Sábado, 28 de Fevereiro de 2015

Steve Moore - Other Voices 04 (2015)

Steve Moore - Other Voices 04 FLAC psw: NOL

Zombi's Steve Moore takes a celestial spin on Ghost Box's 'Other Voices' series. The space cadet who never graduated presents two earthbound visions of the cosmos painted in analogue synth, Hammond organ and vintage string machine; cutting the most melancholic figure across the sky with 'The Moon Occults Saturn at Dawn' and with more inquisitive, optimistic effect in the slow burning lushness of 'Val Sans Retuor'.

??? às 17:00

The Pattern Forms - Other Voices 03 (2015)

The Pattern Forms - Other Voices 03 FLAC psw: NOL

Jon Brooks meets Friendly Fires as The Pattern Forms for Ghost Box's 'Other Voices' series. FF's Edward MacFarlane lends his finest indie dream-pop coos and harmonised gasps to a creamy pastoral scene of flighty synths and strummed strings in 'Fluchtwege' - it's very well accomplished but the Panda Bear impersonations are perhaps a little cloying. Thankfull his bandmate Ed Gibson replaces him with an instrumental contribution to the airborne waltz of 'The Sacrifice', alongside Brooks' signature vintage zesthetics and piano provided by Will Dutta.

??? às 16:55

Listening Center - Other Voices 02 (2014)

Listening Center - Other Voices 02 FLAC psw: NOL

Ghost Box bruk out the dancing clogs with Listening Center's charmingly optimistic library disco moves. Following his Study Series 7" with Pye Corner Audio, David Mason aka Listening Center makes two solo flights urged by beaming arpeggios and the kind of heart-swelling melodies that childhoods were made of. 'Quotidian Forgotten' could be the soundtrack to the best school trip to Rimini via Munich that you never had, whilst 'Our Material' sounds like The Human League scoring a TV for schools module on astrophysics.

??? às 16:50

Jon Brooks & Sean O'Hagan - Other Voices 01 (2014)

Jon Brooks & Sean O'Hagan - Other Voices 01 FLAC psw: NOL

Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) meets Sean O'Hagan of The High Llamas to kick off Ghost Box's Other Voices series of singles. They're two sun-drenched piece of pop, shapeshifting between pastoral strums, bubbling exotica drum machines and fading electronics.

??? às 16:45

Stine Janvin Motland - In Labour (2014)

Stine Janvin Motland - In Labour FLAC

??? às 16:40

George Fitzgerald - Full Circle (2015)

George Fitzgerald - Full Circle FLAC

??? às 16:10

VA / Salz - Telrae Mix By Salz Vol. 4 (2014)

VA / Salz - Telrae Mix By Salz Vol. 4 MP3

01. Salz - Telrae mix by Salz vol. 4
02. Stefan Gubatz - Villa Nicht
03. Andrea Cichecki - Abstract illusions (Tomas Rubeck remix)
04. Freund der Familie - Pacifier
05. Mario Hammer - Call of cthulhu (Salz remix)
06. Van Bonn - Distinct
07. Upwellings - Zu Zurich
08. Freund der Familie - Freundlich
09. Andrea Cichecki - Subjective
10. Upwellings - Lower grounds
11. birGa[N] - Essia
12. Van Bonn - Baumgartner
13. King - King
14. UND - Fox in the box (Salz ''dub-o-matic'' mix)
15. Stefan Gubatz - Metal worms

??? às 15:30

Terranova - Labrador (2015)

Terranova - Labrador MP3

??? às 15:25

Ruhe - Chamber Loops (2015)

Ruhe - Chamber Loops MP3 / FLAC psw: NOL

??? às 13:45

Vessels - Dilate (2015)

Vessels - Dilate MP3 / FLAC

Leeds quintet Vessels are no strangers to experimentalism. For their third album Dilate, the band have added an electronic pulse to their work, aligning their passion for post-rock wig outs with dance music’s communal rush. Reference points pop up here and there. The ghost of Talk Talk drifts through Elliptic, for instance, whereas the whole album is reminiscent of the gentle ebb and flow mastered by Jon Hopkins. Dilate is not just an audio treat, either, as the band have produced a video for each track, in which hacked footage from an obscure 1980s games console (the MB Vectrex, apparently ... no, us neither) is taught to react to the music. Or something. It all looks spectacular in HD anyway.

