Quinta-feira, 31 de Julho de 2014

Charles Cohen - A Retrospective (2014)

Charles Cohen - A Retrospective MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

**Double CD including all tracks from the vinyl editions + two previously unreleased recordings. Packaged in rigid double CD box with booklet** Morphine Records collate Charles Cohen's spellbinding recordings made a rare Buchla Music Easel modular synth circa 1976 - 1989 in this nigh-on essential retrospective. Equal parts electronic exploration, free-jazz and cosmic noise, Cohen's private body of work amassed over nearly two decades amounts to a deeply personal, vivid sketchbook of abstract ideas rendered in tangibly crisp yet elusively diffuse analogue vectors. For many, many years, folk were only privy to Charles' practice if they were keyed in to the improv music scenes of Philadelphia and downtown New York. But now thanks to the concerted efforts of Morphine Records boss Rabih Beaini (aka Ra.H/Morphosis) his Cohen's work has been revealed to the world at large through a series of highly collectible vinyl pressings and celebrated live performances on the European circuit. Each of the eighteen pieces are the result of highly skilled and intuitive process, coaxing a constellation of plonging, bleeping texturhythms and rhythmelodic cadence with unique timbral fingerprints from the notoriously hard-to-master modular set-up. They include pieces written for dance theatre and gallery installations - including one written on the even rarer Buchla 700 series - along with two dazzling, previously unreleased works, 'Conundrums' and 'Slow Blue and Horizontal' giving close as you'll hear to a comprehensive overview of Charles Cohen's enigmatic and beautiful oeuvre.

??? às 23:45

Three Legged Race - Taboo 3 (2014)

Three Legged Race - Taboo 3 MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 21:20

Downliners Sekt - Balt Shakt (2013)

Downliners Sekt - Balt Shakt FLAC

Downliners Sekt, return to Agoria's InFiné with a more streamlined, impressively subtle dancefloor sound. These two productions are effortlessly sleek and aerodynamic. Part 1 marries a fractured, blue pop vocal with hypnotically progressive chords and a beautifully poised dub-techno momentum sounding something Falty DL recording for Chain Reaction. On Part 2 they blow some of the dust from their filter for a crisper garage-techno swing pinched and budged with a nimble, unfolding evolution coming off like vintage Vladislav Delay meets James Blake. Canny.

??? às 19:05

Jose James - Blackmagic (2010)

Jose James - Blackmagic MP3 / FLAC

??? às 19:00

Steve Roach - The Delicate Forever (2014)

Steve Roach - The Delicate Forever MP3 / FLAC

??? às 15:00

Tlaotlon - Ektomists (2014)

Tlaotlon - Ektomists MP3/mirror

Twisted, maximalist and hyper-cerebral electronica from New Zealand (now Melbourne-based) producer Tlaotlon aka Jeremy Coubrough, who has produced a number of distinctly frenetic records in the last few years for Dungeon Taxis, Epic Sweep and Trensmat. After recently replacing the old PC (a rugged dusty chunk of components in an exposed case with no protective panels) on which he built those experiments in noise and dismantled techno, Coubrough explores a new kind of narcotically euphoric virtuality on a new machine, with added synthetic stimulation from a new e-cigarette. For “Ektomists”, the vapour flavour of choice was Redbull; thick plumes of smoke in front of dual 24” monitors displaying several new processes in the Tlaotlon sound. The four 7-minute tracks on “Ektomists” are multi-rhythmic and techno-influenced, with huge flourishes and meticulous sound design thanks to this more computer generated approach. Where previous albums have incorporated more analog approaches (built with a series of pedals and a 16 channel desk), this newly erudite take on re-negotiating techno’s relationship to machines shuffles amongst hectic polyrhythms but also more linearly laid out drum sequences; post-industrial and slippery, fluid, and accelerated. Synths, distorted samples and drum sequences hustle for space and attention only to crumble outward into wide open space, an endless-point-cloud vapourized/vapourizing domain. Insanely manipulated, growling digital vocals are drilled into huge, rapturous synth chords that are above all suggestive of an escapist urge to interact with but ultimately soar above power and technology, whether it’s the machine of the NSA, marketing, or emojis. “Novodene” is a pure out of body experience built in a space between mind warping acid ideals and exhibits looks towards the funky edges of the mechanic with anthropocentric rhythms and a heavy deconstruction of four-four dance signifiers for an ultimately sleek, mechanic but biological experience. “Fuji IV” has the same sort of club backbone but quickly disorients into messy, quasi-techno punctuated with bursts of outer-space synth swirls and brightly mutated textures.

