Quarta-feira, 31 de Dezembro de 2014

Moebius • Story • Leidecker - Snowghost Pieces (2014)

Moebius • Story • Leidecker - Snowghost Pieces MP3 psw: NOL

Many brightly shining planets orbit the twin central star of Cluster (Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius). To be clear: as soloists Roedelius and Moebius have long since worked with all kinds of musicians whose congenial contributions add even more colour to the polychromatic Cluster world. Yet no matter how distinctly their guests' creativity is expressed, Cluster's character is consistently audible. "Snowghost Pieces" very much fits the pattern: Tim Story, a distinguished electronic musician who had previous experience of working with Roedelius (Lunz, for example) and Jon Leidecker (Negativland, People Like Us), one of America's leading sonic pioneers using his Wobbly pseudonym, recorded an album of extraordinary complexity together with Moebius. All eleven pieces on the CD are rooted in hypnotic rhythm but are swept along in a bonanza of bizarre sound and noise which almost overwhelms the listener with information overload. "Snowghost Pieces" is no place for minimalism. On the contrary, new musical surprises come thick and fast, a blur of electronic and acoustic sounds. Moebius, Story and Leidecker always keep harmony within their grasp, sometimes even dropping in little melodies; there is a deeply humane quality to their improvised interaction, never descending into noisy abstraction. The three musicians ensconced themselves in Brett Allen's exceptionally professional studio, high in the outlandish mountains of the state of Montana. The intimate studio atmosphere and surreal surroundings undoubtedly played their part in the creation of this fantastical music, the players availing themselves of abundant technical possibilities in the most brilliant and empathetic fashion. "Snowghost Pieces" is by no means a Cluster album, but to revisit the image at the top of the page, the distant reflection of the central star shone over the album recording sessions, radiating warmth for a whole week. The planets continue to circle in space.

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Ben Sims - Theory Of Completion Volume Three (2014)

Ben Sims - Theory Of Completion Volume Three MP3 / FLAC

Ben Sims brings his Theory imprint to rest after 50 releases, nearly three decades of pounding tunes. For a special treat Surgeon contributes his droning remix of 'Neurosis' alongside a trio of Sims' signature hard techno tools.

??? às 23:49

Variant - Oceans End (2015)

Variant - Oceans End MP3 / FLAC psw: NOL

??? às 23:45

Deadbeat - Claudette (2012)

Deadbeat - Claudette FLAC psw: NOL

??? às 23:40

Steve Roach - Invisible (2015)

Steve Roach - Invisible MP3 / FLAC psw: NOL

??? às 23:35

Arcanoid - Monotypes (2014)

Arcanoid - Monotypes FLAC psw: NOL

??? às 23:30

Drvg Cvltvre - Drvg Cvltvre Presents Sludge Houz Vol. III (2014)

Drvg Cvltvre - Drvg Cvltvre Presents Sludge Houz Vol. III FLAC

o there you have it. The third and last instalment in Drvg Cvltvre's Sludge Houz series. Three EP's bringing together some of the best work for Radio Kobayashi Records. This last EP is another dark yet solid affair. Sludge Houz is like a Dj Screw blend of straightforward techno from the Terrence Dixon and Hieroglyphic being school of all-out and the dark UK experimental sounds of Actress, Throbbing Gristle and Demdike Stare. Volume III drops some serious fire from the first second of the first cut. Armageddon To The Skies' is a bass line heavy piece of house that would not be out of place on one of those earlier Kompakt compilations. Long and lush melodies and bass line set the tone and percussion and a heavy thump of a kick propels the track to great hights. Up next is You Sit On A Throne Of Lies'. A slower, darker and more menacing piece of music than anything you might have heard this year.. The last two tracks are more industrial and getting close to that other bastion of Brittish techno, Perc Trax, on which Drvg Cvltvre has also contributed tracks. Chains Of Ice' is an evil slice of dark techno with modulating bass line and swirls of noise. Closing track Human Resource Management' incorporates the same dense layers of noise and sound but adds a 101 and a vocal snippet to the mix to keep things moving. One of the best tracks of this producer so far. This closes the three EP run called Sludge Houz and whenever something closes, its time for new beginnings.. Get ready for new stuff by one of the hardest working producers in the field of electronic music: Drvg Cvltvre.