??? às 11:20

Moon Ate The Dark - Moon Ate The Dark (2012)

Moon Ate The Dark - Moon Ate The Dark MP3

Sonic Pieces - the Berlin home to handsome editions from Svarte Greiner, Hauschka, Dustin O'Halloran, Dictaphone et al - presents a new work from a new artist, Moon Ate The Dark. As fans of the label would hope and expect, it's a satisfying yolking together of tropes and strategies learned from post-rock, ambient electronica and classical minimalism, and begins with a grandstanding 10-minute piece, 'Explosions In A Four Chambered Heart', whose cyclical, cinematic melancholy recalls Philip Glass's most popular compositions. Piano is central throughout, sounding sonorous and humane amid the bleak ambience of 'Belles Jar' and 'Messy Hearts', beautifully crepuscular on 'Sleepwalk', gushingly expressive on 'Capsules 11'.

??? às 11:15

Mind Over MIDI - Habitat (2009)

Mind Over MIDI - Habitat MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 09:15

Yodok III - The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns (2015)

Yodok III - The Sky Flashes, The Great Sea Yearns MP3

??? às 09:05

Father Murphy - Croce (2015)

Father Murphy - Croce MP3

??? às 09:00

Art Of Noise - And What Have You Done With My Body, God? (2006)

Art Of Noise - And What Have You Done With My Body, God? FLAC part1/part2

??? às 07:40

Freak Electrique - Collection (2003-2005)

Freak Electrique - Collection MP3 / FLAC

??? às 07:10

Fogh Depot - Fogh Depot (2015)

Fogh Depot - Fogh Depot MP3

??? às 07:05

Jason Lescalleet - This Is What I Do – Volume Six (2015)

Jason Lescalleet - This Is What I Do – Volume Six MP3

??? às 07:03

Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin (2015)

Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin MP3

??? às 07:00

Ryan Teague - Last Known Position (2015)

Ryan Teague - Last Known Position MP3 psw: NOL

01. Last Known Position (Extended Version) (7:00)
02. Last Known Position (Plaid Remix) (4:58)
03. Last Known Position (The Field Remix) (8:58)
04. Last Known Position (Errors Remix) (4:45)

??? às 06:37

Ryan Teague ‎- Four Piano Studies (2013)

Ryan Teague ‎- Four Piano Studies MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 06:35

Lambwool - Vanish (2014)

Lambwool - Vanish MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 06:30

Lambwool, Nicolas Dick - Post (2014)

Lambwool, Nicolas Dick - Post MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 06:27

France Jobin ‎- Sans Repères (2014)

France Jobin ‎- Sans Repères MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 06:25

Nakao Sho ‎- The Lost View (2014)

Nakao Sho ‎- The Lost View MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 06:22

Akira Kosemura - 最後の命 Embers (2014)

Akira Kosemura - 最後の命 Embers MP3 psw: NOL

This film is based on the story written by the Akutagawa Prize awarded novelist Fuminori Nakamura, and directed by Junpei Matsumoto, starring Yuya Yagira, with Masato Yano, Yu Hiruka-wa, Kenichi Takito, and Lily. This delicate film score composed by a piano and a string quartet with courtesies and sympathetic manner, are to express the emotions and feeling of the main character Keito played by by Yuya Yagira and other characters in the story. The album is completed with minimal and rich compositions. These compositions were created with the hint from the director’s word of determination “To Be Affirmative”, and Akira Kosemura’s touching melodies expressing the heat in the silence will bring a filcker of hope and salvation in various scenes.