??? às 14:45

Huerco S. - A Verdigris Reader (2014)

Huerco S. - A Verdigris Reader MP3 / mirror / FLAC/mirror

??? às 10:45

I. A. Bericochea - Negro Y Azul (2014)

I. A. Bericochea - Negro Y Azul MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

??? às 10:30

Mario Hammer & Und - Reworks Pt 6 (2014)

Mario Hammer & Und - Reworks Pt 6 FLAC

??? às 09:45

Stephen David Heitkotter - Black Orchid, Remastered (1970,2014)

Stephen David Heitkotter - Black Orchid, Remastered MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 09:35

Prostitutes - Truncheon Cadence (Part Two) (2014)

Prostitutes - Truncheon Cadence (Part Two) MP3

Prostitutes tests his techno mettle on the 2nd part of his 10" series for Avian's sister label, Mira. It's really all about the A-side on this one. 'An Enormous Door' ranks among the best we've heard from him, cutting a solid groove of rocking industrial techno freaked out with a mesmerising vocal stab, whilst 'Bomb Splinters' feels like his take on Dance Mania, running percolated, dried out drums and  industrial clanks. Flipside is cool, but maybe not as useful, swaggering with claggy kicks and piercing hi-end frequencies on 'Smouldering Wilderness' beside the dubbed out roll of ' Rigid Pathetic Heaps'.

??? às 09:10

Prostitutes - Truncheon Cadence (Part One) (2014)

Prostitutes - Truncheon Cadence (Part One) MP3/mirror

Prostitutes proceeds his Diagonal EP with another salvo of grotty, throbbing machine music for the Avian-affiliated Mira imprint. Blessed with one of the best titles of recent times, 'Truncheon Cadence (Part One)' hems close to that stoically purist sound James Donadio has established with his self-released LP and issues for Opal Tapes and Digitalis over the last couple of years. It includes some of his strongest club tracks in the rolling industrial thump of 'Led Up Garden Paths' and the dubbed-out techno skanker 'Odd Dog End', but our favourites have to be the skudged, grungy rut and sci-fi cinematic synth washes of 'This Whole Affair Is So F**king Unfair' and the bashy steppers' reduction, 'Unanswered'.

??? às 09:05

Nikosf. - Collecting The Moments (2014)

Nikosf. - Collecting The Moments MP3

??? às 07:50
Quarta-feira, 30 de Julho de 2014

Pye Corner Audio & Not Waving - Intercepts (2014)

Pye Corner Audio & Not Waving - Intercepts MP3/mirror / FLAC/mirror

'Intercepts' is a declassified dispatch of industrial espionage and ambient adventures from the chambers of Pye Corner Audio and Alessio Natalizia aka Not Waving. Inspired by the arcane, furtive world of spy rings - from the Rosenburgs to the Cambridge Five and the Duquesne case - they present encrypted analog communiques resonating with the mystery and drama of those covert operations. Pye Corner Audio sets out a killer suite of signature, lustrous synth arpeggios and soft-soled but driving bass perfect for purring around European cities behind blacked out windows, whilst Not Waving presents a set of precipitous kosmicshe drones, pastoral cues and adrenalised but ice-cool sci-fi techno. Psst, one for those who know…!