??? às 23:10

Various Artists - Pitchfork: Top 100 Tracks 2014 (2014)

Various Artists - Pitchfork: Top 100 Tracks 2014 MP3 psw: NOL


??? às 23:00

2562 - The New Today (2014)

2562 - The New Today MP3 / FLAC

Dave Huismans (A Made Up Sound) returns under his 2562 codename with the oneiric ambient/concrète dancefloor states of 'The New Today', his 4th solo album in this guise. Where its predecessor, 'Air Jordan', also for his When In Doubt label, took inspiration from the arid landscapes of the Middle East, 'The New Today' draws upon ideas sketched out whilst 2562 was in New York, late summer 2013, and was later finished at his home studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Rather than disco samples, as with his last LP 'Fever', he sources from and splices together an enviable library of European synth experiments, new age tapes, avant-garde, post punk, pop and long forgotten aces, offering an entirely different palette of textures and tones. Ambient is a keyword here, taking inspiration from the feeling of drift of utopian/dystopian novels, as much as the sublimation of electro-acoustic processes. Between the humid concrète drone sphere of 'Arrival' and the sweeping celestial space of closer 'New Life', there's a keen sense of momentum through dreamy time and space, taking in the airborne melodies and syncopation of 'Vibedoctor' and 'Utopia' along with killer Afro-centric gyrations in 'Terraforming'. Inarguably, it's the the most diffuse yet cohesive and involving album in his celebrated cache.

??? às 22:15

Dense & Pika - Klank (2014)

Dense & Pika - Klank MP3

??? às 22:10

Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 - In the Kingdom of Dub (Extended Version) (2014)

Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 - In the Kingdom of Dub (Extended Version) MP3

??? às 22:05

Steve Roach - Back To Life (2012)

Steve Roach - Back To Life MP3 / FLAC

??? às 22:00

Aki Onda (恩田晃) & Akio Suzuki (鈴木昭男) - ma ta ta bi (2014)

Aki Onda (恩田晃) & Akio Suzuki (鈴木昭男) - ma ta ta bi MP3 psw: NOL

Amazing clash and collaboration of two giants of Japanese Sound art and improvisation.

??? às 19:55

Children of the Stones - The Stars and the Silence + Extended Play (2014)

Children of the Stones - The Stars and the Silence + Extended Play MP3 / FLAC

New project from Mark Van Hoen of Black Hearted Brother, Locust, Seefeel, and Scala. Features guitar by Neil Halstead of Slowdive, Mojave 3, and Black Hearted Brother. The histories of new collaborations birthed out of the photo books of futures past often comes over the strong bonds of shared familiarities, and the process of new dynamic discoveries. To hear it from Mark Van Hoen [Black Hearted Brother, Locust, Scala, Seefeel, and so forth], about his formidable beginnings in his high school sprung band, The Occasional Garden; “we discovered we had a mutual love for Cocteau Twins, and decided to form a band.” An early group founded by his school friends Mark Clifford, and Martin Maeers; Van Hoen talks about near signings with Stevo Pearce’s Some Bizarre Records, and upbringing of being “quiet kids” in a rough school; “doing our best not to be noticed by the punks & skinheads.” Onward through the 90s of starting groups from Scala, Locust, solo work, collaborative work on Black Hearted Brother and more; the hometown connection endured through the new beginnings and group transitions. From sessions scattered throughout the oughts to present day; Van Hoen gathers again with Martin Maeers and also joined by Rachel Davies of Esben & The Witch, Neil Halstead & Al Forrester, Angus Finlayson, amongst other friends. “A convergence of different musicians, places, atmospheres and times”, Mark V.H. describes it, “I like it when all these things are knitted together to create a music that would not be possible by a group playing together in a room.

??? às 18:45

Dionigi - Dirty Analogic Party Vol. 13 (2014)

Dionigi - Dirty Analogic Party Vol. 13 MP3

Quantistic owner Dionigi steps up with an impressive collection of dubbed out disco. From the opening track, "They Forgot" onwards, the Italian producer puts a focus on heavy drums, wah-wah guitar riffs and acidic bleeps. Even when he plays it harder, as is the case on "What Is Going On Here", he breaks into angular guitar riffs. Given his approach, it is no surprise that the best tracks are the most freaked out; from the cavernous grooves and ponderous vocals of "Some Theoretical Considerations", the cowbell-heavy pulses of "The Emerging Picture" and the cosmic disco closer, "Passport To The Cosmos", this is a brilliantly spaced out collection.

