Terça-feira, 30 de Setembro de 2014

AnD - Dark Matter (2014)

AnD - Dark Matter FLAC

??? às 18:50

Sea Oleena - Shallow (2014)

Sea Oleena - Shallow MP3 / FLAC

"Shallow finds Oleena at her most focused, compelling state yet. Her tactful use of textures and instrumentation make for a blissful, cinematic listen centered on her captivating voice. Lyrically, she’s unafraid to dive into heartbreaking experiences, which are riddled throughout the album, but feelings of hope and optimism blossom in their wake. Shallow is music to drive to, music to daydream to, music to become immersed in. Because once you let go, these are the songs you can’t help but cling to."

??? às 18:45

Steve Roach - The Delicate Beyond (2014)

Steve Roach - The Delicate Beyond MP3 / FLAC

??? às 18:35

Worker​/​Parasite - Proletariat (2014)

Worker​/​Parasite - Proletariat MP3

Blown-out lo-fi house and techno patter from Oakland, CA's Worker/Parasite, new on Opal Tapes.

??? às 18:10

Ekoplekz - Four Track Mind (2014)

Ekoplekz - Four Track Mind MP3

Mike Paradinas sticks his butterfly net back in the murky space between Ekoplekz' ears for a diverse follow-up to 'Unfidelity'. Spawned from the same sessions at its predecessor, 'Four Track Mind' is not so much the offcuts, as the bits that were too dark, detached, for the psychedelic swirl of 'Unfidelity'. There's eleven of 'em, making for one of Nick Edwards' moodiest collections, all hingeing on silty rhythmic currents filter-clogged traces of melody fanning out from the Skaters meets Goblin on 'Ariel Grey' to faded Wolgang Voigt styles of 'Interstice' and 'Death Watch', thru the Radiophonic soup of 'D'Vectif' and the keening echo chamber ambience of 'Return To The Annex'. Captured and pinned to tape, they arguably amount to his most im/pure and coolly disciplined vision of micro-modular dystopia.

??? às 18:00

Buck 65 - Neverlove (2014)

Buck 65 - Neverlove MP3 / FLAC

??? às 17:55

Boozoo Bajou - Hirta EP (2014)

Boozoo Bajou - Hirta EP MP3 / FLAC

Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth follow up their latest full-length on Apollo with a like-minded EP. Having worked as the Boozoo Bajou duo for almost two decades, the Nürnberg producers have been amazing us with their consistent quality ever since – and Hirta EP pursues this trajectory. Synth sounds from space establish its atmosphere on ‘Amoniard’ before a leisurely beat and relaxed guitars take over. ‘Loss Of Big Nicks’ lulls in crackling lo-fi aesthetics, while the remixes completely change the tone of the EP with digital percussion and industrial vocals (‘S.A.E.’) as well as jazzy saxophone interludes and off-beat (‘Hirta’).

??? às 14:20

Silent Servant & Broken English Club - Violence And Divinity (2014)

Silent Servant & Broken English Club  - Violence And Divinity MP3 / FLAC

Silent Servant and Oliver Ho's Broken English Club pay tribute to coldwave, J.G. Ballard and Lady Di with four deep techno wounds for Minimal Wave's Cititrax sublabel. Prowling across the front, Silent Servant yields the pelvic funk and blank-eyed vocals of 'Speed and Violence', primed for 3am autobahn missions and bloody noses, beside the tangled EBM muscle and metal of 'Cut Unconscious' - both outstanding pieces of work. On the turn, Ho's Broken English Club straps up a sorta proto New Beat swagger with 'Divinity', and the numbed, nary-give-a-f**k roil ov 'Delays'.

??? às 12:00

Lars Leonhard - Best Of Unreleased 2010-2012 (2014 Remastered)

Lars Leonhard - Best Of Unreleased 2010-2012 [Remastered] MP3 / FLAC

That release is a compilation of 13 timeless tracks which have never been officially published or my past labels has quit and the tracks were not available anymore in the worldwide web. All tracks have been remastered in 2014 by Michael Conn.

??? às 11:45

Rødhåd - Haumea (2014)

Rødhåd - Haumea MP3 / FLAC

new on Token...