??? às 06:20
Sexta-feira, 27 de Fevereiro de 2015

Vin Sol - Off The Chain (2015)

Vin Sol - Off The Chain FLAC

Ruder box jams by San Francisco's Vin Sol for Clone's Jack For Daze Series. Check it for the Gherkin Jerk-styled metallic twanger, 'Off The Chain' and the hypnotic, salacious Chicago vibes of 'House Freaks'.

??? às 21:15

14 Tracks - Slow Job (2015)

14 Tracks - Slow Job MP3 psw: NOL

We head back to the slow zone with 14 variations on a chugging 'floor sound. Embarking with the psyched-out thump of 'Congress' by Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland-collaborator, John T. Gast, the session scouts Kodwo Eshun-sampling slow vibes from U alongside industrial swing from ADMX and underground pop from Maria Minerva and Lust For Youth/Silent Servant. There's murky album cuts from Lee Gamble and Andy Stott rubbing shoulders with the Italian wave mutations of OOBE, Shape Worship, and Herpes-Z, plus sublime ambient styles from Donato Dozzy/Tin Man and Austin Cesear, and even a half-speed Basic Channel-meets-Cloud Rap joint by Young Braised for 1080p - all working with that swaggered tempo and momentum that we can't get enough of; perfect for headphone mooches and muggy 'floors alike.

??? às 19:30

Bambounou - Centrum (2015)

Bambounou - Centrum MP3 / FLAC

??? às 19:25

Jakob Skøtt - Amor Fati (2015)

Jakob Skøtt - Amor Fati MP3 / FLAC

??? às 19:20

Kassem Mosse & Simone White - Three Versions (2015)

Kassem Mosse & Simone White - Three Versions MP3 / FLAC

Kassem Mosse gives Simone White's timid folk songs from 'Silver Silver' a subtle but weighty overhaul. Primed for slower, woozier times, the version of 'Flowers In May' finds a tender balance between sunken subs, wooden drum knocks and White's trip-hoppy vocal; B-side, he tends to 'In The Water Where The City Ends' with funereal chamber strings and clanqing drums reminding of the recent AFX or Cylob's 'Industrial Folk Songs', and fades to close with the chiming, off-centre rhythms of 'Long Moon'.

??? às 19:00

In Death It Ends - Protogrammaton (2015)

In Death It Ends - Protogrammaton FLAC

The album begins in a familiar way with the opening track 'Phlegmatic' utilising a simple and prominent bass line over some distinctly witchy electronics for an up tempo spooky dance track. 'Opportunistic' on the other hand explores an take on the early electro-industrial sound of the 80s with its mechanical rhythms and ambient synth layers. 'Thematic' brings things back into witch house territory with its emphasis on modern, lo-fi dance synths taking the lead backed up by a sinister groove. 'Individuating' pulls things back to a more shoegaze tinged dark post punk vibe with its psychedelic bass and distorted synths cutting through. 'Awakening' then progresses into a proto-gothic cum darkwave creeping track that is perhaps the most atmospheric and cinematic on the album. The penultimate track 'Neophyte' brings the album back full circle once agin returning to the prominent simple bass, and witchy electronics, this time however adding a bit more the dar psychedelic atmosphere of the previous songs. The album is then wrapped up by the slow and atmospheric 'Adept' which displays the subtler side of the In Death It Ends style. Once again the production walks that fine line between the lo-fi underground sounds it draws its inspirations from, and the polished modern standard it deserves. There is always that wonderfully underground feel to these albums but there is no denying that they are even more enjoyable due to the fact they are mixed and mastered with great attention to detail. If this is your first introduction to IDIE then 'Protogrammaton' is a good place to start. It provides a good cross section of the band's styles and influences in one accessible package. It isn't the most defining of the back catalogue to date, but it still holds its own.