??? às 17:40

Tzusing - A Name Out Of Place Pt. 1 (2014)

Tzusing - A Name Out Of Place Pt. 1 MP3 / FLAC

??? às 14:40

Matador - Play With Me! (2014)

Matador - Play With Me! MP3

??? às 14:35

Thelonious Monk - 'Round Midnight: The Complete Blue Note Singles 1947-1952 (2014)

Thelonious Monk - 'Round Midnight: The Complete Blue Note Singles 1947-1952 MP3 / FLAC

The two-disc Thelonious Monk anthology, 2014's 'Round Midnight: The Complete Blue Note Singles (1947-1952), compiles all of the influential jazz pianist’s original 78 rpm singles released on the storied Blue Note label. These are Monk's first recordings under his own name, leading a group (not his debut recordings as a sideman with Coleman Hawkins). All of these recordings were later collected on various albums including Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 1., and other anthologies. Here, they are presented in chronological order and with alternate takes. Recorded in six separate sessions beginning in October of 1947 and ending in May of 1952, these sides showcase many of the songs Monk composed, and which would quickly become part of the jazz canon. Included are "Evidence," "Mysterioso," "Well, You Needn't," and others. While the focal point of these albums is Monk's innovative use of dissonance and unexpected, angular melodicism, the recordings also benefit from a veritable who's-who of modern jazz of the period. Backing Monk here, variously, are such luminaries as drummers Art Blakey and Max Roach, vibraphonist Milt Jackson, trumpeters Kenny Dorham and Idrees Sulieman, saxophonists Lou Donaldson and Lucky Thompson, and many more. While these recordings are widely available, it's both historically enlightening and aesthetically pleasing to have them collected so thoughtfully here.

??? às 09:35

Devo - Miracle Witness Hour (2014)

Devo - Miracle Witness Hour MP3 / FLAC

In 1977 DEVO played an intimate show to an eager handful at biker bar turned total dive The Eagle Street Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio. Unbeknown to those canny onlookers, they were to testify to the healing power of DEVO! But what of us now?

??? às 09:10

Sally Fowler - These Lines Laid Down (2014)

Sally Fowler - These Lines Laid Down MP3

??? às 09:00

Sun Ra - A Space Odyssey From Birmingham To The Big Apple - The Quest Begins (2013)

Sun Ra - A Space Odyssey From Birmingham To The Big Apple - The Quest Begins MP3

??? às 08:45

William Ryan Fritch - Emptied Animal (2014)

William Ryan Fritch - Emptied Animal MP3 psw: NOL

Emptied Animal, the debut release from William Ryan Fritch, is an overture to the surrealist Psych-folk of his upcoming LP Leave Me Like You Found Me. This 10 song EP, full of more music and ideas than most long playing records, is comprised of five new songs featuring his honeyed, expressive vocals over bold, panoramic orchestration and five equally sumptuous and engaging instrumental tracks all showcasing a unique sense of orchestration and texture. The breadth and scope of this album’s instrumentation and arrangement belie the seemingly incomprehensible fact that every sound was played live, recorded, and mixed by Fritch in his home studio. After more than a decade of slowly refining and honing his DIY, no budget, maximalist aesthetic, Emptied Animal with it’s new, evocative sound palette is a statement piece for a solo artist who has continually strived to make music larger than his modest means. Those who purchase the physical album will receive four exclusive bonus tracks derived from the Leave Me Like You Found Me sessions. Artwork by world renowned artist/illustrator João Ruas.

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Max Graef - Rivers of the Red Planet (2014)

Max Graef - Rivers of the Red Planet MP3

??? às 06:40

Youth Code - A Place to Stand EP (2014)

Youth Code - A Place to Stand EP MP3 / FLAC

L.A.'s EBM revivalists lash out on Dais. The originals remind us of the weekly cyber-goth hour of power in Blaises, boro 2000 - which was all good aged 16, but sounds odd now with wider access to previously crenellated industrial zones. The saving grace is the killer Silent Servant's hard-wired remix of 'Let The Sky Burn', trimming the duo to a more potent, sexy sort of Front 242-gone-minimal sound.