??? às 10:50

Milieu - Polypsilon, Part 2 (2014)

Milieu - Polypsilon, Part 2 MP3 / FLAC

Hot on the heels of Part 1 comes Polypsilon, Part 2! The second half of the BRIAN-DANCE odyssey is another hour of colorful electronics and bedroom production values. Arguably more diverse than Part 1, with krautrock influenced motorik tracks like "Paul The Pylon", jungle strains in "Phallusaurus Jox", a little Boards of Canada peeking through in "Polly Epsilon" and a nod to SAW 85-92 on "P-Boots". Of course, melodies are still the focus of the material, along with a nice settled in comfort level from working with so many familiar sounds and machines. The whole thing inevitably caves in by the end, and trails off along some long-lost ambient coastline from the depths of my mind. Printed and pressed on a super-limited special edition of 30 copies on white cassette tape, with hand-cut red cardstock J-cards and black text decals. Don't miss out!

??? às 10:35

Austin Cesear - West Side (2014)

Austin Cesear - West Side MP3 / FLAC

Oakland, CA dreamer, Austin Cesear smudges back into view on Public Information with his follow-up to aces for Opal Tapes and Anthony Naples' Proibito. 'West Side' was inspired by Austin's time spent gazing over the dock of Oakland port in the San Francisco bay, and duly yields six tracks of gauzily impressionist groove and foggy atmosphere, or, as PI poetically proffer; "This is Austin Cesear beside black water in the darkest hours, white sodium light bouncing across the surf. Searching across the bay, industry stands proud in the early morning haze. Cargo, containers, machines. Cranes pierce the sky, gulls scream, motors grind – the rush and roar of a new working day in his ears." And so the EP unfolds with a dawning logic, from the coruscating allure of metallic harmony and grubby swing of 'La Paloma' thru the fuzzy shimmy of 'Ain't It So (Necessary)', to the pre-caffeineated trudge of 'Cloven Hoov', before 'Easy Bend' curves the session to warmer, half-baked house heights, pumping into the teasing techno elation of 'Samareda' and the come-down chug of 'Bee Free (Warlick Mix)'.

??? às 08:10

Gidge - Autumn Bells (2014)

Gidge - Autumn Bells MP3

??? às 07:00

Steve Reich - Radio Rewrite (2014)

Steve Reich - Radio Rewrite MP3 / FLAC

??? às 06:40

Aidan Baker - Triptychs: Variations on a Melody (2014)

Aidan Baker - Triptychs: Variations on a Melody MP3 / FLAC

Triptychs: Variations On A Melody takes inspiration from Erik Satie's compositions Gymnopédies and his notion of "furniture music," which many consider a precursor to contemporary ambient music. Each "triptych" is based around a simple, slow-moving melodic line, which repeats three times with the addition of a harmonic line upon each repetition, culminating in a three part harmony.

??? às 06:35

Various Artists - V - Five Years of Artefacts - Chapter One (2014)

Various Artists - V - Five Years of Artefacts - Chapter One MP3

1. Rrose – Drowned by Sight (7:12)
2. Perc – Tri City (5:36)
3. Pieter – Atman (8:37)
4. Lakker – Pier (5:25)

??? às 06:25

Kode9 & The Spaceape - Killing Season (2014)

Kode9 & The Spaceape - Killing Season MP3 / FLAC

??? às 06:10

Neel - Phobo (2014)

