Segunda-feira, 15 de Outubro de 2018

Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters (2018)

Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters (2018)


??? às 06:50
Quarta-feira, 29 de Agosto de 2018

Yves Tumor - Licking An Orchid (2018)

Yves Tumor - Licking An Orchid (2018)


??? às 18:00
Quinta-feira, 27 de Abril de 2017

Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus - Music for a Family Picnic (2017)

Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus - Music for a Family Picnic (2017)


??? às 07:05
Domingo, 15 de Maio de 2016

Various Artists - De Afrekening 60 (2016)

Various Artists - De Afrekening 60 (2016)


??? às 06:35
Quinta-feira, 11 de Fevereiro de 2016

Samo DJ - Untitled (2016)

Samo DJ - Untitled (2016)


??? às 07:25
Domingo, 24 de Janeiro de 2016

Afefe Iku - Order Of Direction (2014)

Afefe Iku - Order Of Direction (2014)


??? às 06:45
Sábado, 23 de Janeiro de 2016

Anchorsong - Ceremonial (2016)

Anchorsong - Ceremonial (2016)


??? às 10:15
Sábado, 18 de Abril de 2015

The Gaslamp Killer - The Gaslamp Killer Experience: Live in Los Angeles (2015)

The Gaslamp Killer - The Gaslamp Killer Experience: Live in Los Angeles (2015)

MP3 / FLAC psw: NOL

??? às 18:05
Sábado, 14 de Março de 2015

Various Artists - The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, vol. 2 (1928-1932) (2014)

Various Artists - The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, vol. 2 (1928-1932) MP3

??? às 20:55
Sábado, 17 de Janeiro de 2015

Ethereal - Heat Death 2 (2015)

Ethereal - Heat Death 2 MP3 psw: NOL

Before impressing us with his production and rapping on efforts like Cactus Jack and Blackli$t, Ethereal favored sample-based loop constructions and hardcore continuum-facing experiments, both solo and as one half of Optimus Pikachu. When we spoke to him last year, he said he’d only make jungle and drum-and-bass if he could. His latest effort, Heat Death 2, reveals what we’d get if he focused just on that corner of the production world: woozy, spaced-out electronic compositions that draw from the ‘nuum as well as instrumental hip-hop. The 11-track album includes a production by Optimus Pikachu (the skittering ‘Rings’), a collaboration with R&B vocalist Alexandria (‘Crunch’), a remix of Awful cut ‘Styx’ and particularly intergalactic jams like ‘Bizarro’.

??? às 16:45
Sexta-feira, 9 de Janeiro de 2015

Lewis - Hawaiian Breeze (2015)

Lewis - Hawaiian Breeze MP3 / FLAC

??? às 09:35
Segunda-feira, 3 de Novembro de 2014

Brian Not Brian - Holywell Session (2014)

Brian Not Brian - Holywell Session MP3

New tape on Krokodilo Tapes, a Blackest Ever Black sub-label...

A sixty minute mixtape from Brian Not Brian: peerless selector, fellow traveller, and co-founder of the Going Good label (Cloudface, Aquarian Foundation, Anom Vitruv). Spans spooked, careworn techno-primitivism, blues from under the floorboards, "inappropriate ambient". Proper. "With no visitors and my mind too washed out with drugs to read, I found the time passed terribly slowly. There was a careful hierarchy of activities for the patients in Holywell: creative writing and pottery for the most biddable, painting for others, but the hard cases, of which I was now one, had to be content with watching Give My Head Peace through the fog of antipsychotic medication. "And the drugs had a whole raft of unpleasant physical side-effects. I had muscular spasms, an agonising tightness in my neck and back and uncontrollable twitching in my face. The medication induced a sense of restlessness that could find no outlet. It was intolerable to sit for any length of time. I ate standing up so that I could keep moving, and I spent hours in my cubicle shifting from foot to foot, trying to console myself by singing - more like muttering - songs under my breath. There was a whole number of them in there, inside my head, intact, that I couldn't remember ever having heard before."

??? às 06:00
Quinta-feira, 9 de Outubro de 2014

Ōgon Batto - 007 / Ōgon Batto (2014)

Ōgon Batto - 007 / Ōgon Batto MP3 / FLAC

??? às 16:40
Terça-feira, 16 de Setembro de 2014

Mike Cooper & Steve Gunn - FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa (2014)

Mike Cooper & Steve Gunn - FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa MP3/mirror / FLAC

For the the eleventh volume of FRKWYS, an unrestricted series pairing contemporary artists with their influential predecessors, gifted guitar squire Steve Gunn meets roving, radiating legend Mike Cooper in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sharing their vision over lengthy living room guitar sessions and evenings of cold wine in Fado taverns, Gunn and Cooper created Cantos de Lisboa, an album with variable vernacular shades and musical forms from Portugal’s antiquity.

??? às 15:10
Terça-feira, 5 de Agosto de 2014

Mirel Wagner - When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day (2014)

Mirel Wagner - When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day FLAC/mirror

??? às 09:30
Sexta-feira, 23 de Maio de 2014

Dirty Beaches - Neon Gods Of Lost Youth (2014)

Dirty Beaches - Neon Gods Of Lost Youth FLAC

??? às 06:15
Terça-feira, 13 de Maio de 2014

Fatima - Yellow Memories (2014)

Fatima - Yellow Memories MP3/mirror / FLAC

??? às 08:40
Sábado, 3 de Maio de 2014

MOVEMENT - Movement (2014)

MOVEMENT - Movement MP3/mirror / FLAC

From direct imperatives to “move your body” on slow jam “Control You” to a face-twister of a guitar solo on “Ivory”, the self-titled debut EP from Sydney's Movement speaks straight to the flesh. Cutting and pasting elements of ambient, soul, pop, rock and R&B, the tracks are implacably familiar and totally absorbing – particularly lead single “Like Lust”, the kind of groove that has such a compelling forward motion that you could loop it for hours – and yet a spaced-out experimental edge that puts them right at home alongside the likes of Nicolas Jaar’s Darkside, who they recently supported on their Australian tour. Not to mention, the EP features additional production and mixing from The Weeknd’s right hand man Illangelo, lending it all the seedy first-morning-light and creeping sultry grooves you’d associate with the OVOXO crooner – but with a depth of soul all its own.