??? às 06:40

DEFCE - Surface Tension (2014)

DEFCE - Surface Tension MP3

??? às 06:35

Egyptrixx - Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] (2015)

Egyptrixx - Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] MP3

Transfer Of Energy [Feelings Of Power], marks a move away from the Night Slugs imprint, which released Psutka's previous albums as Egyptrixx: last year's A/B To Infinity and 2011's Bible Eyes. The new record features visual and video components from Berlin-based artist ANF, and expands upon many of the same themes and concepts from his previous album, the artist says.

??? às 06:30

Florida Man - Take Me To The Dirt (2014)

Florida Man - Take Me To The Dirt MP3

??? às 06:20

E110 - VF14 (2014)

E110 - VF14 MP3 / FLAC

??? às 05:30
Terça-feira, 30 de Dezembro de 2014

Francesco Giannico - Metrophony (2014)

Francesco Giannico - Metrophony MP3

??? às 19:40

Marissa Nadler - Before July (2014)

Marissa Nadler - Before July MP3 / FLAC

??? às 13:35

Various Artists - Afrobeat Airways 2: Return Flight To Ghana 1974-1983 (2013)

Various Artists - Afrobeat Airways 2: Return Flight To Ghana 1974-1983 FLAC

Following 2010's inaugural compilation, Analog Africa dig deeper to expand our Ghanaian funk collections: featuring an exciting range of well-known names (K Frimpong, Ebo Taylor, The African Brothers) and more obscure rarities, it's an insightful schooling in the highlife sound and its deeply rooted funk and soul tendrils. Every track is a highlight, but stand-out jams come from De Frank's Band (thanks to their attention to western rhythm detail), Los Issifu & His Moslems' sedate organ meanders on "Kana Soro" and Complex Soundz' sermon-like horn blaster "God Is Love". Complete with a well compiled and research booklet that tells the full Ghanaian funk story, this is a fine addition to any collection.

??? às 13:30

Kool Keith - El Dorado Driven Teddy Bass Presents: Kool Keith (2014)

Kool Keith - El Dorado Driven Teddy Bass Presents: Kool Keith MP3

??? às 11:45

Adventure Time (Daedelus and Frosty) - Of Beyond (2014)

Adventure Time (Daedelus and Frosty) - Of Beyond MP3 / FLAC

Adventure Time is the duo of sonic explorers Daedelus and Frosty. Having met in the music-geek haven of the University of Southern California's student radio station in the mid 1990's, they quickly forged a friendship. These pals carried on their companionship past college and helped found the non-profit Internet radio station dublab.com in 1999. After many years of shared moments seeking vinyl gems in vast secondhand record bins, they started to collaboratively create collages from excavated records. Their musical experiments were based on out-there audio affinities grounded in beauty, humor and rhythm. Adventure Time's mission has always been focused on the creative recycling of found sounds into newly formed moments of action-packed audio delight. Of Beyond is the story of Adventure Time's journey through cosmic portals. It's a hopscotch across time and space that strings together astral scenes in a symphony of swirling stardust. Adventure Time have opened their radio telescope wide in order to transmit far-flung fragments from the vast universe. Through their lens we catch layered glimpses of wondrous worlds that glow in unison. We hear rhythms streaking like comets still bright with the energy of time's dawn. We hear melodies buoyant with glee, floating gravity free. This is music in motion, spinning and flashing with the essence of wide existence. Of Beyond is a cosmic map in which dreams and visions merge into vibrant medleys of now. This may be the first we've heard from Adventure Time in awhile, but their tones ring loud and clear.

