On the remix is upcoming Spanish artist, Kastil, reworking the vocal sample into a delayed, stuttered groove. This is complimented by a classic sounding piano riff and an acid tinged bass line. Got To Get Looser, is a more laid back, less percussive driven track but no less effective. The shaker and well used disco stab alongside the soulful vocal sample create an immediate dance floor friendly groove. Reworking this is Adryiano, turning it into a 90s Garage inspired bomb with the bass line taking the lead hook accompanied by clattered, punchy drum work

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Gigi Masin - Wind (1986)

Gigi Masin - Wind MP3/mirror

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Sigha - The Purification Loops (2014)

Sigha - The Purification Loops MP3 / FLAC/mirror

As well as sharing a type of techno that combines blackened textures with minimalistic yet mechanical rhythms, Sigha and Shifted have been closely associated with each other since the latter appeared on Sigha’s Our Circula Sound label in 2011. Since then Shifted has released a further 12″ for OCS, and Sigha has provided a number of remixes for Avian artists; as a press release from Avian now reveals, Sigha was also responsible for the self-styled “S & M techno tools” released under the name A Vision of Love last year, making news of Sigha’s full Avian debut a logical next step.

Entitled The Purification Loops, the forthcoming EP is described as “blurring the lines between the dance floor and the ritual chamber”, where “scuffed rhythm and analogue bleed blend together, combining a techno aesthetic with something more primal.” Taking the form of six individually numbered loops, the tracks supposedly “lean on club tradition and abandon it, veering away from standard structure in places, in favour of fragmentation and prolonged repetition.” The EP continues what is already a strong year for the label, which has seen the return of anonymous Swedish duo SHXCXCHCXSH and a two-part release from prolific US underground figure Prostitutes on its Mira sub-label.

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Cosmin TRG - FIZIC01 (2014)

Cosmin TRG - FIZIC01 MP3

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Young Liars - Tidal Wave (2014)

Young Liars - Tidal Wave MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

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Krampfhaft - Before We Leave (2014)

Krampfhaft - Before We Leave MP3/mirror

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Sterac - Klockworks 12 (2014)

Sterac - Klockworks 12 MP3/mirror

??? às 20:25

Unknown Artist - Open Water (2014)

Unknown Artist - Open Water MP3/mirror

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Imugem Orihasam - Grains (2014)

Imugem Orihasam - Grains MP3/mirror

??? às 20:15

Rick Wilhite - Vibes 2 Part 1 (2014)

Rick Wilhite - Vibes 2 Part 1 MP3/FLAC fixed links

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Sons of Magdalene - Move to Pain (2014)

Sons of Magdalene - Move to Pain MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

Joshua Eustis is a name that, at first, might not ring any bell, but if we told you he's the surviving half of Telefon Tel Aviv, that will surely shed some light on who he is. Following the tragic death of his friend and bandmate Charles Cooper two days after the release of their third full-length, 'Immolate Yourself', in 2009, Eustis decided to postpone all tour plans and found himself with a difficult decision to make: what to do with Telefon Tel Aviv. The answer may arrive several years after, in the form of Eustis new project, Sons of Magdalene.

'Move to Pain' is an album about death, pain, suffering and the outcomes for those who have deal with such feelings at a close range and still have to remain and keep going on. The first material of what now are the album's songs was written by Eustis back in 2007, after his father was diagnosed with cancer. Cooper love the songs so much he told Eustis they should use the in a future Telefon Tel Aviv album; unfortunately, that never happened. Eustis held on to those songs and, between 2009 and 2010, he intermitentely written the rest of the songs. Now, five years after Cooper's departure, Eustis (having toured with Nine Ich Nails in 2013) still carries the weight of such a loss and he hopes the release of the album eases the burden that this batch of songs have become.

'Move to Pain' will feature nine songs and will be released on June 24, on Portland based label Audraglint. Only then he'll be ready to come back to Telefon Tel Aviv. We're rather anxious to catch the first glimpses of Sons of Madgalene debut album, and we'll try to keep you posted.