Neel - Phobo MP3

There’s a large empty space on your record shelf, in between Nurse With Wound’s “Space Music” and Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue’s “Shades of Orion”: a gap between the cold, lifeless experimentations of Steven Stapleton—space heard as a largely silent void punctuated by the sudden and infrequent arrival of massive objects—and the romantic imaginings of 90’s space ambient which filled space with idealistic longings of earth. There aren't many records to put right between those two. But now Neel has given us one, Phobos, and it’s both a lustrous and shadowy beauty. After debuting stellar live performances at Mutek in Montreal as well as Berlin Atonal, the time to release an album documenting the material has arrived. Phobos is the debut LP from Neel, well-known as the sonic mastermind behind the Voices from the Lake project, together with his fellow Italian DJ, friend, and cosmic joker Donato Dozzy. Neel is a young mastering engineer with golden ears, and through Voices from the Lake, he and Dozzy have brought a level of immaculate sound production to techno which, to be honest, simply hasn’t existed before. Alone, however, you might feel Neel sounds even better. Phobos is a carefully cut gem, reflecting layers of patient detail and filling the full frequency range with a perfect balance. Voices from the Lake is an organic project, with a tight focus on water and life, but Phobos has leapt to the opposite end of the spectrum. You cannot take a sampler's magnifying glass to a place that does not transmit sound—another kind of imagination and technique is required. The sonic results are a real treat. This album more than most, will benefit from whatever outrageous hi-fi you can swing at it. Don’t just play it loud—play it well. Legend has it Neel constructed Phobos out of an elaborate narrative concerning Phobos, the larger of Mars’s two moons, Fear and its brother Dread, the son of Aries and Aphrodite, the moon which sets twice across the Martian sky each day, and which each century draws closer to its red parent by one earthly meter, in a 50-million year gravitational tease that can only end in destruction. Further investigators will have to tease out the real details of that story from Neel, but for us the album slowly traverses through deep space over the course of a single hour-long track, patiently passing slow-turning objects and desolate plains, until the final minutes where it unpacks itself—presenting all the pent-up emotions from a long trip—in a blissful moment that marks the end and beginning of this voyage into space alone.

??? às 05:25
Segunda-feira, 29 de Setembro de 2014

Daedelus - The Light Brigade (2014)

Daedelus - The Light Brigade MP3 / FLAC

Like his mythological namesake, Daedelus – otherwise known as Alfred Darlington – is an inventor, a creator of sonic labyrinths combining sounds from an eclectic palette into an innovative genre all his own. With The Light Brigade, Daedelus returns to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder, a fitting home for the Los Angeles electronic pioneer. A successor to his 2009 Righteous Fists of Harmony (an EP inspired by the Boxer Rebellion), The Light Brigade recalls the Crimean war of 1853-56. The music was written and recorded before the recent troubles broke out in that region, a turn of events which lends an air of requiem to the album. The Light Brigade is a musical interplay of light and dark, soft and heavy, beautiful and frightening. The ghosts of war reverberate into the present in this deeply moving meditation on mortality.

??? às 13:25

Tradisyon Ka - Gwo Ka: Music of Guadeloupe, West Indies (2014)

Tradisyon Ka - Gwo Ka: Music of Guadeloupe, West Indies MP3

??? às 13:15

Johnny Yesterday - Breathe In, Breathe Out (2014)

Johnny Yesterday - Breathe In, Breathe Out MP3

Johnny Yesterday makes bombastic electronic music that kind of sounds like if you converted IDM into EDM; lush, intricate soundscapes that Boards of Canada would craft are mixed with the loudness and emotive prevalence of true club music. 'Breathe Out, Breathe In' is Yesterday's debut record, following on from an EP earlier this year called 'Allie, Don't Let Me Disappear'. He cites horror movies as his key inspiration, though the record sounds plenty bright thanks to its synthwork.

??? às 13:10

Ras G - Raw Fruit Vol. 3 (2014)

Ras G - Raw Fruit Vol. 3 MP3

Ras G drops volume 3 of his 'Raw Fruit' beat tape adventures. Still sippin' on that Sun Ra juice and blowing big green smoke rings to the sky, he crumbles, mixes and rolls up 17 nuggets with patented freeform flair. We're particularly feeling the taste of 'Tomita Kush' and 'T.V. Party' with their scratchy wave samples, and the Afro-concentric spirals of 'Wulu Rhythm'. Can't wait to spark this up in the easy chair.

??? às 13:10

Alliv Sobol (Ricardo Villalobos) - Toz (2014)

Alliv Sobol (Ricardo Villalobos) - Toz MP3

??? às 13:05

Monolog - Merge (2014)

Monolog - Merge MP3

new on Ad Noiseam...