??? às 09:20

Lumerians - Transmissions From Telos Vol III (2014)

Lumerians - Transmissions From Telos Vol III MP3 / FLACother albums by Lumerians

Since forming in 2006, Oakland’s Lumerians have gained notoriety for their intense performances, stunning live visuals and thematic otherworldly releases. Recorded during explorative sessions in their own studio, Lumerians acknowledge the role sound and rhythm have always played in transcendent and ecstatic rituals the world over, from the repetitious drums of tribal animists to the penetrating electronic pulses of neon dance clubs. Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present Transmission From Telos Vol.III by Lumerians. These seasoned voyagers of the multiverse bring us back some new aural gems from their return journey to the mysterious Telos. As with the last time they visited there, they bring back infectious materials known to mess with the mind. Imagine the electronic pioneers Raymond Scott and Jean Jacques Perrey reinterpreted by the Isaac Hayes Movement, shot through with the other-worldliness of Ege Bamyasi. Intergalactic departure music of the first water.

??? às 07:25

Lumerians - The Weaning and the Dreaming (2012)

Lumerians - The Weaning and the Dreaming MP3 / FLAC

Shit yeah! We snatched up some copies of the TOUR ONLY cassette the Lumerians are carting around with them as they hit the road. Released by the fabulous freaks at Sanity Muffin, "The Weaning And The Dreaming" finds the Lumerians in ultra experimental mode. Forget the insectoid crystal planet motorik groove pulses of "Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV" on Permanent, forget the sensuous space-kraut pin-stripers of "Transmalinnia" on Knitting Factory cuz on this outing Lumerians are exploring the furthest reaches of their broad stretching sonic abilities and coming up with one of the weirdest tapes we've heard in some time. Apparently the gang got together, laid down some improvised kookiness and then flipped the tape to play in reverse and recorded more instrumental jams over top of the backwards stuff (try to keep up here). Strange clicks and warped dark ambiance collide with backwards swoops and dense swaths of downer drones to create an unsettling blur of foggy disturbances. The b-side is the a-side in reverse causing all the original backwards stuff to play forward (you still with us?) revealing more to this cosmic oddity that is like the sonic equivalent of a blurred and distorted image reflected in mylar: mutated yet familiar. The Weaning And The Dreaming is an expansive psychedelic ouroboros that reveals greater depths of mysticism with each new listen. Totally Recommended.

??? às 07:20

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Euclid (2015)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Euclid MP3

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith studied voice, classical guitar, and piano at Berklee College of Music. She employed many of the skills she refined in college in her indie-folk band Ever Isles, but a fateful encounter with a neighbor who lent her a Buchla 100 synthesizer convinced her to shift her focus to analog synthesizer compositions. Starting with rhythmic patterns and melodic pulses, she began sculpting lush and exciting worlds of sound.

??? às 07:15

David Newlyn - Good Luck (2014)

David Newlyn - Good Luck MP3

Sound In Silence is happy to announce the return of David Newlyn, presenting his new album Good Luck (Enigma). This is his second release on the label after the, already sold out, collaboration album O.S. with Yellow6 back in 2012. Since 2006 his releases have appeared on labels such as Mobeer, Cotton Goods, Symbolic Interaction, Tokyo Droning, Time Released Sound, Hibernate Recordings and on his own October Man Recordings and Cathedral Transmissions. On Good Luck (Enigma) he offers ten new tracks in about 43 minutes, shifting from electroacoustic ambient to minimal neoclassical. Knowing perfectly how to use his devices, including computer, keyboards, cassette tape, guitar and loop station, he creates a beautiful chilled out collection of sounds which appeals to all fans of atmospheric and cinematic music. Final touches to the sound have been added by the mastering of George Mastrokostas (aka Absent Without Leave).

??? às 07:15

The Czars (John Grant) - The Best Of (2014)

The Czars (John Grant) - The Best Of MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 07:10

Bruno Bavota - The Secret Of The Sea (2013)

Bruno Bavota - The Secret Of The Sea MP3

??? às 07:05

Various Artists - Resident Advisor: Top 50 Tracks (2014)

Various Artists - Resident Advisor: Top 50 Tracks MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 07:00

Anxur (Donato Dozzy & Marco Shuttle) - The Anxur Takes Vol.1 (2014)

Anxur (Donato Dozzy & Marco Shuttle) - The Anxur Takes Vol.1 MP3

??? às 06:55

VA / Dystopian Artists - Soliloquy (2014)

VA / Dystopian Artists - Soliloquy MP3

The “Soliloquy” compilation marks the labelʼs 10th release featuring Rødhåd, Recondite, Alex.Do and Distant Echoes alongside some friends of the label like Don Williams, Ron Albrecht, Vril and Gotzkowsky.
Besides being the 10th release the compilation also marks the 3 years anniversary of the label itself.
The compilation comes as 2x12" in a printed inside-out cover.