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Roche - Stillhope (2014)

Roche - Stillhope MP3 / FLAC

??? às 17:30

Groundislava - Feel The Heat (2014)

Groundislava - Feel The Heat MP3 / FLAC

??? às 17:25

Will Saul - DJ-Kicks (2014)

Will Saul - DJ-Kicks MP3 / NEW: MP3 full version / FLAC/mirror

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Lars Leonhard - Another World (2014)

Lars Leonhard - Another World MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

ANOTHER WORLD is a release completely electronic, smooth pleasant atmosphere but very deep rhythms. An album which combines techno, dub, ambient and deep house. A good taste in choosing sounds and rhythms. A real deep emotion with melodies that will wrap your mind, blended with a nice deep bass, great for travelers.

??? às 15:45

Jamie XX - All Under One Roof Raving (2014)

Jamie XX - All Under One Roof Raving FLAC/mirror

??? às 13:40

Peter Christopherson - Time Machines II (2014)

Peter Christopherson - Time Machines II MP3/mirror

Yet another spectral issuance comes out of the ether and into our ears. This release had been in the planning phases as far back as when COIL still existed so it’s somewhat strange to only get it now that both of them have departed the terrestrial realm, but regardless, ‘Time Machines II’ represents something I’d always wanted to hear: a solo record from Peter Christopherson. Now, some may quibble and say that The Choir was him on his own and there’s something to that; it was still a project name and not his own. For those who own the Amulet edition, what’s going on here won’t come across as being quite so aberrant…everyone else might do well to prepare themselves. Those three ELpH tracks from the ‘Born Again Pagans’ EP were a harbinger of things to come.

I can feel the layers of my mind being gently compressed and re-aligned by this album, just as they were by the first Time Machines record. The difference is that the chaotic aggression present in the debut has been replaced by pitch black darkness. No beginning. No end. One just drifts along with the current directing both thought and action in a very subversive manner. I don’t have the same sense of something violent being done to my synapses but I somehow become more and more aware of my own mortality listening to this thing, perhaps that is what Christopherson was after given that this material was done close to the end of his own life. The shuffling off of that mortal coil, so to speak.

What is most present in these recordings would be the same kind of marauding, disorienting sound field experimentation he did so well along with Jhonn Balance. The weight of these compositions is immense, a density reading would no doubt come away broken. There just isn’t any kind of method or test to define the parameters of the elements at play on here, and even if there were, who’d want the mystery dispelled. The slight of hand card tricks which others happily bandy about as avant-garde just fall down upon themselves and are revealed to be nothing but a faulty house of cards. Sleazy never really got into discussing how he made the music he did… no matter how many interviewers probed and prodded, he would not give anything up.

As with SoiSong, there’s a fabulous design element to what he’s given up here. And, naturally, a highly limited aspect is present as well. Those who want this thing are prepared to pay dearly to obtain it, and who can fault them? Christopherson was, without doubt, a master manipulator of acoustical space, one who could bend choirs out of inert objects and who also had a director’s eye. Remember, quite a few videos were authored by him and many may surprise you. His range was one of personal settings, an arrangement of tastes which made sense to no one else. I’ve read how he constructed the machines used to make this record himself which, if true, would take us right back to the beginnings when Chris Carter built electronic creations for him in Throbbing Gristle.

So it all has come full circle. I suspect I’m going to be hearing more of these kinds of things as I grow older and to tell you the truth, I’ve been waiting for them since my 20s. The end-of-life auditory journals of artists and the machines which are all they have left, stripped of the banality of youth and the trappings of social surroundings… all that remains are those sounds. Long after their creators are no more, the fruit of their imagination lingers on. Flickering, like the wings of myriad butterflies anchoring the rudder of fate.

??? às 13:35

Julia Holter - Don't Make Me Over (2014)

Julia Holter - Don't Make Me Over MP3/mirror

??? às 13:30

Malayeen - Malayeen (2013)

Malayeen - Malayeen MP3/mirror

Lebanese Trio Malayeen consists of Raed Yassin (founding member of free music improvisation band A-Trio*), on keyboards, electronics and turntables, Charbel Haber (from experimental rock bands Scrambled Eggs, XEFM and BAO), on electric guitar and electronics and Khaled Yassine (a member of Tunisian oud player Anouar Brahem's oriental jazz ensemble) on percussion. The band’s inspiration is rooted in the belly dance music tradition of Lebanon, building further on the examples of the electric guitar renewals of the music shaped by electric guitarist Omar Khorshid, modernizing it further into a more modern spontaneous new form of improvisation.