??? às 13:00

Hudson Mohawke - Chimes (2014)

Hudson Mohawke - Chimes FLAC

Hud Mo brings a rambunctious, hyper-coloured sound to 'Chimes'. Currently soundtracking an Apple advert, the lead cut flips the switch between airborne arpeggios and chest-puffing brass vamps inna Drill style we could easily imagine Kanye romping over. He's equally impressive when leaving the beats behind too, as with the wobbly kosmische flash of 'Brainwave', whilst 'King Kong Beaver' brings back the funk showmanship with flamboyant chops and the nuttiest drums. For the insatiable, there's also a rushin' junglist trap remix by Gammer.

??? às 08:40

Anstam - Names (2014)

Anstam - Names MP3 / FLAC

Anstan jump ship from 50Weapons to Monkeytown for their third LP proper, first emerging in 2007 as a duo with 2 killer 12"s packed full of 7 am Berlin basement teeth grinders, Names finds the group stripped back to a single duo. Opener 'Names' is a main room banger of distorted twisted electronics with a killer vocal hook over the top. Elsewhere we are treated to the pounding drums of 'Muscle Memories' coming across like a sedated Cut Hands hanging out with Thom Yorke. If that sounds like your kinda thing then you will love this LP, our highlight has to be the psychedelic rinser 'The Obvious and the Impeccable' where the vocals are at the forefront of what's sure to be a future bound big room anthem.

??? às 08:30

Gui Boratto - Abaporu (2014)

Gui Boratto - Abaporu MP3 / FLAC

??? às 07:00

Various Artists - Tempa Allstars, Vol 7 (2014)

Various Artists - Tempa Allstars, Vol 7 FLAC

Tempa Allstars Vol.7 represents a widening and readjustment of UK dread/bass space with a mixture of new halfstep and cyber/tribal aesthetics. Keysound hero Wen defines the new sound with the gutted grime-techno sound designs of 'Push Back', where Alex Coulton and Batu follow suit with a palette of tribal drums and cyber-dub dread also at 130bpm - Batu's 'Ghosted' is a big one for Beneath fans. The rest of the session tends towards subtle mutations of the halfstep genome, from Innasound's Loefah-style loper 'Step Fourth' and the tectonic shockwaves in Perverse's 'Jacobin', to the biting electric edge of 'Nano' from AXH.

??? às 06:10

Paul White - Shaker Notes (2014)

Paul White - Shaker Notes MP3 / FLAC

Kaleidoscopic styles from Paul White on his excellent album debut for R&S. With 'Shaker Notes' he swaps his hip hop garb for a psych dashiki - most literally on the album sleeve, and metaphorically speaking thru his worldly palette of jazz-wise, Afro-centric instrumentation and 4th world electronic tones. With many other producers that transition could be tragic, but White pulls it off with aplomb, much like his former One-Handed Music label-mate, Bullion's entirely successful switch from beats to luscious pop psychedelia. His production is totally prime, juggling live and programmed drums with vibing keys, synth and vocals in subtle soundspheres ranging from the elegantly echoic chamber styles of the title track to breezier widescreen dimensions in the hauntingly beautiful single 'Where You Gonna Go?' and plangent, dreamy dub-scapes of 'Sitting In Circles'. In between he deftly dissolves 4th world, soul and psych borders, from the swaying Can-meets-Eglo vibes of 'All We Know', to the sawdust-and-sand-strewn mosey of 'Honey Cats' and the slow-motion collision of taut electronic hip hop and ritual psychedelia in 'Wait & See', or the enchanted fusion voodoo of 'Fighting To Dance'.

??? às 06:00
Domingo, 28 de Setembro de 2014

Various Artists - Music From The Mountain Provinces (2014)

Various Artists - Music From The Mountain Provinces MP3 / FLAC

Numero present David Blair Stiffler's breathtaking 1988 excursion to the isolated, landlocked Mountain Province of the Northern Philippines. Risking "life and limb" to document the region's under-recorded cultures, the noted field recordist's trip actually ended as a hostage of the MNLF rebels, who confiscated his party's equipment bar the clothes on their back and a single cassette. Upon return to America, the masters, intended for release by Folkways, were shelved in light of Folkways founder Moses Asch's death, but thankfully they' were rediscovered to become the record in front of you, quarter of a century later. It contains 12 pieces ranging from gamelan-like percussive patter thru a number of bluesy 'Bamboo Zither' pieces to an utterly spellbinding 'Lullaby' accompanied by humid atmospheres, bird calls and rasping percussion which just stopped us dead in our tracks. Arguably, this is a region that very few of us will ever visit, so consider this a rare and privileged insight to worlds lesser heard.