A1. Recondite - People Wouldn't Believe 4:19
A2. Don Williams - Attack Ships On Fire 7:24
A3. Gotzkowsky - Shoulder Of Orion 8:51
A4. Distant Echoes - Glitter In The Dark 5:28
A5. Vril - Tannhauser Gate 7:03
A6. Alex.Do - Lost In Time 6:47
A7. R°dhσd - Like Tears In The Rain 7:14
A8. Ron Albrecht - Time To Die 7:05

??? às 06:50

Calidonia County - The Ghosted Years (2014)

Calidonia County - The Ghosted Years MP3 / FLAC

Formerly from Chicago and now based in Brooklyn, Calidonia County is the ambient solo project of graphic artist and designer Ian Ferguson. "The Ghosted Years" was leisurely crafted over the span of two years resulting in organic swelling soundscapes, nuanced compositions and idyllic vistas. It is comprised of layered tones delicately weaving in and around themselves and expanding ever-outward. The purity of form here is its greatest asset, allowing the compositions to breathe and purposefully settle into their own thoughtful tranquility. Moon Glyph is pleased to transport its listeners with "The Ghosted Years", the third and final release from Calidonia County

??? às 06:45

Stephan Mathieu - Sacred Ground (2014)

Stephan Mathieu - Sacred Ground MP3 / FLAC

??? às 05:50
Segunda-feira, 29 de Dezembro de 2014

HTRK - Body Lotion (2014)

HTRK - Body Lotion MP3 psw: NOL

Body Lotion is a collaboration between Belgium’s Sleeperhold Publications, Australian duo HTRK and London-based artist David Ferrando Giraut. The three tracks on the record-“Sugar,” “Punch” and the title track, “Body Lotion”-date back to the sessions that led to the band’s 2011 album, Work (Work Work). For any HTRK fan, the opportunity to hear three unheard Work (Work Work)-era tracks is reason for both celebration and reflection. Two of the songs feature the unmistakable basslines of Sean Stewart, who died in 2010, before Work (Work Work) was released. Both “Sugar” and “Punch” were recorded live in HTRK’s London rehearsal room, the then trio of Jonnine Standish, Nigel Yang and Sean Stewart. On “Sugar,” Jonnine’s voice smolders through smeared drums and Sean’s bassline. “Punch” is spare and confessionary; “Body Lotion” is suggestive, winking and bruised, a trademark HTRK hook submerged beneath the murk. All three tracks mutated from the recording sessions that ultimately led to Work (Work Work) track “Slo Glo.” While they all stand as striking individual songs, they share subtle elements in common-a lyrical idea here, some guitar parts there. David Ferrando Giraut’s distinctive artwork adorns Body Lotion‘s sleeve and one side of the wax. (All three tracks feature on the record’s A-side.) The Spanish artist has a deep and intimate connection to HTRK-he was living with Nigel in London at a time when Sean would visit to sketch out songs in Nigel’s tiny room. They’ve collaborated before, too: Jonnine has narrated and appeared in some of his films, while Nigel has provided the music. Giraut’s previous installations have often carried a musical lean-he’s used LP covers and turntables in the past-and he’s found a rich stream of creative inspiration in music’s ability to create meaning and change in memory and behaviour. This year has seen HTRK return with Psychic 9-5 Club, a bold and triumphant album, one that marked the beginning of a new era for Nigel and Jonnine. Body Lotion presents a beautiful, bittersweet glimpse into the recent past.