??? às 16:05

Roberto Crippa - Reverse (2014)

Roberto Crippa - Reverse MP3/mirror

Paul Purgas' We can Elude Control illuminate the frightening electronic practice of London-based Italian artist, Roberto Crippa on his debut album. 'Reverse' intersects elements of electro-acoustic composition, concrète production techniques and improvised noise with a steady hand employing a range of sources - wood, metal, drum skin and amplified concrete - in eight suspended structures. There are striking parallels to be drawn between Crippa's amorphous shapes and the output of Paul Purgas' Emptyset with James Ginzburg, especially in the mechanical lurch of 'Vector', the bruising bass detonations of 'Helix' and the bloodied ooze of 'Order', but Crippa's music also tends to a darker sense of industrial romance perhaps passed down from the Italian pioneers and cinematic soundtracks, most notably with the arcane opener 'Reflection' and the pealing harmonics of 'Matter'. We look forward to hearing where he takes this project next.

??? às 16:04

Pixelord - Polygon Fane (2014)

Pixelord - Polygon Fane MP3 / FLAC

Shapeshifting, footworking techno/bass prisms and ADD editing from Russia's Pixelord, backed with Curl Up, Druid Cloak and Thomas White remixes. 'Polygone Fane' is a kinetic colourburst of ideas twining garage techno helixes in 'Oasis' alongside the staggered Detroit-style hi-tech jazz of 'DSL Dream Corp', the chromatic waltz of 'Tumblr Girl' and lushest boogie footwork romance on the title track. 

??? às 16:01

Bronze Teeth - O Unilateralis (2014)

Bronze Teeth - O Unilateralis MP3 / FLAC

Diagonal unveil the first of two EP’s from Bronze Teeth, a new project from Dominic Butler of Factory Floor and Richard Smith of Optimo Music’s L/F/D/M** Dom Butler (Factory Floor) and Richard Smith (L/F/D/M) debut their fierce Bronze Teeth sound on the first of two hard-ass 12"s for Diagonal. Sustaining the momentum of Powell's crackshot 'Club Music' EP, recently issued on Diagonal, the 'O Unilaterals' 12" yields a trio of modular hardware-honed bangers belying the ongoing significance of steel and flesh. On the A-side they yoke rampant, fleshly pulses to a roiling industrial techno rhythm for 13 minutes of locked-in, foaming acid with little let-up. B-side, the spark-spitting machine funk of 'Acetone' gets off somewhere between Dom's Factory Floor style and an acid-curdled version of Regis's killer remix for Ike Yard, whilst 'Glass Tooth' steps lively with flailing electric blue fuzz and diamond-cut momentum. Crafty DJs will be in their element with these beasts - top stuff from Diagonal once again.

??? às 16:00

Sense - Still Life (2014)

Sense - Still Life MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 07:56

Chemotex (Marcos Cabral) - Schrade Knives (2014)

Chemotex (Marcos Cabral)- Schrade Knives MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 07:55

Visonia - Journey to Humility (2014)

Visonia - Journey to Humility MP3

By jove he's back - Chilean producer Visonia melts our hearts again with his 2nd EP and follow-up to the Dopplereffekt-starring 'Die Reisen' anthem. Again it's an unmissable example of trancing retro-futurist synth music nodding to classic Italo, Techno and Electro with meticulous production values and undeniable effect. 'Journey To Humility' kicks off with a proper techno symphony melding epic synth arrangement to slick Italo-techno bassline, before 'Deception' rolls out an NRG electro anthem sounding like the bastard offspring of I-F and Ultradyne. 'Fake Smiles' is more desolate, glacial techno minimalism driven by muscular bass arpeggio to darker heights, and the emotional punishment of 'Lunar Garden' polishes us off with a tingling melancholy finale. Highly recommended!

??? às 07:54

Various Artists - From Here To There (2014)

Various Artists - From Here To There MP3/mirror

??? às 07:40

Pole - Radom (2014)

Pole - Radom FLAC/mirror

??? às 07:00

Boxcutter - Shea (2014)

Boxcutter - Shea MP3 / FLAC

??? às 05:25

Joe Goddard - Endless Love (2014)

Joe Goddard - Endless Love MP3 / FLAC

??? às 05:15
Terça-feira, 29 de Julho de 2014

Lumisokea - Eavesdropping On Pianists (2014)

Lumisokea - Eavesdropping On Pianists MP3/mirror / FLAC

new EP on Eat Concrete...