??? às 05:55
Sábado, 22 de Fevereiro de 2014

Lambchop - Nixon (Deluxe Edition) (2014)

Lambchop - Nixon (Deluxe Edition) MP3 / FLAC

Nixon was released in early 2000. It was Lambchop's fifth LP, and the first record of any kind that the band had released in over a year, after a half-decade in which scarcely three months went by without some kind of new Lambchop music. Starting with the swell
of horns in the middle of album opener "The Old Gold Shoe," Nixonglides easily from one unexpected grace note to the next, peppering in funk, R&B, gospel, country, vintage folk and integrating them all, not presenting them discretely.

??? às 09:55
Sexta-feira, 21 de Fevereiro de 2014

Kelis - Jerk Ribs (Remixes) (2014)

Kelis - Jerk Ribs (Remixes) MP3

with Mount Kimbie remix!

??? às 06:45
Terça-feira, 11 de Fevereiro de 2014

Tinariwen - Emmaar (2014)

Tinariwen - Emmaar MP3 / FLAC

The desert is a place of hardship and subtle beauty, a stark world that reveals its secrets slowly and carefully. For the renowned Saharan band TINARIWEN, the desert is their home, their hypnotic and electrifying guitar rock reflecting the complex realities of their homebase in North West Africa. The band is set to release their new album Emmaar on February 11th.

Emmaar is the follow up to the group's 2011 album Tassili, recorded in the Algerian desert with an esteemed cadre of musicians including Wilco's Nels Cline and TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone – the album won a Grammy for Best World Music.

But due to political instability in their homeland, TINARIWEN recorded the new record in another desert: Joshua Tree, California. Created over three weeks in the region known for spaced-out rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelic cowboy folk, Emmaar showcases an organic feel from the rolling hand drums and meandering guitars of album opener “Toumast Tincha” chants to the galloping beats of the forward-marching “Chaghaybou.” “We were not in a proper studio or outside in the desert like Tassili,” Ag Leche says, “we built a studio in a big house in Joshua Tree. Everybody in the same room, with no separation. We wanted something which sounded natural and live.”

Along with the original members who founded the group in the 1980s (vocalists and guitarists Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni, and Alhassane Ag Touhami) and the younger generation who grew up listening to the band and joined in the 1990s (multi-instrumentalist Eyadou Ag Leche, guitarist Elaga Ag Hamid, and percussionist Said Ag Ayad), a group of American musicians appear on the album. Accompanied by Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, Matt Sweeney from Chavez, Nashville fiddler Fats Kaplin, and poet Saul Williams, Emmaar (mixed by Vance Powell (Jack White, The Dead Weather…) is a richly layered listen solidified by atmospheric textures and gritty guitar-work.

??? às 13:45
Sábado, 8 de Fevereiro de 2014

Various Artists - The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 1 (1917-1927) (2013)

Various Artists - The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 1 (1917-1927) MP3

How did a Wisconsin chair company, producing records on the cheap and run by men with little knowledge of their audience or the music business, build one of the greatest musical rosters ever assembled under one roof? The answer lies in ‘The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1917-1932,’ this epic, two-volume omnibus of art, words and music housed in a limited-edition, hand-sculpted cabinet-of-wonder, to be jointly released by Jack White’s Third Man Records and John Fahey’s Revenant Records. ‘Volume One,’ covers the label’s improbable rise from 1917-1927.

Paramount Records was founded on a modest proposition: produce records as cheaply as possible, recording whatever talent was available. Over its lifetime, the label would become a “race records” powerhouse, its sound and fortunes directly linked to the Great Migration.

By the time Paramount ceased operations in 1932, it had compiled a dizzying array of performers still unrivaled to this day, spanning early jazz titans (Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller), blues masters (Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Son House, Skip James), American divas (Ma Rainey, Alberta Hunter, Ethel Waters), gospel (Norfolk Jubilee Quartette), vaudeville (Papa Charlie Jackson), and the indefinable “other” (Geeshie Wiley, Elvie Thomas). Paramount would also directly influence the style of Robert Crumb and countless other 20th century artists and illustrators, through a series of hand-drawn ads promoting its releases in the pages of the Chicago Defender.

"The ‘Rise and Fall’ wonder-cabinet gives equal status to page-turning narrative and new scholarship; original and newly created graphic art; industrial design; and compelling analog and digital music experiences. ‘Volume One’ contains the following:

* 800 newly-remastered digital tracks, representing 172 artists

* 200+ fully-restored original 1920s ads and images

* 6x 180g vinyl LPs pressed on burled chestnut colored vinyl w/ hand-engraved, blind-embossed gold-leaf labels, housed in a laser-etched white birch LP folio

* 250 page deluxe large-format clothbound hardcover art book

* 360 page encyclopedia-style softcover field guide containing artist portraits and full Paramount discography

* Handcrafted quarter-sawn oak cabinet with lush sage velvet upholstery and custom-forged metal hardware

* First-of-its-kind music and image player app, allowing user mgmt of all tracks and ads, housed on custom-designed USB drive"

??? às 16:00



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