??? às 18:50

Seasurfer - Dive In (2014)

Seasurfer - Dive In MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 18:30

Spectres - Dying (2015)

Spectres - Dying MP3 / FLAC

??? às 18:20

Echodrone - Five (2015)

Echodrone - Five MP3 psw: NOL

??? às 18:15

Vessels - Elliptic (2013)

Vessels - Elliptic MP3

??? às 18:10

Aidan Baker - The Sea Swells A Bit (2006)

Aidan Baker - The Sea Swells A Bit MP3

??? às 18:05

Afterhours - Post-Geography (2015)

Afterhours - Post-Geography MP3 / FLAC

"The less we log off, the truer it is: physical space is no place. Life’s a long-form loiter in a portal, till the service is severed. Such was the headspace of MacArthur Park deep web crawler Afterhours when crafting the ten softly glowing proxy improvisations of Post-Geography. Shades of his night-trawler trip-hop and 4 AM house still seep through (“Raw Algebraic,” “Semi-Dusk Edit”) but the bulk of the album is vibrantly grid-scrambled and dissociative, randomly accessed memories Pachinko-plinking through locked skyscraper malls and neon metropolitan infrastructures; in his words, “a Memphis-designed tumor, sexless and wobbling.” The amorphousness of these pieces gives the sides a spastic yet syrupy cohesion, melting-clock beats smeared with plastic synth designs and patchworks of corrupted muzak. Everyone knows everywhere is nowhere."

??? às 16:10

Roger Turner & Otomo Yoshihide - The Last Train (2015)

Roger Turner & Otomo Yoshihide - The Last Train MP3 / FLAC

??? às 10:35

Acronym - Mu (2015)

Acronym - Mu MP3

??? às 10:30

Proton Beast - Digitizer (2015)

Proton Beast - Digitizer MP3 / FLAC

??? às 10:25

Juxta Phona - We Will Not Be Silence (2015)

Juxta Phona - We Will Not Be Silence MP3

??? às 07:45

SELA. - first (2015)

SELA. - first MP3

??? às 07:00

Moon Duo - Shadow of the Sun (2015)

Moon Duo - Shadow of the Sun MP3 / FLAC + Deluxe Edition MP3 / FLACother by...

Shadow of the Sun is the result of a few months of Moon Duo wrangling with a new and unsettling way of being. Working both in a dark basement in Portland, and above ground in sunny San Francisco, these new sounds and songs veered dramatically from groove to groove, revealing sonic textures the duo had not previously explored. The song "Night Beat", with it's woozy dance rhythm, is an attempt at finding joy and acceptance on this new, shifting ground, while "Wilding" plays off the familiar Moon Duo sound, taking refuge in a repetitive, grounding riff-scape. Elsewhere the band gives itself entirely up to the trip, cruising along on the fuzzed rhythms of "Slow Down Low" and "Free the Skull", crashing into the clenched-teeth herky-jerk of Zero, and floating down, down, down, on the narcotic mist of "In a Cloud".

??? às 06:55

Dennis Young - Reel To Real (2015)

Dennis Young - Reel To Real MP3 / FLAC

Dennis Young is best known as the marimba player/percussionist for the early 80s NYC band Liquid Liquid. *Reel to Real* is an archive collection of his unreleased solo recordings from 1982-1983

??? às 06:50

Fogh Depot - Fogh Depot (2015)

Fogh Depot - Fogh Depot MP3 / FLAC

Recommended if you like Hidden Orchestra, Xploding Plastix, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Dale Cooper Quartet. Fogh Depot is not just a collaboration between three musicians weaving a cozy melancholic cocoon in the midst of a looming, cold, unwelcoming metropolis of Moscow. It's a creativity lab where complex cryptoanarchic ideas rigidify in the viscously flowing Phrygian mode, while the simple and naive piano melodies sweep the listener right back to childhood. Fogh Depot's debut album contains eight stories told by different people in different places. ""Anticyclone"" feels like a massive hedge-maze amidst towering sand dunes of apathetic lust. ""Mining"" - is a slow descent into a narrow, murky mine, now and then suddenly illuminated by the guide's flaring torch. Does he even know where he's leading his patrons? Sorrowful and strange, ""Nevalyashka"" is a nostalgic waltz, bringing to mind an old wooden attic where forgotten toys are gathering dust, while the clear and springy bass in ""Sagittarius"" can only be the belligerent footsteps of a mythical centaur. The simplest way to define Fogh Depot's music would be to call it seductive brooding jazz with an electronic twist. Fogh Depot conjoin the unconjoinable, combining distorted low resolution samples with pure, atmospheric piano chords, multilayered drones with bebop changes, four-to-the-floor beat with polyrhythm, simple, easy-to-remember tunes with sophisticated effects for woodwinds, springy bass grooves with timeless ambient soundscapes. Live performance targeted at acoustic perception binds this technological hodgepodge together, giving every listener a chance to find the right texture for a rainy evening and a glass of good scotch.