??? às 17:35

Not Waving - Human Capabilities (2014)

Not Waving - Human Capabilities MP3 / FLAC

??? às 14:40

Velour (Hyetal & Julio Bashmore) - The Tower/Plato's Retreat (2014)

Velour (Hyetal & Julio Bashmore) - The Tower/Plato's Retreat MP3

??? às 14:35

Tobias. - Remixes (2014)

Tobias. - Remixes MP3 / FLAC/mirror

Mathew Jonson and The Mole, Peter Van Hoesen, and Blue Hour remix tracks from Tobias.' 'A Series Of Shocks' LP for Ostgut Ton. Canadaians at the controls, Jonson and The Mole give a masterclass in the art of subtle, swinging build with trimmed electro drums and pendulous, scissoring synthlines guaranteed to trap bvodies ont he floor, whereas PvH takes a more atmospheric route with his acidic rework of 'Cursor Item Only' and Blue Hour burns up 'He Said' as an alarming techno romp.

??? às 09:30

Agostino Di Scipio & John Cage - Spam. Musical Sculptures & Other Devices (2014)

Agostino Di Scipio & John Cage - Spam. Musical Sculptures & Other Devices FLAC/mirror

A sonic journey into John Cage and surroundings by renowned Italian composer Agostino di Scipio and his talented students. On December 9th, 2012, upon invitation from the Associazione Scarlatti, Agostino di Scipio and his students at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory gave a performance of a very rare piece -- John Cage's Sculptures Musicales. The performance was planned out by Dario Sanfilippo, based on the few annotations left by Cage (which in turn followed an idea Cage took from Marcel Duchamp): the "musical sculptures" are sound blocks shaped by either electronic or acoustic instruments, sound blocks that should stay flat and stable in longer or shorter spans of time -- "constant sounds in a single envelope" -- as Cage wrote. The idea for this particular performance was to build prolonged sound textures separated by silent pauses, of duration roughly proportional to the loudness of the textures. The means to achieve that, however, were rather unstable and precarious in their sonic behavior: they included a self-built analog synth (Stefano Silvestri), a set of recycled mechanical objects and electronic circuits making up a kind of hybrid feedback network (Salvatore Carannante), an intricate computer patch of largely unpredictable -- but not random -- behavior (Dario Sanfilippo) and a "prepared cello" (Chiara Mallozzi). The sounds made with these means, as the piece was performed, are connoted by a tension due to the continuing attempt of the four performers to keep the sound level constant: not an easy task, given the idiosyncratic sound generation technologies involved, all of which remain critically sensitive to slight internal imperfections (e.g. Stefano's synth) or to the events in the surrounding environment (e.g. Salvatore's recycled feedback devices), and given that the four performers were sitting far from one another, at the four angles of a large cave (at the St. Elmo castle, in Naples). What is peculiar, upon listening, is this uncertain stasis, this insecure and dynamic balance among components, a local instability contrasting with the larger framework consisting of few monolithic elements. It's always the case, with Cage's work, that what seems to suggest a rather contemplative and ecstatic perspective, in actuality requires an incessant struggle, a demanding commitment and an enduring care for actions pursued in the moment.

??? às 08:15

Edith Progue - Calvet (Original Film Soundtrack) (2012)

Edith Progue - Calvet (Original Film Soundtrack) MP3

??? às 07:30

Against All Logic - Stand Up / So Far (2014)

Against All Logic - Stand Up / So Far MP3

new on Other People...

??? às 07:15

Goat - Commune (2014)

Goat - Commune MP3 / FLAC

??? às 06:10

Ras G & VHVL - Seat of the Soul (2014)

Ras G & VHVL - Seat of the Soul MP3  / FLAC

Ras G produced the first side's 7 tracks. VHVL produced the second side's one 15-minute track.