??? às 18:20

Sam Amidon - Lily-O (2014)

Sam Amidon - Lily-O MP3 / FLAC

??? às 18:10

Various Artists - Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 (1972,1998 remastered)

Various Artists - Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 Remastered MP3 / FLAC

??? às 18:00

Chihei Hatakeyama - Winter Storm (2014)

Chihei Hatakeyama - Winter Storm MP3

It’s fascinating to hear how the ethereal condition of sound is able to reflect the ephemeral and subtle fibers of reality. At some listening states, there’s no matter, no space-time, not even a listener; just pure sound. Chihei Hatakeyama approaches to these ghostly features of sound like a way of portraying dreams vanishing in a second, tracing cozy atmospheres and intangible clouds that create an engaging feeling of purity and embodiment. One by one, these audible pieces behave as soft environments that release the listener from all constraints, using time’s elasticity as an ally when it comes to produce an experience that reaches a contemplative and peaceful mood that exceeds the limits of the ears from the emergence of spectral landscapes that trigger a state of awareness in which more than transporting the listener to a place, the album makes the listener a habitable universe where sound travels freely, silent.

??? às 17:50

The Beatles - The Beatles in Mono (2014)

The Beatles - The Beatles in Mono FLAC

??? às 08:15

Farthest South - Spheres & Constellations Remixes (2014)

Farthest South - Spheres & Constellations Remixes MP3

Remixes by Frank Bretschneider, The Sight Below, Maps & Diagrams & Yair Etziony.

??? às 08:10

Walkner.Möstl - Heaven Or Hell (2000)

Walkner.Möstl - Heaven Or Hell MP3

??? às 08:05

Keiji Haino, Jim O’Rourke & Oren Ambarchi - Only Wanting to Melt Beautifully Away Is It a Lack of Contentment That Stirs Affection for Those Things Said to Be as of Yet Unseen (2014)

Keiji Haino, Jim O’Rourke & Oren Ambarchi - Only Wanting to Melt Beautifully Away Is It a Lack of Contentment That Stirs Affection for Those Things Said to Be as of Yet Unseen MP3 / FLAC

??? às 08:00

M. Ostermeier - Percolate (2010)

M. Ostermeier - Percolate FLAC

??? às 07:15

Supersilent - 12 (2014)

Supersilent - 12 MP3 / FLAC

Eschatological harbingers, Supersilent reveal their 12th full length vision for Rune Grammofon. Produced and mixed by Helge Sten (Deathprod) from hours of recordings at his Audio Virus LAB, and also Athletic Sound in Halden, and the Emanuel Vigeland museum, known for its 20 second natural reverb, '12' renders the void within touching distance in 13 life-affirmingly free, intuitive soundscapes too wide or deep to be contained by any sole genre. Operating at practically precognitive levels of communication, the improvisations of Arve Henriksen, Ståle Storløkken, and Helge Sten render majestic spaces for the imagination to float unhindered, coloured by spectral tonal hues and quivering with the most tactile, plangent sub-atomic vibes. We could rant about this stuff all day but ultimately it's music to be plunged into feet first until it chokes, consumes and indulges all the senses at any expense.

??? às 06:20

Drexciya - Uncharted EP (1998)

Drexciya - Uncharted EP MP3

??? às 06:15

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - Gone Girl OST (2014)

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - Gone Girl OST MP3 / FLAC

very ambient/minimal soundtrack...

Composed, arranged, performed, programmed, and produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. From the soundtrack to "Gone Girl" directed by David Fincher.