??? às 20:05

Various Artists - Krake #002 (2014)

Various Artists - Krake #002 MP3

01. Dämmern - Liberda (3:32)
02. Phon.o - Tell Me (4:39)
03. Eomac - No Name (4:28)
04. Bill Youngman - Resolution (5:03)
05. Monolake - Interrupt (7:08)
06. Frank Bretschneider - Under_w (3:24)
07. Cristian Vogel - New Values (7:17)

??? às 17:45

Brian Eno - The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition) (2014)

Brian Eno - The Shutov Assembly (Expanded Edition) MP3 / FLAC

**2014 re-cut of a 1992 compilation-cum-album of Eno's ambient recordings circa '85-'90.** "Reissue of Brian Eno’s 1992 album dedicated to Russian artist and friend Sergei Shutov, and a continuation of the atmospheric ambient work found on records such as On Land and Thursday Afternoon. Eno had discovered that Shutov often painted to his music but was unable to obtain many of his records in then-communist Russia. He resolved to collate a tape of previously unreleased material (recorded between 1985 and 1990) to give to Shutov and upon listening himself discovered a previously unnoticed thread that ran through the pieces, creating an unintentional full length work. Each piece is named after and derived from one of Eno’s audio-visual installations."

??? às 16:50

Talvihorros - Eaten Alive (2013)

Talvihorros - Eaten Alive MP3 / FLAC psw: NOL

Eaten Alive is the fifth studio album as Talvihorros for the experimental British composer Ben Chatwin. Marking a move away from Chatwin's signature guitar sound into a wide-ranging electronic sound palette, featuring his most direct and uncompromising work to date. The album was born when Daniel Crossley, owner of Fluid Radio met with Ben in late 2010. The pair visited areas in East London where Daniel had lived for much of his life, also the same area Ben found himself living. They shared stories and memories, looking back at a past that featured loss, isolation, addiction and abuse. As Ben explains: "We spent a weekend going to places where Dan had grown up, places that had stuck in his head for various reasons. Dan shared with me some harrowing and heartbreaking tales that eventually culminated in him battling with drug addiction. I think Dan was incredibly brave to get out of the situation he found himself in, get out of London, and live the life that he is living today." Eaten Alive is the result of this encounter, as Chatwin looks both introspectively and into the community where events like this can so readily happen. An album that focuses on the darker recesses of life, where bold melodic ideas fight with harsh noise and glacial ambience to create something organic, evolving and physically arresting.

??? às 16:25

Talvihorros - Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce (2012)

Talvihorros - Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce MP3 / FLAC psw: NOL

'Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce' was the inaugral, cassette-only release on London-based publishing house My Dance The Skull. It was composed as a response to the worrying grasp of consumerism over much of western society. Inspired by the first few Talvihorros live improvisational shows a small, primitave set-up consisting of guitar, mixer, casio keyboard, effects and percussion were used to create two long, vibrant and constantly shifting pieces.

??? às 16:22

Talvihorros - And It Was So (2012)

Talvihorros - And It Was So MP3 / FLAC psw: NOL

Talvihorros is London based composer Ben Chatwin’s study of guitar and electronics. Numerous techniques are used to coax a myriad of sounds from both acoustic and electric guitars. Home-made and vintage electronic equipment are used to loop, process and manipulate improvised material into dense and dark sound collages. What started out as a personal challenge to make an album in 7 days grew into something else entirely. Over a year in the making, and expanding his trademark guitar sound with drums, strings, bells, organs and synthesisers, 'And It Was So' features contributions from fellow label mates Field Rotation (violin) and Petrels (cello) along with tour partner Jordan Chatwin (drums/percussion) and long time collaborator Anais Lalange (viola). If last years album 'Descent Into Delta' was reminiscent of plunging into the murky depths, his latest offering 'And It Was So' evokes the expansiveness, dynamicism and density of the cosmos . Attempting to find order in chaos is something Talvihorros has been striving to achieve over the past three albums and he has never balanced these elements so beautifully.

??? às 16:20



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10Th Letter - Ultra viole...

Sleepland - Transition / ...

Sana Obruent - Songs Abou...

Mike Parker & Cirkle - Me...

Antias - Siberian Kiss (2...

Jamie Drouin - Drift (201...

Grøn - Forms & Constellat...

Andrew Sherwell - Ektenia...

The Gasman - Controlled H...

Fjaak - HAVEL (2018)

Shxcxchcxsh - OUFOUFOF (2...

Jungle By Night - Livings...

Various Artists - JD Twit...

Nihiloxica - Nihiloxica (...

Various Artists - Testimo...

Havantepe - Robo Owl EP (...

Ben Böhmer - Ground Contr...

Dntel - Hate In My Heart ...

Imaginary Softwoods - Can...

SANA OBRUENT - Dyatlov (2...


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