??? às 06:00
Segunda-feira, 28 de Julho de 2014

SND - Newtables (Special Extended Edition) (2014)

SND - Newtables (Special Extended Edition) MP3

*Second in a series of three extended reissues from SND - Initial copies on transparent Green and Yellow Vinyl, 12-tracks fully remastered from DAT tapes by Rashad Becker at D&M* Mark Fell and Mat Steel’s second EP as SND was released in 1999, a year after their debut ‘Tplay’. It continued to explore their distinct, highly individual take on electronic minimalism, House and UK Garage stripped to its bare bones. This extended reissue features the original 6 tracks of ’newtables’, plus 6 previously unheard recordings from the same sessions - all fully remastered by Rashad Becker from the original DAT tapes. The tracks more or less split themselves into three distinct categories: the first detailing the brilliant swing and shuffle of their reduced UKG mutations, with ’22’ in particular perfecting the balance between academic reduction and kinetic, feminine motion. The second outlines a more linear approach utilising reduced House and Techno templates, while the last includes more experimental works such as the proper fwd bass-pulse arrangements on the previously unheard B2 and the frequency fxxckery of closing track D3. This excellent reissue and the series as a whole really is a massive eye-opener for anyone unfamiliar with this incredible, important early material. Huge recommendation.

??? às 23:35

Beck performed by Various Artists - Beck Song Reader (2014)

Beck performed by Various Artists - Beck Song Reader MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 17:50

Healing Force Project - Omicron Segment (2014)

Healing Force Project - Omicron Segment MP3 / FLAC

"Omicron Segment" is a unconventional language album. At the same time, it has been conceived with a logical thread that develops in two different paths. The first part has been inspired and contaminated by the stereophonic game of seventies electric jazz, such as the track "Attitudini Binaurali." Each element has its own dynamic, a proper space where sound is perceived and acquires its dimension. The artist doesn't want to give precise landmarks shaping the sound with the contribution of the digital form, and the help of dedicated expanders with that typical seventies sound, drums patterns not always in the foreground alternating smooth sections with complex rhythms.

The second part starts with "Asymmetrical Ritual," a kaleidoscopic mixture of synth arrangements and Afro elements followed by some contemporary Drexcyian electro cuts created with the help of the Mini Moog "Little Phatty" android sound, such as "Quadrichromatic" and "Yarkovsky Effect." This album increases the need of originality and brings the echoes of restlessness of today's anxieties.

??? às 15:40

Brooks & O'Hagan - Other Voices 01 (2014)

Brooks & O'Hagan - Other Voices 01 MP3

??? às 15:35

Nacht Plank - Birth (2014)

Nacht Plank - Birth MP3

??? às 13:35

Jim-E Stack - Tell Me I Belong (2014)

Jim-E Stack - Tell Me I Belong MP3 / FLAC

??? às 13:25

Monobox - Film/Rectangle (2014)

Monobox - Film/Rectangle MP3

??? às 13:20

Claude Speeed - My Skeleton (2014)

Claude Speeed - My Skeleton MP3 / FLAC

??? às 09:40

CUB (Regis) - CU (2014)

CUB (Regis) - CU MP3 / FLAC

??? às 06:00

Jan Nemecek - Fragmented (2014)

Jan Nemecek - Fragmented MP3

??? às 05:53

Circle Traps - Machine City (2014)

Circle Traps - Machine City MP3

??? às 05:30

Nochexxx - Court Dramatix (2014)

Nochexxx - Court Dramatix MP3

??? às 05:27
Domingo, 27 de Julho de 2014

Lost Midas - Off the Course (2014)

Lost Midas - Off the Course MP3 / mirror

??? às 17:25

Various Artists - Tour De Traum VIII (2014)

Various Artists - Tour De Traum VIII MP3 / FLAC Mixed / FLAC Unmixed

??? às 14:00

Various Artists - Horo Vision (2014)

Various Artists - Horo Vision MP3/mirror

??? às 10:35

Inryo-fuen - Ho-aku (2014)

Inryo-fuen - Ho-aku MP3 / mirror

??? às 10:17

Daywalker + CF - You Only Live Once (2014)

Daywalker + CF - You Only Live OnceMP3/mirror

??? às 10:08



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