The basics of the kind of more common new sort of Lebanese belly dance-based music consists of conga/darbuka-like hand percussion, harmonium-like organ rhythms and the possibility of electric guitar solos that are a more surf-like transformation of it’s previous tradition. Also this trio starts from there and enhances it in different directions so that the new form receives something of a spontaneous improvisation with a traditional sound. Into this re-rooting or grounding, in taking the elements back to themselves, one also starts to wonder what causes the elements of such traditions in the first place, and how much of it is either the repetition of a memory of some connection provoked from the genes or not, patterns that might not really need the full range of its automated restriction, or what new sensitivities a traditional musical form can give by enriching it’s form how and when it can reach even with the same elements the sensibility of a common heritage and language of music perception.

The first track, “Omar”, of course directly refers to Omar Khorshid. It is an electric guitar solo, a slow Middle Eastern improvisation with droning organ chords, an element which does not work here differently as a tempura to a sitar in Indian music (or even like the hurdy-gurdy and such in European medieval music if you wish), as a mood enriching droning instrument.

“Samia” starts with the traditional solo’s on accordion. It breaks the recording apart a bit with tape-like DJ-wobbling, sampled repetitions, adding a bit of echo, and by loop repetitions, keeping some part hanging on longer. This is mixed with Persian percussion, and has an extra layer of some instrument of unclear origin hanging in the background as an improvisational electrified layer that is played in the same mode. A second part shows a flute solo echoing in the background, mixed with high-pitched experimental clicking from strings, more wobbling of the recording and with extra electro-acoustic echoing effects. A new improvisation starts from minimal and droning electric solo harmonies with a constant hypnotic conga percussion, being psychedelic in nature, coming to a sliding electric solo, until only traditional percussion by several musicians concludes this part. A last electric guitar solo with a simple middle-eastern oud melody and a small electric organ solo improvisation make up for the conclusion.

“Nadia” shows rather reverb-like loops of vibrations coming from a middle-eastern vibe, (almost like bubbling electronic music) while a calm electric guitar solo improvises slowly on it, without adding more elements or changing much in it during the tracks.

“Najwa” improvises on organ with a one note droning until a traditional (Egyptian/Lebanese) belly dance tune starts from here (organ rhythms, group based finger percussion and an electric guitar solo), while extra electronic improvisational sound effects wave around this 70s-sound based tradition.

“Fifi” is a belly dance percussion improvisation with fingers percussion, enriched with sampled variations of it, it also includes a full band-based belly dance part played on organ/electric rhythm guitar/bass drum, showing a groovy keyboard guitar solo on top.

“Dina” is a percussion-based track of one solo percussionist only, whose percussion is enriched with reverb loops and effects, and a layer of electroacoustic reverb tape-like effects, swirling the percussion back in time in a different speed and perspective, echoing back the power with an interesting experimental, extra answering and cooperative layer full reactive effect. It is one of the most interesting experiments on the album. “Matar” does the same with an oud solo, adding odd reverse sound effects, wobbling around it. An electric guitar adds one more layer of improvisation. This trio-sound experiment sadly only last for a bit over one minute

??? às 11:55

Luke Abbott - Wysing Forest (2014)

Luke Abbott - Wysing Forest FLAC

Wysing Forest arrives four years on from Abbott's debut LP, Holkham Drones, which RA's Derek Miller described as "a soundtrack worthy of summer's close fade." This new record will also land in the summer months—it's due out June 23rd—though Abbott says it was recorded in winter "in the middle of the countryside [with] no mobile phone reception and limited internet access."

Wysing Forest is named after the Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire, where Abbott recorded the album over a six-week period in 2012 while he was the centre's musician-in-residence. "The record is mostly made up of live recordings," says Abbott. "Some were recorded at a performance at Wysing in front of a very small audience and some were recorded in a temporary studio I had set up during my residency."

He adds: "There was a large emphasis on improvisation during the whole process. A lot of what has ended up on the record was originally recorded as first-takes or sketches of ideas." Abbott says he was listening to lots of spiritual jazz by the likes of Don Cherry and Alice Coltrane during the recording process, and suggests the finished product "has a very particular arc to it and the tracks only really make sense in the context of that arc." He goes on to describe the sound of Wysing Forest as "like the second-cousin of dance music. Once removed. You can dance to it if you want, but you don't have to."