??? às 06:45

Braeyden Jae - Heaven House (2014)

Braeyden Jae - Heaven House MP3

??? às 06:30

Nrsb-11 (Heinrich Müller and DJ Stingray) - Commodified (2013)

NRSB-11 (Heinrich Müller and DJ Stingray) - Commodified MP3

**CD version includes previously vinyl-only single as bonus tracks** Drexciyan spawn, NRSB-11 (Gerald Donald & Sherard Ingram) proceed their stunning debut 12" with this full album of dystopian Detroit electro. Now joined by Zwischenwelt's Penélope Martin and Popsimonova's Lana Jastrevski on vocals, Mssrs Dopplereffekt and Stingray have realised a near-perfect vision of 313 sonic fiction - easily one of the finest to emerge their broken but determinedly valiant home city in years. As with Jeff Mills' more recent, ambitious Axis projects melding speculative story-telling and cinematic composition, NRSB-11 evokes rich imagery with a mix of cryptic but poignant movie dialogue samples and a production style balancing rugged, super bass-heavy electro rhythm with bleakly romantic synth arrangements. But where Mills has his eyes turned to the skies, NRSB-11 extrapolates its inspiration from socio-economic reality, inferred by track titles such as 'Consumer Programming', 'Living Wage' and 'Austerity'. It's the soundtrack to a near future or even present where deserted streets are scanned by quadrotor sentinels and crenellated financial institutions are policed by hired security armies, manifesting a heightened state of tension in the EBM alert of 'Globalization' and the over-caffeinated jit of 'Shadow Corp', whilst the likes of 'Dead Civilization' with its deeply pessimistic film samples and skulking groove, or the icily emotive 'Bioethics' best reflect its unshakable feeling of paranoia and despair. A massive recommendation to all Afro-futurists, Detroit fiends and sci-fi/sonic fiction freaks.

??? às 05:05
Quinta-feira, 26 de Fevereiro de 2015

Richard H. Kirk - Never Lose Your Shadow (2014)

Richard H. Kirk - Never Lose Your Shadow MP3 / FLAC

Richard H Kirk makes his keenly awaited appearance on Minimal Wave with four archival tracks that have never appeared on vinyl before. As is well documented, Kirk was a founder member of Sheffield's legendary Cabaret Voltaire, who forged one of the most distinctive, dilated styles of Industrial music between the late '70s and mid '90s. He also had a prolific solo and collaborative oeuvre, from where these track are taken circa 1978 to 1987. The A-side is a burred, sour peach called 'Never Lose Your Shadow', short-circuiting No Wave and Industrial to a grubby disco agenda, spurred on by lyrics repeating "The Blind Leading The Blind" into delayed oblivion inspired by speed freak road movie 'Vanishing Point'. Richard reckons it was a blueprint for the Cabs' Virgin/Some Bizarre recordings circa '83. The flipside shed three more acrid grooves, ranging from the searing 'Public Fun' to  the worm-holing nastiness ofL.D. 60', and the bad attitude of 'Magic Words Command'.

??? às 20:45

VA / Pete Namlook - The Definitive Ambient Collection Vol. 1 & 2 (1993,1994)

VA / Pete Namlook - The Definitive Ambient Collection Vol. 1 & 2 MP3 Vol.1/Vol.2

??? às 20:40



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