??? às 06:10
Sábado, 27 de Setembro de 2014

Sol Invictus - Once Upon A Time (2014)

Sol Invictus - Once Upon A Time MP3 / FLAC

??? às 19:55

Innershades - Nina Remixes (2014)

Innershades - Nina Remixes MP3

1 Nina At The Boiler Room (Tuff City Kids Remix) 6:00
2 Nina At The Boiler Room (Kowton Remix) 5:28

??? às 19:30

Blu Mar Ten - Famous Lost Words Remixes Pt 2 (2014)

Blu Mar Ten - Famous Lost Words Remixes Pt 2 FLAC

??? às 18:10

Drvg Cvltvre - Raw Reworks (2014)

Drvg Cvltvre - Raw Reworks MP3 / FLAC

Raw Reworks is a new EP by Dutch left field house and experimental techno producer Drvg Cvltvre. It is based on the album Raw Recordings by sound artist Daniel Menche, and features some awesome field recordings by said artist. Drvg Cvltvre has turned these ambient recordings into four pounding and punishing industrial techno tracks with an experimental edge. The source material was not only used to layer the sound, but also as a source for new instruments by taking percussive elements of the field recordings and tweaking them into oblivion. A reworking of the source material in every sense of the word...

??? às 13:35

Drvg Cvltvre - Airplane Hangar On Stun (2014)

Drvg Cvltvre - Airplane Hangar On Stun MP3

??? às 13:30

Drvg Cvltvre - American Psychosis (2014)

Drvg Cvltvre - American Psychosis MP3

Shipwrec proudly present one of the pioneers of Dutch electronics. For some twenty years Vincent Koreman has been honing his sound, releasing on a plethora of labels such as Bunker, Viewlexx, Mighty Robot Recordings and his own Angelmaker Records. Under the mask of Drvg Cvltvre brutish 303 soaked anger is being doled out. An Acid washed Industrial wrath comes in the form of American Psychosis. 'Acid Flash' sees a new collaboration with Bournmouth's Chris Moss Acid for a burning piece of aggression. Violent knob squawk is further punished by bullying beats, cruel claps and some late night horror. 'I'll Wear Your Face On A Chain' has the same red mist behind the eyes. Shrill 303 chords run into abrasive drums with darkened vocals prophesising pain. A high velocity head-butt cracks the nose of 'March Into Nothingness'. Reeling from the initial attack a barrage of bludgeoning bass descends as Drvg Cvltvre is in full thug mode. Fury is unleashed, a raging rant of fevered Acid shreds all in its path. Reverb and spittle fly in the listener's face. There is no relenting as the crash and pound of 'Drowning In Eternal Twilight' dunk your head back under a Acid black pool. Lung-fulls of air should be gulped when possible as Industrial beats pour concrete and scorn. A factory of hurt with Drvg Cvltvre perpetrating, and perpetuating, the agony. Orwellian electronics : "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face.”

??? às 13:25

Strotter Inst. - Monstranz (2004)

Strotter Inst. - Monstranz MP3

After the lp „Schlepper“ and some tracks on compilations, the time has come for „Monstranz“ – the first full lenght Strotter Inst. cd. The concept album offers a journey through the audible world of Strotter Inst. All sounds are generated by manipulated and modifi ed Lenco-turntables without the use of any prepared samples.
The CD starts with a low-fi rumple to change into concrete clicks and scrapes followed by epic drones, multilayered broken beats to fall back in tricky bass-meditations. The bridge between the archaic and the contemporary is also represented in the concept of the CD cover: The first track is embossed in the digipack – only playable on a turntable and the last track can only be downloaded from the net. Inbetween the aforementioned two tracks, eleven tracks are arranged around a central 33-minutes long polyrhythmic Strotter Inst. composition.

??? às 11:35

Marquis Hawkes - Fifty Fathoms Deep (2014)

Marquis Hawkes - Fifty Fathoms Deep MP3 / FLAC

new EP on Houndstooth...

Marquis Hawkes makes moves on Houndstooth with the 'Fifty Fathoms Deep' EP, featuring the Ben UFO and Move D-sponsored 'Can't Find a Reason'. That one cuts a flash Jersey house figure across the A-side, replete with Todd Edwards-esque vocal chops and fruity groove for the friday night playas, before A'dam's Stee Downes chimes in all dreamy and nipple-rubbing in the floaty depths of 'The Way'. Flipside, Hawkes swings solo with the jazzier motifs of 'Fifty Fathoms' and some class Linn chops in the haughty house boogie of 'Fat Man'.

??? às 09:15

Chuter - An Absence Of Weight (2014)

Chuter - An Absence Of Weight MP3 / FLAC

??? às 07:40



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