??? às 11:45

Jerome Chassagnard - Inner Dialog (2014)

Jerome Chassagnard - Inner Dialog MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

??? às 10:50

Mako - The Truthseekers (2014)

Mako - The Truthseekers MP3/mirror

Mako has his first full outing for the Headz camp via METH XX, the fertile breeding ground for new Metalheadz artists that gives them a chance for to express themselves with the music they are making right now.
1. Tell Me Something feat. Detail (Original Mix)
2. The Gully feat. Sine (Original Mix)
3. Ju Ken feat. Throwing Snow (Original Mix)

??? às 07:35

Tolouse Low Trax - Corridor Plateau (2011)

Tolouse Low Trax - Corridor Plateau MP3

Published as an edition for the Corridor Plateau exhibition project, Apparent Extent catalogue number 13 features phantasmatic art works by Michael Bauer, Peyman Rahimi, Thomas Schütte and music by Düsseldorf-based producer and DJ Detlef Weinrich, aka Tolouse Low Trax.
Corridor Plateau derives its inspiration from the dark dystopic fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. The music consists of six sequential electronic pieces called "Gang 1-6" by Tolouse Low Trax, also known for his work in the electro-acoustic rock group Kreidler as well for his curatorial works at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf. Moving between indifferent sound- and noisescapes and percussive electronic songs, Tolouse Low Trax's instrumental pieces for Corridor Plateau form an état labyrinthique and were developed as homage to the diasporic sonic worlds of French composer Ghedalia Tazartes.
Cover, inner sleeve, and label are allotted to each of the contributing artists and function as individual artist editions. Michael Bauer embellishes the front cover with a complexly structured, inversely reproduced charcoal drawing. The inner sleeve features two anthropomorphic black & white lithographic prints by Peyman Rahimi, from his ongoing "Wesen" series. The labels depict the two male busts by Thomas Schütte from "Berengo Heads" (2011), his series of Murano glass sculptures.
The vinyl was mastered and cut in reverse by the Swiss sound artist and experimental engineer Flo Kaufmann. The needle travels from the center to the rim of the record, in order to achieve maximum bass impact at the peak of each track.
Corridor Plateau is the third and final record in a 2011 series of vinyl AE editions for Kunstverein Schwerte that has had a programmatic focus on artist/composer collaborations. It follows AE011 “Vision Vulkano” by Angela Fette & Christian Jendreiko and AE012 “Unbestimmt” by Rosilene Luduvico & Hauschka.

??? às 06:40

S-Type - Rosario (2014)

S-Type - Rosario MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 06:35

DJ Slugo - King Of Ghetto House (2014)

DJ Slugo - King Of Ghetto House MP3/mirror

??? às 06:30

Filter Dread - MIDI Space (2014)

Filter Dread - MIDI Space MP3/mirror

??? às 06:25
Segunda-feira, 23 de Junho de 2014

Orphan Swords - Räum Remixes (2014)

Orphan Swords - Räum Remixes MP3/mirror


??? às 21:50

Pangaea - Pob (2014)

Pangaea - Pob MP3 / FLAC

Hessle Audio's Pangaea plays ruff with four cuts of sub-heavy and hypnotic techno dread on his Hadal label. Up top 'Pob' scopes and stalks its prey with pinging radar blips and heaving subbass rolling into a knuckle-dragging pound, and 'Mackarel' ramps the pace to pivot off spare dub chords and tricky acid bassline. Down below, 'Ivy' plays out an acute contrast between dainty electronic keys, bass detonations and Sizzla acapella set to twyst the dance sideways, and 'Solvent' closes with a crafty-ass triplet techno swing.

??? às 20:50

Nochexxx - Greatest Record (2014)

Nochexxx - Greatest Record MP3/mirror

Nochexx's offers up 27 minutes of chopped and spliced house 'n disco trax - and given a physical lease of life on shiny cassette. Eleven tracks recycle chunks of funk inna dadaist collage of lysergic party fun. Imagine Actress meets Madteo round at Goodiepal's place and you've sorta got the idea..

??? às 19:35



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